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Is it a comedians job to be vulgar sometimes?

Timmythinks 4 June 1

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I think it depends on who they are attempting to entertain. Sadly, there are always people who only find humor in vulgarity.


Do you think anyone bothered to look up the word 'feckless' ? Or did they all just lose their collective mind (not plural-just the one), over the use of "cunt" ?

@MarvelAnn You are absolutely correct.
Roseanne's comment was racist and a lie. Nothing about it was remotely funny.
Samantha Bee's comment was spot on and rooted in reality.
Ivanka IS a feckless cunt. And tone deaf AF.

The reality is that she has a cunt but you also have a cunt.
Is cunt how you'd like us to refer to women?
If so, do you want me to call you a cunt from now on, based as it is on the reality that you have a cunt?

I don't want to call you a cunt, I don't call anyone a cunt as a matter of principle, but I want to respect your wishes.
So if you want me to call you a cunt for being a woman, then I will respect your wishes and call you a cunt from now on.

@TheMiddleWay Having one is quite different from "being" one.
Just as having an asshole is different from being an asshole.

How you choose to refer to anyone is entirely up to you. No one has
to like it, but again, that's your choice. Do I want anyone calling me a 'cunt'? I'd rather they didn't. I try not to act like one so they don't.

It's a common insult directed at both men and women in other countries.
Just because it's considered "vulgar" here, so what?
Besides, it's just a word. Even if anyone calls me that, I'm not going to
lose my mind over it.

I guess I was commenting on "reality" of being a cunt v. the "reality" of being a product of planet of the apes and mulim brotherhood.

Both seem pretty unreal to me and we run the risk of our "reality" being shaped by our bias of who we like (bee) and who we don't like (roasanne) rather than how things really are.

I personally don't see any reality to anything ivanka did as warranting being called a cunt anymore than there is a reality anything Jarrett did to be called a muslim/ape mix.

@TheMiddleWay That is your perspective on the whole thing, which you're entitled to.
My perspective is different.

Absolutely. I'm the first to admit that there is no such thing as THE reality, just A reality.


Vulgarity is subjective.
Racism isn't funny.
Calling a feckless cunt out on her tone-deafness is.

Racism can be funny though for what is racist is just as subjective as what is vulgar.
Rape, murder, pedophilia... there is no limit to what can be funny.

@TheMiddleWay You do have a point, but blatant racism is still unacceptable, and should be called out.

Dave Chappelle uses racism in his comedy.

Absolutely. Not all racism are jokes and not all jokes are racism. I don't like it when people promote blatent racism but then hide it under the "it's just a joke" excuse.

@NothinnXpreVails He does, and for some reason, which I cannot begin to explain, when he's doing it, it's funny.
It's like black people calling one another the "n" word, and it being okay, but if a white person does it, it's really, really wrong.
I really can't understand or explain the difference, and if I were to try, I'd end up looking like a fucking racist moron.

@KKGator I think it is funny because he makes a mockery of it. That’s the key, pointing out its shortcomings.


Comedians are often vulgar because life is so vulgar. We laugh at comedians because they are often saying the stuff we couldn't put language to.

And they can say anything they want- from apes to zebras. There are consequences to behaviors and a comedian is no exception.

My concern isn't the language used (well never mind, it is) but it's the ethics and justification behind it. Say it, own it, and suck it up if it gets you in trouble.

,,,yep agree


Comedians tools are words. No words should be off limits


I think part of a comedians job is to make us a little bit uncomfortable sometimes and to point out some of our hypocrisy

GwenC Level 7 June 2, 2018

Yes, if that vulgarity has a point. Look at the genuis of Richard Prior and Eddie Murphy. Both masters of comedy.


Their job is to be funny, by whatever means they see fit. Often times comedians are the only ones that can speak offensive truths. Anytime you start asking questions other then was it funny or not you are losing the whole point.


Comedians walk a fine line. They're supposed to. And sometimes they step over it.

or in it


I think that humor can be found in any situation. I think that the gallows humor I partook in while in the army is a good personal testament to that. Check out Doug Stanhope talking about his mothers assisted suicide. On the surface the topic could seem too serious to joke about, but give it a listen...its hilarious!


Depending on the audience. Stand up comics more so starting with Lenny Bruce and George Carlin started it all.

...i think like lyrics too ,the languages are tools to deliever
the art. We need to stand back and veiw objectively
a condition or aspect of life . The arts help.


Comedy isn't comedy if it offends no one.


Yes, and I enjoy it!


Richard Pryor, Chelsea Handler, Bill Maher, Lewis Black, Wanda Sykes, Red Foxx,


yes it is the best comics are the ones who aren't affraid to cross that line Lenny Bruce was arrested multiple times for being "blue" and George Carlin made a career out of it


I think its a comedians job to make you squirm a little.....poke fun at things that are considered off limits for the most part. Having said that - vulgarity may be appropriate at times - but I've watched a number of the comedy shows on HBO channels and sometimes it seems as though they use (and over use) vulgarity in totally inappropriate ways. People like Bill Maher seems to have figured out how to zigzag in and around that line to keep you laughing without feeling embarrassed.


Yes sometimes


Humour is good for us. Good comedy often challenges stereotypes; also good for us. Don't know that it HAS to vulgar, but I surely don't mind it when it is...


The comedian's job is to stretch the envelope of social intercourse, to test the waters of the forbidden, and to light fires under the seats of power. To poke fun at me and you. To poke fun at themselves. To scratch the underbelly of society. That they can do this while applying humor to the awkward is one of the crowning achievements of the human endeavor. They walk a narrow ridge line with sheer cliffs on either side, because society is made up of all sorts who take umbrage at the oddest things. Prudes. Religious nuts. Political wingdings. An array of hot buttons that makes the nuclear arsenal look like wet fireworks. Are there lines that should not be crossed? Sure, but I suspect that the lines are probably damned hard to see sometimes.

Hopefully, you don't think comparing a black person to an ape is funny.

@birdingnut -- The question was not about that, was it? The question was, "Is it a comedian's job to be vulgar sometimes?" It is that to which I responded. Nothing else.

Regarding Roseanne's unmistakable racist remark, that is not humor. Interestingly, I have been listening to some christian radio today and it is amazing how many of them are scrambling to find excuses for her and resorting to what about so and so arguments as if that would somehow make things better. As far as I'm concerned, she said it, she needs to own it.


Totally agree with all the others. We are in a weird time in society, where mixed messages are being sent about what's "ok" and not. It's all jumbled up, and I have a feeling it's because of generational differences, a loss of appreciation for recent history, and how the internet has changed us and the minds of those who know nothing else. Some feel it's not ok to have their faults pointed out, at all...everyone gets a trophy. Is it ok for a comedian to cut someone down? I can't imagine a proper roast these days. Chapelle quit. Hell... I can't even imagine Amy Schumer style comedy coming out right now. The question is...will it ever be "ok" again, to be raunchy, abrasive, and obnoxiously outspoken? It feels opressive to think that this raunch is currently being silenced...which leads to questions like this! Sadly, what you ask is: is free speech still acceptable? And the reason we ask is that some people have made it clear that their answer is "no" present. ???


All comedians have a style that defines them. Some uses vulgarity to define their comedy style.


Yes. If it was always between the lines it wouldn’t be funny.

You think comparing a black person to an ape is funny?

@birdingnut Why do you keep repeating this? No one has said anything about Roseanne Barr's overtly racist tweet. It's a question about comedians and naughty words, not "Is it a comedian's job to be racist sometimes?"

@Hermit To know who to block. Most of the people so far seem to have a "whatever" attitude about it. I've already blocked two from this thread. I have no interest in being friends with racists. I even have a black nephew and don't need to be around people who think calling black people apes is OK.

@birdingnut You're the only one who keeps shoving this in people's faces. Not one person here has mentioned anything close to thinking racism is ok. You're sounding a bit...unstable, and for me to say that, you have to be coming across as quite unstable. Please, check yourself.

@birdingnut I said nothing of the kind.


As far as I could remember, sneaking listening to Moms Mabley, Red Foxx, Dolemite, Richard Pryor, George Carlin there was a bit of risque in their antics. They said things that others were afraid to say, and addressed uncomfortable topics....The comedians today can't hold a flame to the I listen selectively...


It is a comedians job to push the boundaries and mock the ridiculous nature of our existence ( which doesn't sound very funny, but i'm not a comedian ?). Vulgarity for the sake of vulgarity is cheap humour.


It is vulgarity job to be funny at times?

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