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I have been a widower for 2 years. I am very lonely. I am really looking for a relationship wth someone compatible with me.

DavidRussett 5 May 8
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your age & location are needed.

guynoir Level 6 May 19, 2020

Its definitely possible to find someone here ,I'm very sorry for your loss sir


Don’t lose hope. Among other groups, there are also grieving groups...a way to connect with someone who has been through what you went through. My condolences, btw.


yes go out and enjoy things you like ,with like minded groups,once people get to know you , you wish will come true, Tre meet up etc and any social gatherings with seniors after co vid ,but fo rnow many interest groups here

RoyMillar Level 9 May 8, 2020

Type "Meetup" into your search bar, then follow up!


Find local clubs/groups/etc.that do things that interest you-gardening, historical, whatever. You'll likely find the m/f ratio is ever in your favor and you'll at least have a common starting point. and don't start hitting on everybody from the get-go. You'll at least have friends to hang with, maybe more...


Good luck!! It’s a world out here. 🙄

Davekp Level 8 May 8, 2020
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