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This is the kind of bullshit thinking that I'm trying to recover from. []

nomorechristian 6 Sep 9
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I've heard some second-hand horror stories of the abusive sexual behavior in evangenital marriages. Blowjobs on demand, untreated UTI's, etc.

BitFlipper Level 8 Sep 10, 2019

Just one more reason why I hate religions. Twisted, abusive and disturbing.


Thankful for guys like this!


My first hearing about the Quiverfull movement was through the Duggars and their TV show "19 Kids and Counting" (anyway, I think it was 19 at the latest). Otherwise, I probably wouldn't have known anything about it. But not even knowing anything about the background when I first watched it, I found it disturbing right away. I only saw parts of some episodes, but that was enough. They just seemed so blissfully disconnected that it was disturbing. And 19 kids? Sheesh. In retrospect, they seemed so utterly proud of their lifestyle that they had no problem making it public -- and that probably also lead to a lot of people, like myself, wanting to find out just exactly what they were all about. Which lead to me googling about them, which lead to all these articles about the Quiverfull movement. It was frightening stuff. And then the oldest son, who was married with five young children already of his own, got caught on the Ashley Madison website, and that just sent everything into shut-down mode. But last I heard, they are still married, are expecting their sixth child, and he controls everything.

bleurowz Level 8 Sep 9, 2019

That's encouraging to me that you immediately found the show disturbing. So many people buy into how sweet it all seems. BTW, it was also disclosed that Josh had molested some of his sisters. Seems kind of standard stuff in that kind of sexually repressed environment. []

Some people in the movement have the saying "Twenty by forty." It's their goal to birth 20 kids by age 40. I knew quite a few moms who were pregnant with baby number whatever at the same time that one of their daughters or daughters-in-law were pregnant.

@nomorechristian Oh yes, that too, about molesting his sisters. Really sad.

@nomorechristian Wow, I can imagine that, if they feel they need to have that many kids. I believe the Duggars were aiming for 20 but she miscarried the last one... Interestingly, in many of the the Hasidic (ultra Orthodox) Jewish communities, they also emphasize large families, and the husbands also have ultimate control.

@bleurowz Yes, the patriarchy, the shunning of birth control, the misogyny, abuse--all of that is pretty standard across fundamentalist religions of all sorts. I learned how much all cults have in common when I participated in a support group for former cult members and people who had experienced spiritual abuse. It was very surprising to me at first. We had people from various eastern religions/cults, bible-based cults, "big" cults, such as Jehovah's Witness, Mormonism, Scientology, and even from a couple different Catholic cults. Women and children are always on the bottom rung. I firmly believe that how a society treats women and children is indicative of how enlightened and humane they are.

@nomorechristian Absolutely. It's all about fear and control.


Fucking Craziness .

GEGR Level 7 Sep 9, 2019

What is the matter with these people? Does their fear of death force them to forgo all life's little pleasure's? Evidentially so or maybe it's just a total lack of self-esteem.

@JackPedigo what happens is that the desire to please god and to live one's life in accordance with one's understanding of the bible becomes an all-consuming passion that far outweighs anything else. When this happens, you can justify doing anything. It's why women risk their lives, giving birth to 10, 15, 20 children, it's why abortion doctors are shot, it's why marital rape is accepted, it's why children are birthed at home and live without a birth certificate--all manner of violence and abuse can be perpetrated when people desire to serve god in an absolute way.

@nomorechristian I question how many of these people would be such dedicated (crazy) followers if they weren't going to get another life as a reward? When I was a Catholic that was constantly drummed into our heads heaven and hell. Greed and/or fear. I don't think very many desire to serve a god, it's what they get in return.

@nomorechristian, @JackPedigo the way they behave, it's like the most important thing to them is sucking-up to someone more powerful. A god, a godfather, a boss, a rich person, a politician, a celebrity, a daddy.


Yikes crazy shit

bobwjr Level 9 Sep 9, 2019

Unfortunately, very common shit in the segment of christianity in which I used to be immersed. There is a whole subculture of people who live like this and don't see the evil or irrationality of it.


Lori Alexander is quite mentally unstable. She promotes Michael and Debi Pearl’s book ‘To Train Up A Child’ that advocates horrific child abuse and has done it to her own children. The death toll from parents following Pearl’s teachings continues to mount.

I'm so sorry you're having to deal with the repercussions of this inhumane movement.

@VictoriaNotes yes, I'm very well aware of TTUAC. The church/cult I was in in Houston had a book table set up before and after services, and TTUAC was on there. Very dangerous stuff! I had a few friends throughout the years that followed TTUAC. I always felt confused about child discipline. Fortunately, my daughter survived her crazy religious homeschooled upbringing, earned her master's degree and is a wonderful adult woman who is now also atheist. Handmaiden's Tale, on Hulu, is probably a lot like what the world would look like if this whole movement were to take over.

@nomorechristian did you follow the crazy teachings from TTUAC or from the quiverful movement with your own daughter??

@demifeministgal I tried to, but I was really afraid that I would/could cause her physical harm, because she was extreeeemely strong-willed. I spanked her LOTS. I don't know how, but somehow we have a really great relationship with each other now. She's 30 now, and we both look back in amazement at all the stupid shit that christianity led us to do. I guess maybe it's because I'm able to be just plain old honest with her about everything now. On the other hand, she is not close with her dad. He's one of those assholes who got married 4 months after our divorce, to the first woman he met on a christian dating site. He explained to our daughter that the reason he and his girlfriend were getting married so soon is because they wanted to keep their relationship "pure." Big eyeroll from my daughter when he told her that. Oh, the stories I could tell!

@nomorechristian You must have had a strong and good emotional relationship despite the physical abuse... often times in research kids report emotional/psychological abuse as being more harmful than physical abuse... I would agree personally.

@demifeministgal, @nomorechristian I wasn't in the Quiverful movement, but I was involved in the conservative church when I was raising my daughter. I was shamed for not "sparing the rod.". I hated it when I was disciplined in that way, and I just couldn't do it. I was raised Catholic, and they highly promoted hitting children, so it's not just conservative churches that dehumanize children.

Hit an adult and it's considered assault and the likelihood of incarceration. Hit a child, and it's permissible by law in most states. Boggles my mind.

@demifeministgal I guess so. I'm just so thankful for the close relationship we share now. During her childhood, in between all the spanking, we did share lots of special moments in homeschooling with me reading to her, doing science experiments together, riding in the car to tons of activities, like YMCA swim team, gymnastics classes, horseback riding, music lessons, etc.


It must be hell raped by both religion and boys in mind and body.....and to ignore this jerk off watching porn when should be asking how his spouse wants to be loved and if she does not know what to tell him, that insane incompetent alleged sexologist should be jailed with her lube & bible....find an Atheist gynecologist trained in sex can afford it by never putting another penny in collection plates


I'm wondering , if there was something that the wife was doing , that completely turned off the husband , if he would be forced to remain in the marriage , and try to satisfy her sexual needs , in spite of not being satisfied himself ? I used to volunteer at our local hospital , and worked with the receptionist at the ER , receiving incoming patients . I remember one receptionist commenting one day that her daughter-in-law wasn't having sex with the woman's son , and she was saying the girl should do it , whether she wanted to or not , because , after all , if she didn't , he might not stick around . I know my thoughts at the time were , perhaps that's what she was hoping for , and if she was lucky enough , she'd not only get rid of the husband , but her mother-in-law as well .

Cast1es Level 9 Sep 9, 2019

Run, run, run for your sanity.. .. The Christians are coming! The Christians are coming!

Well, the males, anyways.

Stand our ground demand from xians proof alleged gawds exist to make child abuse and rape legal


You gotta warn us better than that! Ugggh...much bigger than bull s...t...elephant s...t?

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