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In this age of technology, how do you feel about internet relationships? Is distant love possible?

Kojaksmom 8 Apr 9
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It can only be possible if the internet is the first stage. Other stages, phone calls, skype and actual meeting are imperative.

JackPedigo Level 9 May 10, 2018

YES, but only to a point. Some years back, I was chatting online with a young lady 1,000 miles away from me, The chat was built around the fact her son and husband had been killed in an accident 6 months prior to our meeting online. For about 6 weeks, we talked of their death, survival, hopes dreams, and on chat I asked permission to come visit and take her to dinner...she agreed, I flew to the coast, rented a car, and drove to the motel she suggested as being close to her home.

Checked in, called her, 10 minutes a knock on the door, opened it, and didn't know how to respond. She was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen, a smile that almost made me explode, and a heart pounding like a ten pound hammer.

I asked where she wanted to go eat, she locked the door and game was on....stopped at 10 ordered pizza, went back at it until 1 am...slept til 5, had one more sloppy tenths...she had to go get her girls off to school, said I wanted to come back again, she said no...that was it..........that was about 40 years ago, I can still see her bouncing around the internet relationships work ? This one least for one night....

NormCastle Level 7 Apr 28, 2018

I need a physical presence.


Internet "relationships" are generally virtual relationships in my opinion. Nothing you can hold, hug or sleep with. Penpals. Surely not what I want! Any place I can drive to in a reasonable day is OK with me if we take turns, meet in the middle, etc, once we're crazy-excited about each other. At our age (60's) we may have flexible schedules and can spend days on one end, the other and elsewhere. If it's really true love, one or both will relocate. I draw the line at having to fly for a "date".

mtnhome Level 7 Apr 16, 2018

Not for me. I married someone I was in a long distance relationship with. It soon crashed and burned shortly after we moved in together. I don't thing you can truly get to know a person from far away. A few people get lucky, I didn't.

DeeWoman Level 7 Apr 15, 2018

no. he pretended to be everything I wanted. turned out he's a narcissist. they are great actors, very convincing to get what they want. once we were living together, his true colors came out. he is not the good person I thought he was.


I travel a lot for work so “8-5’ers” tend not to adapt to the traveling lifestyle as much as other travelers do. What we travelers do to keep intimate in the time in between is maintain good communication. That being said I have fallen in love, deep storybook love with a fellow traveler and our relationship never suffered from the distance. We just found mutual ways to keep the spark alive. Made get together just that much more special.


I think it is possible to fall in love on-line but it will be only a one dimensional relationship. For depth and fullness, you would need to know each other in person.

dare2dream Level 7 Apr 11, 2018

Yes. 🙂 I once moved in with a guy I'd met in a forum. We lived together for about 18 months.

Lysistrata Level 7 Apr 10, 2018

I've fancied people I've met on forums in the past but I wouldn't want to be in a relationship for a extremely long period of time unless we moved nearer

Tombo Level 2 Apr 10, 2018

I met my last partner in a Buddhist chat room. She lived in Houstom and I lived in LA. She flew out out and spent the weekend with me. The next week I moved to Texas. We started a restaurant together and we're together for 12 years - until I lost her to breast cancer in 2013.

Justjhon Level 5 Apr 10, 2018

I'm sorry for your loss. Thanks for your inspiring story.


Long distance love is possible. I've seen it happen. But often you need a well established relationship before it becomes distant. Creating a relationship at a distance I would think is hard to do.

jjhagen Level 6 Apr 9, 2018

What if it's only distant? Is it real, or is it a work of our imaginations.

Personally I don't think you can create love at a distance like that. You need more time together than it would allow.


NO, long distance is a myth.

For what reason?

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