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Do you have a room in your home that is "your room?" What do you call the room? For some reason, I do not like the term "man cave," and a "den" is the room that Ward Cleaver would call his own. Can't use "family room" because it is just me living here.

MikeEC 7 June 30

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While i, like several other commentors, live alone so the whole house is mine, my library is my favorite room. Although i wished for a library room for years, I had books scattered all over the house on assorted shelves. About 10 years ago I decided there was no reason I didn't have one other than I just hadn't made one. So, I made a room into the "library" .
I put in a larger window, tore off the old flooring to expose the wood floor beneath it, papered the ceiling with maps and installed a crystal chandelier. I moved my largest bookcases into the room, painted them black and put as many books as will fit in them. Bought a computer "armoire" and moved the computer in there. I also have my grandparents' antique library table in there. I would say it is my "happy place".

What you are describing sounds like a great, very personal space, and "happy place" is a perfect description for it.


I live alone. With three dogs and a cat. All the rooms are mine and none of the rooms are mine. Not even the bathroom. The dogs follow me everywhere. The cat follows me if it amuses her. Before bed, I spend most of my time in the living room where the TV and desktop are located. When the dogs have to go out, I take my book to the little deck out back and read while they do their thing. Early in the morning there's coffee involved. At night, the dogs sleep on the bed. Usually kitty doesn't. I call it home.

Sounds perfect! πŸ™‚

My dog follows me, too. Lays on the bath rug, gazing mournfully up at me. If I’m sitting in the bathtub: ah, the looks of betrayal! She’s a teacup chihuahua; can’t reach me in the tub. ?

I agree with you there! I have shared space with cats before. I love cats, but my little Maggie is insanely jealous and would never adjust to sharing her domain with any other creature that walks on four legs...

...or even to legs and wings. Look what she did to this poor innocent little chicken that happened to wander into Maggie's kitchen:

I know exactly what you mean. My little pound puppy parolee Maggie could at least show a little gratitude. But no, it baffles her to see me engaging in any activity that that does not include rubbing her tummy.

@CarolinaGirl60 My terrier girl is 10. She doesn't like sharing me with the others. She doesn't understand how I can allow anyone or anything in my lap that's not her. I have my folks 12 year old Jack Russell mix that she's known all her life and she objects to HIM getting in my lap. She makes "arooo" noises as if she's trying to talk and is VERY clear about what's bothering her.

@MikeEC @david75090 the looks she gives me, lol

@CarolinaGirl60 They say a lot with their eyes and their body language. My terrier girl is near inconsolable when the other get attention. She really votes "no" on the kitten.


If you are alone in the house, wouldn't every room be your room?

Yes, thank you


I live alone and my house is my Lair.

I like that, but it sounds more appropriate for whiling away the cold, gray days of winter. It is over 95Β° here, and I guess the term "man cave" would work for me today as long as the cave is deep underground and nice and cool ?

@MikeEC Texan here and we share the same temps. I do have a/c and stay comfortable all year long. Do the best you can with what you have to work with.


Whole place is 'my room' I live alone, and don't know that thats going to ever change

I am fine with that as my living situation and hope you are at least reasonably happy with your " living alone" circumstances. I feel at home in any room in the house, but it is nice to have a room to relax in that doesn't have dirty dishes scattered across the counters or dust bunnies scampering across the floor to look at. I like referring to it as "My Space" but that sounds like a website to me.


I have three people living in my one bedroom condo and I sleep in my kitchen. So the answer is most definitely no.


I have a "sewing" room. I have a sewing machine, serger, embroidery machine, many scissors, rotary cutters, yarn, fabric and craft supplies. Yes, it does need its own room. The closet is full and overflowing with fabric. I also store stuff in there, like wrapping supplies. And yes it needs some organization. Any quilter will tell you that you NEVER throw away scraps, it might just what you need to finish a project and save you a trip to the fabric store. Fabric stores are wonderful dangerous places. I go in for one item thinking 15 minutes max and come out 4 hours later with 24 or 30 new items.

Very descriptive name and it makes a lot of sense.

I know what you mean about never throwing anything away. No piece of colored glass was too small to keep when the room (pictured) that I am now calling my greenhouse used to be a stained glass studio. It was always so jampacked with supplies and equipment that there was no room for over-wintering plants. It is full exposure to the east and partial exposure to the south, and I can't wait to use it this winter/spring for propagation.

I hear you. I don’t throw any fabric out either. Have tried to organize and downsize but after weeks of moving stuff and cleaning it’s time to start over again. I don’t do it too much anymore. Lol

@MikeEC My dream is to have a greenhouse room. In my leisure (ha) I like to look at floor plans and figure out how to rearrange things so I can put a greenhouse/sun-room off the kitchen. My current kitchen faces north, no windows on the E or W in my house. And I have gotten rid of 90% of my plants because of cray cray fur balls.


In that case , since it's just you living there , they're all yours !

Right now, same for me! But, I always have at least one room to keep my craft/jewelry-making stuff in. I call it my retreat.

@Cast1es,@CarolinaGirl60 Very true. All the rooms in the house are 20% mine, and 80% owned by the bank. I like having one of those 20% 'ers to relax in. The retreat is a great name for that space!


I call it my bedroom !


My room!


I don't understand why this is a question - I call my room - oh I don't know - my room. And here's a shocker - my wife calls her room - her room. What am I missing?

It is just a question and has no intrinsic meaning.

I apologize. I did not mean to shock you. I posted this in "Silly, Random, and Fun" merely out of curiosity.

Thank you for sharing that you call your room your room and that your wife calls her room her room. When my wife lived here and used the room to which I am referring, she called it her office, and she referred to the room adjacent to it as her studio. She also had her own room with a bed in it which she referred to as her bedroom. That way, if we were together let's say in the downstairs room that has pots and pans, dishes, a range, and a refrigerator (I call that room "the kitchen" ), and she said, " I am going upstairs to my studio" I would know exactly which room in the house she was going to. I guess it would work just as well to say "I am going upstairs to the room that has my stained glass supplies and equipment, or I am going upstairs to the room which has my bed in it, or I am going upstairs to the room that has my desk and computer in it."

To me, having descriptive names for the various rooms in the house simplifies matters and is less wordy. Maybe that is just me being silly and random, but I never thought of it as being a β€œshocker.”


TV room, maybe?

That is a big part of it, but there is also a desk, computers, and printer. I guess I could call it my office, except that I am retired, and don't do any actual work in there ?


Just be grateful that you have a room you can call your own. Stop stressing.

It is just a question so who's stressing?

@jlynn37 Whew, After reading the first few comments to this post in the "Random, Silly, and Fun" category I had to reread my post to see if I had somehow worded it in a way to cause offense or give the impression that I consider this a question of grave importance.

Thank you for your concern about my mental health. I posted this in the category of "Silly, Random, and Fun" merely because it is something I am randomly curious about. It is not a major cause of stress for me.

And yes, thank you, I am grateful to have a room I can call my own. The bank that holds the mortgage might argue that it is a room that they can call 80% their room.


The master bathroom. ?


Every room


I have the entire top floor of the modified A frame. It is called "Keep Out".
He is confined to his area the master bedroom with his own bathroom. I call it "the bunker". Please sign this disclaimer prior to entering. It is a disaster & I urge all to enter at their own risk. He has access to communal areas, the garage, the kitchen. Not the other rooms as he would trash that too. He has an area of the basement & that is a nightmare. He is necessary for the income .....& so am I. Stuck.

Maybe he needs to be in " man cave" somewhere below the basement ?


I have my living room, my kitchen, my bedroom, my bathroom and my sewing room or "studio" if ya wanna be all artsy.

Yes, artsy is good. If you have the talent and the space devoted to using that talent, then studio is the perfect description.


If it's just you, the whole house is yours.



My entire one room Songkhla apartment is "my room" since I'm single and live alone. I have a bathroom, big bedroom, and a balcony.

It's hard for me to grasp that men must obey women and are only "allowed" to have certain rooms for themselves.

Women pretty much do what they want and own whatever they want.

If men are restricted to a particular room it is because he is a slob, annoying, loud, drunk,smokes tobacco, etc & the Missus is tired of being around such a mess of a human being.

I did not mean to give the impression that I ever felt I was only "allowed" to have a certain room or rooms to myself. When living happily (and even not-so-happily) with another person, all of the common areas are comfortable to be in together.

When my wife was living here, I loved and appreciated the stained-glass she produced, but her space included the room she referred to as her studio and the adjacent room she referred to as her office. I was always (well, almost always) welcome in both areas, and did not feel cheated because those were her areas.

By the same token, I had my own room in which to engage in activities and interests I enjoy. She was always welcome there, but was not interested in all of the same things in which I'm interested.

While not a large house, it is 2 1/2 stories, and I only need to use one room has a bedroom. That leaves a few options for other areas for other uses. I like having one particular room in which I can relax.


I live alone so every room is my room. My garage is pretty decked out though so that would probably be my favorite room.

I agree. At times my garage is my favorite room. It is a two-car garage with a large workshop area, and it is set about 75 feet back from the house. A few years ago, when I replaced all the cabinets, countertops, and drawers in the kitchen I moved the old ones to the garage and installed them in the work area. I have a Wi-Fi extender, a large desk, and my older laptop computer out there. I am retro in more ways than one about music and have quite a CD sound system set up in the garage.

The garage is insulated but not heated or air-conditioned. It is a great place to hang out during most of the year, but not so much from the beginning of December until the end of February and June through August. Having an area of the garage to relax and hang out in keeps me closer to the yard work that needs to be done, so I like that about it.

Today is one of a many 95° plus days we have had here in central Illinois since the beginning of May. I will not be spending much time out there ☹️

@MikeEC my garage is in name only. I have two other sheds one for tools and one for the lawnmower and gardening. My garage is carpeted, insulated, air conditioned, fridge stocked full of beer, have an old school 65 inch projection tv, surround sound, bar and lights, poker table, police scanner. A whole bunch of stuff I probably don't need lol.

@MikeEC I live about 25 mins east of Terre Haute so I definitely feel you on the heat.

@McWalsoft I guess you wouldn't even think about parking a car in there would you ?

That sounds like a great spot for you and I am sure many friends. I have a friend who lives in the country who did that with his detached garage. His Tuesday night poker games are hugely popular, and I think he does more business on NFL Sundays than some of the local bars.


I call it my work room.

It looks like a work room because of the desk, computer, and printer, but I'm retired, and it would be a stretch to refer to most of what I do in there as work ?

@MikeEC maybe call it an entertainment room?


As elders who get up frequently at night due to delicate bladders, insomnia, one with mild PTSD, etc...we sleep in separate bedrooms half the time.
I also screamed "DIBS!!!" first on the theater room.

...and you ALWAYS get to select the movie?

Don't be ridiculous. I'm married.


Three bedroom home all to myself. One bedroom has elliptical machine, one is my bedroom, and the third is sort of a home office with my computer and related things.

That is very similar to my room arrangement. My exercise bike does double duty as a convenient place to hang clothes rather than waste closet space on them

@MikeEC That is all that is in that room, closet is empty. Place is too big for just the cat and I. Looking at selling and moving to an urban area, maybe next year. Senior apartment with more amenities close by.


I have my BnB ...and the basement bedroom the BnB is my hobby room (painting). Then, I have a second house across the street that is my office (living room) and is wall to wall bookshelves and my computer desk, filing cabinets, etc. This is where I conduct "business" (I do editing/consulting/writing and run the BnB and have rental houses) and where my rattie roommate lives with me. One bedroom in this house is also my bedroom/TV room which I share with my rattieboy...another bedroom is my "walk-in closet" and the third bedroom is just storage. The kitchen in this house is my "break room" ...hahaha I guess, technically, they are all "my rooms".

Wow! You certainly have a complex, interesting life with multiple rooms having interesting personalities of their own.

Is your "rattie" roommate four-legged (I hope)?

@MikeEC He is definitely rattie and he's amazing πŸ™‚

@SkotlandSkye what a handsome little guy! Is this his daily routine:

Get up, have some breakfast and a cup of coffee, settle into his easy chair with a good book, and then turn on the TV, and flip on over to the animal planet channel.

Ahh, it is a rats life! ?

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