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Oh boy. Where have all the clever, witty people gone from They've left. This site was so wonderful & thought-provoking when it first started, but now it has descended into dross like FB. Convince me to stay.

GoldenDoll 7 Aug 17

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Some have flaked off like bark on a cinnamon tree to groups. What was the best entrée you had on your Earth trek?

I've just returned from Italy so I'll go with coppa e prociutto crudo as my entree.


Let me just be short and sarcastic: be the change you want to see on this site { with apologies to Mahatma Ghandi)

You mean like when he slept with his nieces to check if he could resist sexual temptation?

@GoldenDoll Don't lose it, dear. You know the point I am making. Ta,ta,for now!

@Spinliesel Do you mean the Tata lorries in India? I lived there for many years. Maybe that's what you mean....?


Don't let the doorknob hit you in the ass on the way out, don't bother turning off the light because the rest of us are still having a lot of fun in here.

Exactly. And this is just the sort of facile comment which makes me want to leave.

@GoldenDoll Well don't let the rest of us get in the way. Nobody is going to drop to their knees and beg your prissy ass to stay.

Sorry to say but your comment shows the arrogance many members resent.

@DUCHESSA I would say that telling people to make a case to keep someone from leaving any group is the height of arrogance. There's a whole wide world out there, constantly changing and in flux, when you are no longer comfortable where you are then you should move or change your expectations, not demand people make a case for you to stay. I don't ask people to kiss my ass in order for me to grace them with my presence because that would be truly arrogant. As an aside I find that many of your posts are also quite arrogant and annoying but I let it slide because that's your right just as it is my right to wish you would go elsewhere with your shitty attitude. Watch out for that door knob yourself.

@Surfpirate To say "Don't let the doorknob hit you..."... IS the height of arrogance. See, these words are used when an individual feels the other person shouldn't state his / her feelings.


I haven’t been on very long, but compared to Facebook, I have found some interesting, in depth, discussions on topics of interest. You have to do some digging to find those topics, and pass up a lot of garbage, but I find it worthwhile. Sadly many post strange, innocuous stuff just to get points. And responders throw out insults, stupidities and non responses, but they are easy enough to skip over and not respond to. I dropped out of the singles group shortly after joining because I got tired of all the posts saying good morning and talking about their breakfast and coffee consumption. I also don’t get why people feel the need to respond to posts in negatives and off the cuff responses that contribute nothing to the conversation, as so many did here on this post. Gold generally doesn’t float to the surface, you have to dig for it and throw out a lot of dirt to get to it. Don’t leave, just spend a little more time filtering out the drivel and be open to find new friends and topics.

Your comments are always thoughtful and I appreciate that. I just don't think I care to spend the time sifting through the drivel. The sun is shining & the dog is pestering me for a walk, my granddaughter needs me to draw with her, & I just got chatted up in the supermarket. Real life beckons yet again!


Do you realize the onus for how you find the site is on you?

Try creating a group for what interests you.

Follow people whose posts you actually enjoy.

Join the groups that hold interest for you.

And don't condescend to other members. That will not win you enjoyment.

Oh boy. I know how the site works. Don't be condescending enough to believe I don't.

@GoldenDoll You? Talking about condescension? That's rich!

@maturin1919 You were the one who mentioned condescension (read your post - I'll give you all the time you need). And who's Rich?

Oh look "bait". Yawn.

@RavenCT I just thought you might appreciate the joke, but hey ho, no go. Disappointment again!

@RavenCT But thanks for copying my comment. Very flattering.


Good job on the trolling!


@GoldenDoll Wow, that's clever.


There are some that left, but there are also some interesting people still here..
Hang in there...


Hey, I'm right here! Don't insult clever, witty people. You can always skip posts that bore you.

I focus on specific topics: "Love and Relationships" and "Health and Happiness."

Lately I have noticed repetitive posts from guys:

  1. "I'm new here looking for True Love"

  2. "Stuck on level..." (fill in the blank)

  3. "When/ why did you become an atheist?"

  4. "Hello found this site for Agnostics looking to meet others with similar beliefs and interests"

  5. "Where are the freethinker gals in...?" (fill in the location)

  6. Long, dense articles with no original thought.


Don't forget "I got my t-shirt" posts


Still here. Broaden your focus. If its not being discussed here, bring it up. Your hunger for intellectual forage will find some takers. I have not been disappointed. Throw me a bone and I will chase it...

Sorry. I already have a dog.

@GoldenDoll Great. Would you like to talk about your dog?

It has a lot to do -also- with the harassment some people vest on those who don't agree with them. I have been privately insulted for voting for Trump.(nobody even attempted to ask my reasons for voting for him)...I have been, also, harassed for being selective when answering mails from gentlemen...

@Dwight Not really. Although my conversations with my dog are often more interesting than the ones on here....

@DUCHESSA I understand. Trolls are everywhere. Political discourse has gotten unsavory on both left and right wing sides. When facts won't suffice name calling, putdowns and aggressive language seem to be the norm. Some folks insist on being right even when the evidence is clearly at odds with their viewpoint. Voting is a duty for all citizens. Not voting is a poor choice but still a basic right for everyone. Who you voted for does not matter. I try to stay positive and accept others opinions as I wish to have them respect mine. We don't have agree to be civil with one another.A favorite book of mine is "All I needed to Know, I learned in Kindergarten". The trolls should read it and heed it, but they don't interested in learning how to behave. Hope this helps. Maybe you remember Mr. Roger's Neighborhood from public television. He gets it right too. Hang in there, I too, like you just the way you are.

@GoldenDoll woof, woof, bark, bark, grrrrrr. Hope I got that right. I am cat owner and don't speak dog well. I was owned by a Sheltie when I was growing up. I really enjoyed how intelligent it was. More trainable then myself and a real joy to have played with her.

@Dwight My problem is I m too well mannered...otherwise i would tell them to go f...themselves. BTW, not all are trolls...certainly not those who say "Why the f...k you didn't answer my mail?"


I initially joined, expecting intelligent conversations about various topic, but found alot joking as well, which is OK with me. What I like most about this site is the common denominator of non belief. Perhaps you need to focus on more serious groups or make your own group and collect serious people there. Sound good?

Join the Offenders and give us all you've got. You may be surprised. We are the step-children.

@SukiSue I'm already a member of offenders ?


Hey I've been here like many others since last November. Don't know which groups you belong or what chat groups you favor but my Singles/Mingle/Chat site is close to 900 members and we have expanded hours to accomodate Great Britain and European members from 3:00 PM EST USA to 3:00 AM EST USA.

And you guys are all great! Yep I don't understand the post.


Not sure if everyones disapeared or they blocked me

Haha! No, they're gone. X


I just got here, give a guy a break.

Here let me throw 3 thought provokers at you...

  1. Who closes the bus door once the bus driver gets off?
  2. Is the "S" or the "C" silent in the word "scent?
  3. If your shirt isn't tucked into your pants, are your pants tucked into your shirt?

Bonus: If I was trying to fail to convince you to stay, but succeed, which one did I do?

I know you weren't being serious, but I have serious answers:

  1. Usually there is a way for the driver to close the door from the outside (and to open it later).

  2. The "c" was added in the 17th century. It comes from the Old French word "sentir". Since the "'s" was there first, and the pronunciation didn't change, it's the "c" that's silent.

  3. No, unless you put your shirt on first and it has a snug bottom. "Tucking" is an action, and your pants aren't tucked into your shirt unless you took that specific action.

Bonus: you accomplished what you were trying to do, so you succeeded.


@cmadler I'd just like to add that "pants" in English means underwear. So not, not convinced.

@cmadler If you ever come through IL, I owe you a beer.

As a school bus driver, there is a switch to turn the power off so the door can be manually opened and closed. That said, my summer break is over in two weeks, back to school.


Not our purpose to convince no one but still worth the effort to understand why you feel that way. At times you have to start the conversation to make a trend where people contribute and we all benefit from that. It's not a one way street.


Bah! Look to your own house, Montague! If you are not provoked then you must provoke.

Mi piacerebbe piu I Capulet nemmeno.

@GoldenDoll Noi principi abbiamo difficoltà a distinguerti.


being most topics have been on repeat, and i find most sites are the same , when it comes to topics and questions about god and religion. its up to you to put in the effort if you feel there is something we should talk about. the groups have made it where most post go to that group, and not to the general forum. at least at my end when it comes to notifications. now i have to click discuss to see the main page and general topics being asked or talked about. being i am a long time debater and atheist chatter, i find most atheist sites repetitive. i stay here in the hopes i will find a mate. which only time will tell. there is little hope of me finding a like minded women on regular dating sites, or in general public.

Point is, it's changed. It wasn't like this before. Maybe that's what happens when sites get too big.

you have to change too. with the site, there are now groups of scientist and alike that tend to have deeper topics. i used to post a ton of stuff in the beginning that to me were the usual talking points, or youtube atheist and scientist that i have learned from, that invoked deep thought. i have been busy with life now, and havent had the time. but still come on, enjoy the chat rooms. vent here and there. its still a great community, and i hope to find a mate at some point. i hope you can find something in this site to keep you around.


Most have gone to sites where they can use their it used to be here...but now this site has taken an 180 degrees turn.

I'm so glad you feel the same. I know you've been here quite a while as well. Such a shame.

@GoldenDoll I don't find the same interesting posts I used to few months ago. Shame


well @GoldenDoll, after having read several of the posts and comments and replies and stuff on this thread, I've got to say that convincing you to stay is not very important to me. you are complaining about the same kind of behavior that you are exhibiting. when I first responded to you on this thread, I thought you were having a bad day, or just feeling discouraged about something you had read. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. I was wrong to do so in this case. Take care.


And we’re BACK to the Offenders’ group, again...

You mean the Toddlers group? If anyone wants to read comments by silly little girls too scared to comment directly, go to the Offenders group. A whole tirade against me. Well if it helps them through their day, so be it. Kind of validates my point about their intellectual capacities though. They didn't even realise I could join! How funny.

@GoldenDoll I am an HSP (highly sensitive person). There ARE a few mean-spirited people here. I admit being "hurt" by some of them and responding irrationally. But I have resumed my usual practice of not allowing the actions of others to affect MY actions. One can block people they find disagreeable...but one will miss out on some good conversation. One can also choose to "scroll on by". I am here to tell you, the people in the Offenders Group simply consider everything one says to be "fair game"...that is what it's all about...resulting in thicker-skinned participants, so if you can't take it, don't play there...and don't get "offended". There are plenty of fun, witty people here to play with in other groups...


LOL...We’re all talking privately, so you won’t know what we’re saying.


@GoldenDoll (tongue in cheek sarcasm!) THAT was "witty" didn't recognize it? okay, maybe this haha


I'm not going to bash you I'm going to give you the right to have your say. It's an opinion and you're entitled to it. I'm not sure I would have put it up on a public post but I can see that something has changed to make you angry. Why not take it from there? Figure out what's changed, figure out what you're mad about and work it from that point? The only ones we can change are ourselves.


@GoldenDoll or take a nap that will work too! ?

@SukiSue Oh the cliches.


Lower your expectations........enjoy the posts that resonate with you ignore the rest.


Get. Over. Yourself.

@GoldenDoll Yes, it's simplistic. Because the point I'm making is very simple. I didn't realize a dissertation was needed to tell you to bugger off.

@maturin1919 I was hoping for something slightly more intelligent though, with a better vocabulary.

@TheAstroChuck, Dude, this woman is a condescending twat. It's not limited to this post.

@GoldenDoll I'm sorry, I don't feel the need to dress up what I can say in two words which get straight to the point: fuck off.


Often people come, look around, don't see any good dating prospects near their location, so move on.
The ones who stay probably aren't in a hurry to get hitched, so happy to hang out and have discussions about everything.

I know you've been around as long as I have, and you must remember how it used to be. I couldn't wait to see what inspiring and throughtful topics had been posted. Hardly happens now. I have no problem with people leaving because they realise this is not really a dating site. Even the endless repetition of topics is ok. It's the inane & vacuous comments I can't stand, and the fact that you have to really search for something interesting now, and I find miyself getting bored before I do. Well done for sticking it out!

@GoldenDoll Every so often an interesting man messages me and we converse for a while but since they typically live 1000s of miles from where I plan to move to once I return to the US, I don't encourage them.

@birdingnut I know. And there are even less within 1000 miles of me.


Hold on.....don’t leave us! We can’t all be the sharpest of wits, but some of us do our best! I personally think, and before I get loads of people sending back rude messages, it is just MY opinion....that the points system is making people post nonstop just to climb the ladder. I suggested yesterday that people who make a post, should not then add another few words as a reply immediately after in order to gain double points. Well, some of the responses I got were less than civil. Apart from that aspect of the site it is generally good humoured and enjoyable, but the level of debate varies and maybe we are just going through a lean patch. Stay and help bring the level of debate back up!

perhaps the novelty has worn off for GoldenDoll

The points system is so absurd - the idea of getting to a certain level and becoming a "greeter" or some sort of high level council smacks of Church Elders to me, and for goodness sake the t-shirt is so crude I could never wear it - one wonders who sponsors this site - I remember beansontoast had a few ideas, but he's gone, probably removed by admin.

@GoldenDoll I agree that the points system is absurd . One annoying original member uses this site as a personal diary and has racked up points with ridiculous posts .

@richiegtt I know who you mean. Total dross.

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