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Pick your Superpower.

If you could have any Superpower, what would it be?

Sirena 7 Sep 4

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The ability to get Trump to shut the fuck up!

Ding ding ding we have a winner!


Fly everywhere. It would feel so good. I could fly to the beach in one hour, instead of driving to it in five hours. Fly to visit my friends all over the United States. Could fly out to a cruise ship on the ocean and have fun with the people there. I would love the freedom of being able to fly where ever I want.

I have often wondered about being able to fly. It would be a lot of fun, but then the practical side shows up and I realize there are a lot of nuts out there. Fly too low and people might shoot at you. Fly too high and planes become a problem. You'd have to know where all airports were, both large and small. If you show up on radar, then there's the military. So I gave up on that one. 🙂


Healing of any/all life. Bringing the injured or ill back when we would think it impossible.

In addition, I'd love to be able to communicate with all living things. It could greatly facilitate the healing process. (:

Zster Level 8 Sep 4, 2018

The ability to read minds

Like always, or controlled?

@Sirena controlled


Being able understand all languages


The ability to tell someone, "Hey, stop being a dick (or douche)." And they'd stop. Don't care if it's for 10 minutes or the rest of their life.


To teleport like Nightcrawler from the X-men, unless everybody else had powers too. If everybody else has powers, I'd go with the power to steal powers.

Nice. Nightcrawler is a good choice. Your second choice sounds like a villain... But the best stories always have a good villain.

@Heathen1997 getting a glitch in the Matrix.
No contents

@Sirena hate when it does that. I said I would definately be a villain in somebody's book. And the best villains are the controversial ones like n'jadaka in Black Panther.


To be able to put my hand in my pocket & pull out the exact dollar amount, to the penny, for whatever I want to purchase.



I would have the ability to warp/change reality at will.

Nice. Like in a chaotic manner?

I'm curious could mean a LOT by that!


88 miles per hour!
( I watched all of these way too many times)

@Sirena lol -Me too. They are (no pun intended) timeless... 🙂 The idea of time travel is still as cool to me as it was when I saw that movie for the first time...


The ability to touch a comic and receive the powers of that comic's superhero.



I'd like to shift thru time.


Time manipulation.


I think the ability to alter reality is good one!


I want to fly. But not high, I just want to hover while still standing and move smoothly a few inches above ground.


Full telepathy. One always hears about reading other minds. What about writing to other minds? You could 'push' people away. Of course, with all superpowers comes the dark side of humans. I'm glad I can't read / write other minds.


The power of Hotness... The ability to be so stinking hot that they can't help but stop and look.

I wouldn't want that power...


I think I'd have to go with shapeshifting =)


Since childhood I have dreamed of being able to fly!


being able to teleport at will,
and being able to understand/read/speak any language.

No cheating! ??

Great choices though

@Sirena I have been able to teleport most of my life, but not deliberately. Mostly, it's in response to car will jump "through" an oncoming truck that is about to hit me head on, or I'll start on a four-hour trip and find myself arriving ten minutes later, even when I have passengers to witness it. My daughter is the same.

@birdingnut I need to go on a road trip with you! Please? ?

@Sirena LOL! Like I said, I can't control it, but I wish I could. Another person on this forum is more advanced than I am in teleportation-she can sometimes do it at will, and when a friend laughed at her, she accidentally made that friend teleport to a different part of the city in the middle of the night!

The poor friend was in a nightgown and found herself by the freeway with no money or purse. She said she simply visualized herself back in bed, and suddenly she was. But she stopped laughing.


Super strength!




Just one? Ok, super strength. Like Hulk, so I could jump so far I'd have no need to fly!

Like the video, I'd have several other perks too!

I'd just take them all the need to make me angry.

Dave smash!!! would take on a whole new meaning too!

Only one, yes ?

@Sirena Technically that's only one! 😉


I would love to be able to teleport. And control time.

But if I have to pick one, I'm choosing telepathy. Controlling others' minds would be helpful.

So not just to be informed... But to control as well? ?

Oh yes, absolutely! If I could only use my powers for good, I wouldn't ?

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