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Unpopular Opinions

I know you got 'em, what are they?

By maturin1919
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Our troops haven’t been fighting to save our “freedoms”since WW2. What we have been doing is sending them on police actions since the 50s and using them to inflict our will on countries not equipped to fight back.

Rideauxb Level 7 Oct 1, 2018

As a former airman YES 100%

Absolutely. It is such a disgrace. The politically inspired mass-murder of foreigners with impunity disgraces the UK and the US (among others).


I think people should be allowed to die how and when they want, without repercussion or shame.

SukiSue Level 8 Oct 1, 2018


Couldn't agree more.

@EricTX yes. I was at the point during my wait for a kidney that (literally 5 days before I got the call) that I was so done that one as prepared to stop dialysis and let nature take its course.


A license to have children.

Seems_legit Level 6 Oct 1, 2018

And make it damn hard to get!


Men should have no input into decisions that don't effect them. Especially abortion. All legal decisions, all debates, all legislation - women only.

MrBeelzeebubbles Level 6 Oct 1, 2018

Would you advocate for the opposite as well?

@Xuande Absolutely. The ladies need to stay out of prostate cancer, male circumcision and male infertility treatment. I'm sure it's a sacrifice they'd be willing to make

@MrBeelzeebubbles Cool. I entirely agree on both points. That's weird. Wanna fight or something instead?

@Xuande actually, it's been a few months since I did any full contact sparring, so weirdly enough, yes. I do want a fight. I miss combat.

@MrBeelzeebubbles Oooo...can I get in on that? I love to spar. Even though this probably isn't the forum for it, what style do you (did you) practice? (Kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do, with a smidge of wrestling for me)

@MrBeelzeebubbles agreed, except about circumcision, that’s actually not a choice anyone should be making except the person who’s penis it is. I’ll fight to have it outlawed to babies even if I’m not a man.

@Chephren pretty similar - I mainly did kickboxing and Krav Maga, so mostly stand up stuff, with a bit of close quarters dirty boxing thrown in. I'm not much of a grappler.

@Kriptikos agree entirely: circumcision is a basic human rights issue. The unnecessary mutilation of male babies for religious and cultural reasons needs to stop.


Pineapple and pizza belong together!

GDean2016 Level 4 Oct 1, 2018


However misguided it may be, the opinion has some degree of popularity, though not at all with me!

Yes! The sweetness plays off the salt in the cheese and sauce!



People need to stop having kids. The best cure for all the planet's problems can be solved with a decrease of the population in general. In other words, while his methods would be barbaric, Thanos would be right.

kasmian Level 6 Oct 2, 2018

I agree with this to a degree. But i always say STUPID people should stop having kids.


Richard Dawkins might be right, but fuck is he an obnoxious arsehole, and this does more harm than good to the athiest cause.

MrBeelzeebubbles Level 6 Oct 1, 2018

I second that!

I agree, and yet, I still have a crush on the man.

I kind of like it when they dispense with the pleasantries and focus on being right. The religious apologists make a big show of being nice and flaunt that shit-eater grin because they are not arguing evidence, they are trying to get people to like them and buy snakeoil.

What is the atheist cause?

@Donotbelieve Oooh, kinky!

@MrBeelzeebubbles Not really.

@Donotbelieve I believe that being attracted to a man in a cardigan is the height of kink. But then again, I'm so vanilla I'm practically flavourless.

@MrBeelzeebubbles Wait...I have a cardigan collection.

If I said I masterbate solely to him speaking, THAT would be kinky.

@Spongebob IKR?

Absobloodylutely..can't abide the smugass sexist git!

There is no atheist cause. Not believing in god is no cause. You believe in god? That is your problem. Just don't bother me with your religion.

@Trussell2069 Agree. Sick of self-righteous bros trying to make atheism into a kind of 'non-religion' religion and arguing about gawd a kind of sport. I'm an atheist but give them zero respect. Dawkins is an fool.


Everything does NOT happen for a reason

Kevhov Level 3 Oct 1, 2018

Nothing happens for a reason as in fate or destiny but everything is determined by some other things that happened before. So in a sense everything happens for a reason, the reason being whatever happened before and led to that thing happening.

Never heard of cause and effect? Or Newon's Third Law?

Everything does happen for a reason, just not a supernatural, esoteric or metaphysical one.


Here's mine : Getting out of religion doesn't make you more intelligent than when you were still religious.
I tried to tell this to a cocky atheist friend of mine, needless to say that the debate was heated, with no obvious outcome.

Ouroboros Level 2 Oct 1, 2018

Its a more intelligent (imo) decision. But you're not a more intelligent person. Thats my take

Unfortunately the majority of the members of this site fall under that category.

It does not make you more intelligent, it just takes the shackles off the intelligence that was there all along and dispels illusions and brain washing.

@Kevhov exactly my point of view !

The word "intelligent" is not a part of my vocabulary. I find it hard to tell who's intelligent and who's not. One's genius is someone else's idiot.


Oh I am going to piss off a lot of you but here goes...remembering I am British but I cannot abide the almost reverrant adoration given to people in the armed forces. (Now excluding those who were conscripted) Most people make that choice. They don the kaki and fly off to foreign lands. Then always appear shocked and surprised when Adullah chooses to fight back! You are not a hero, you are a rich man's pawn. You are not fighting for rights or freedoms, you are fighting to protect rich men's investment. Help the Heroes!!! My colleagues working on A&E in busy towns on a saturday night are heroes, the ones stemming stab wound bleeds or fighting to save someone's life who has taken their 50th O/D that week....they are risking their own life and wellbeing to save others. . Yeah and guess what they get...oh yeah a 1% payrise over three years! Thank you to my colleagues and the NHS...rant over.

Amisja Level 7 Oct 1, 2018

A real hero is someone who says "Its okay I will knock next door and see if they have any skins" at 3.15am



If it weighs less than a 5 pounds and a cat can slap the shit out of it, it's not a dog.

chalupacabre Level 7 Oct 1, 2018

Black licorice is the BEST licorice.

Kenny82 Level 5 Oct 2, 2018

Oh, fuck naw! You and the pineapple pizza guy should get together and have the worst meal ever =)

@maturin1919 black licorice is way worse then Hawaiian pizza seriously

I agree. Black licorice is the BEST licorice. I ate as a kid, and still eat it occasionally.


The US military budget is too big. In fact you could call it bloated. In 2017 it was half of all discretionary federal spending, about 600 billion dollars. Under Trump, defense spending has only increased. And also under Trump, the portion of this expenditure that is paid by the richest 1% of Americans (who own nearly 40 of all the wealth) has decreased.

Flyingsaucesir Level 7 Oct 1, 2018

I believe in the idea of population control.

patchoullijulie Level 8 Oct 1, 2018

I agree.

@TristanNuvo I think that with our current numbers and what that does to the planet we could be classified as vermin.

@patchoullijulie Some simple mathematics about food should weigh in here as well.
meaning that by far, there isn't enough food food the whole population as it is, and the numbers keep growing at an alarming rate.

@TristanNuvo Yes and food supply is one of the most damaging things that we do.

@patchoullijulie and @TristanNuvo I accept that this is an unpopular opinion thread. However, we produce far more than enough food to feed the entire population.

People go to bed hungry because we aren't good at transporting it cheaply enough for anyone to do it. The world is not overpopulated. I never really understood this argument.

@Xuande I am actually talking about the way we produce the food not necessarily the quantity produced. I disagree on the over population question. For the stress that we put on the planet, we are in overpopulation mode.

@patchoullijulie The stress that we currently put on the planet isn't harming Earth so much as it is harming our future ability to live on it. That said, we're becoming more efficient and clean in our use of natural resources. By showing a greater respect to the environment, we could easily continue to expand.

The entire human population could live in an area the size of Ukraine. It'd be a bustling metropolis but we're not overpopulated from a land use standpoint.


I think ALL drugs should be legalized. ALL of them. I'm not worried about the mass
die-off. There are too many people on this rock anyway. Let them cull themselves.
This includes people I know and care about. If they're going to be stupid, so be it.
It'll also free up law enforcement to actually go after other criminals.

Convicted sexual predators (especially repeat offenders and pedophiles) should get the death penalty. There is very little evidence that they are capable of
rehabilitation. Kill them and be done with it. No appeals.

The religious indoctrination of children should be considered felony child abuse.
The immediate and permanent removal of all minor children should be one penalty
for it.

I have others, but those are the three I feel most strongly about.

KKGator Level 9 Oct 1, 2018

So when and where are you running for election? 😎

I would legalise the trading and possession of drugs, but make it illegal to consume some of them. That would cut out practically all the crime and environmental destruction, and the main remaining "crime" would be people harming themselves, which isn't something that requires punishment unless they're harming others in the process, but some discouragement may be useful.


All of my opinions are unpopular.

Donotbelieve Level 8 Oct 1, 2018

Not with me, they're not. smile009.gif

@KKGator That's because you're a badass and I admire you for it.

I think our opinions would play well together.

@DaphneDarling As would our children.


I've grown to really dislike Xmas. It starts in October. The nonstop pressure to shop, the crowds, the family obligations, even the decorations. All of it. Just blah.

Nichole765 Level 7 Oct 5, 2018

We should all get together and refuse to trade with shops who start their christmas push before December.


Professional sports are a ridiculous waste of time, money and resources.

Eric_in_bham Level 4 Oct 2, 2018

I mostly agree but I still watch occasionally 😊

You could say the same about any form of entertainment. Why single out sports?

@maturin1919 I suppose so, but aside from actors which I also think are overpaid you don't see people getting paid multimillion dollar contracts to play a game that is basically inconsequential to our existence. Its obscene the things that could be helped and remedied by that money, when you rest of us give up our prime years and health for just the basics in most cases.

@maturin1919 because of stadium tax subsidy hand outs

If pro sports are so great, why do they need money from governments?!


My body, not yours, my decisions.

kltuckmn Level 6 Oct 1, 2018

That women should have the final say about their bodies.
That everybody should be informed.

MLinoge Level 5 Oct 1, 2018

Bruno Mars is incredibly overrated.

Hastur Level 6 Oct 1, 2018

Outrageous! Lol!

Not as overrated as Prince.

Maybe but he really is adorable. I want to put him on a china cabinet with my grandmothers miniatures, he's so cute.


I hate weddings! It's really not my conception of love and relationship. I find the rituals and traditions arround them annoying and tasteless. If you want to put on a costume, to put on a show in front of an audiance and to get some applauds, become an actor!

QuidamOutrepont Level 3 Oct 5, 2018

Long ago I heard a stat. that generally speaking, the more people spend on a wedding the shorter time the marriage will last. About says it all.


It is possible to mind your own business and not try to shove your beliefs (be it political, vaxx, religion or lack thereof, sexuality or lack thereof, veganism...) Onto others. Trust me nobody cares within the first 5 minutes of meeting you that you're an anti vaxx vegan militant athiest who does crossfit. Save that shit for people who want to get to know you on a personal level. Otherwise you're just annoying as fuck. There I said it.

QuietEnt Level 5 Oct 3, 2018

In a democracy, people should have to opt in and then pass an exam before they are entitled to vote.

If I cannot trust you to sit the right way round on a toilet, I can't trust you to choose my leader.

LenHazell53 Level 7 Oct 1, 2018

I cannot possibly agree with this more. I also feel that way about procreation.

Yazzzzzzz!!! This


People who are fed up with being alive should be allowed to exit with dignity.

Paul_Clamberer Level 5 Oct 4, 2018
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