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Have you stopped watching a TV show, or listening to a musician due to their political beliefs? Probably. Have you continued to listen/watch/follow an artist in spite of their expressed political beliefs?

MikaB 5 Oct 3

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No. I only pay attention to the quality of the music.


I'm sorry to have to lose, due to their politics, the acting brilliance of Kevin Sorbo, Chuck Norris, and Scott Baio, the comedic genius of Victoria Jackson and Dennis Miller, and the musical gifts of Ted Nugent and Hank Williams Jr. A sacrifice indeed.

lmao Exactly.

The right wingers claiming discrimination when they get no jobs just have no talent.

You'd think it would be easy to let those talents go. And yeah, you're right, it's easy. ?


Yes, I was dobro player in a bluegrass band for a time, the politics of the people at those festivals and most of the musicians sickens me... I can’t listen the same as I did when politics wasn’t discussed or at least not as brutal. My roots in music was blues and I’m back to that... I have zero tollorance for bigotry and frankly all things GOP and trump... Disrespect woman, destroy the planet, support an agenda that strips decency away from America stifling freedom all while waving the flag I love and twisting it into a symbol of hate.. These people don’t understand what it means to be free… Ultimately if your freedom isn’t for everyone it isn’t for anyone, except possibly the very very super rich.. these people can’t even see that they’re fighting against their own best interests. Damn straight I’m going to paddle faster when I hear a banjo! No artist or political figure will get a dime of my money if even the slightest whiff of GOP stench or Trump support permeates the air. The politics of the artists I support is important to me.


Once I lose respect for someone, I have a difficult time enjoying their work regardless of how much I liked them. More than anything, I tend to "buycott" by not spending money at places like Chick-fil-A and WalMart.


No more Kid Rock for me


I admit that if I find an artist's beliefs extreme or offensive, I will not watch or listen.
I do not mind differing views, but I have a strong sense of propriety and decency.
The art and the person are intertwined.


I did stop listening to one podcast because of the host's political beliefs. It was an entertainment podcast, so not news-like, but the host would interject some very pro Trump statements in between clips and it was just too annoying.

GwenC Level 7 Oct 4, 2018

I can’t say that an artist’s point of view has ever made me like their art, but there are definitely a number of sexist/racist/misogynistic/homophobic/just plain a-hole artists whose work I go out of my way to avoid. I refuse to help them profit from being hateful.


I can't even listen to Ted Nugent anymore. Or Alice Cooper.
I used to like some of their music. I've lost the enjoyment of it because
it's too tied to who I know they are now.
Same with people like Jon Voight and Tim Allen. I can't enjoy their work anymore
because I know how they really feel.

What anyone else does is their business. I just know what I can tolerate, and
what I won't.
I also don't feel the least little bit bad about it either.
They sure as hell don't.

I know Nugent is an idiot, but what's the deal with Cooper?

@IAMGROOT Too religious, also supports 45. I can't with him anymore.

@KKGator Hmm, I thought he was a rebel. Wasn't his father a minister?

@PalacinkyPDX I knew he was a republican, and that his father was a minister, and that he claimed to be a christian.
However, because of 45, and the destruction he is doing, I can't support anyone who supports him.
If people are going to be deliberately ignorant about the damage he and the republicans are doing to this country, I simply cannot overlook that, for any reason.

@IAMGROOT He is a below average singe with way below average songs. He is a realy good golfer. Ted Nugent would really have to improve to be below average.

@Sticks48 Are you saying AC is a below average singer? Or both Nugent and Cooper? Cooper and his band are rather highly regarded and talented, vocal talent notwithstanding. Nugent? Well what's he got? Cat Scratch Fever and Great White Buffalo? LOL! Meh. And speaking of celebs who are off their rockers, Chuck Norris.

@IAMGROOT l have been a professional musicians all my life and do not no single musician who would praise either. I'm not saying people shouldn't like them. People should listen to what ever moves them. I have the same aversion to Cuck Norris as l do Kathie Lee Gifford. They both make me slightly nauseous.


I have had difficulty watching anything with Clint Eastwood ever since his empty chair soliloquy.

That was painful.

But then I look at old pics of him with the orangutan.


I absolutely despise everything about Ted Nugent, but the one song I won't change the station on is "Stranglehold.," It's absolutely brilliant. Any other song, as much as I may have liked it before is noped off with no hesitation.

MikaB Level 5 Oct 3, 2018

"I not only wrote 'wang dang sweet poontang,' I meant it!"
-the nuge


Well, I won't buy tickets to see Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise. Can't think of anyone the other way. I'd go see Clint Eastwood, but I think he's about finished.


I liked the band Creed when they first came out.
To be honest, i rarely listen to lyrics, It's all about the music.
but after a while I did end up listening to them. it just wasn't religious, it was down right preachy. I don't listen to them anymore.


I still enjoy listening to Sweet Home Alabama and Spirit in the Sky, despite differences of belief.

I love Spirit in the Sky!

I can’t get past it... I’ll just listen to Southern Man buy Neil Young instead. If I really feel a need for the chord progression in Sweet Home Alabama I can play Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon.


For the most part, I've found that the modern vocal right wing ie Kevin Sorbo, Tim Allen, Ted Nugent really don't have much talent.

On he other hand, I know Picasso was a complete ass but find his talent undeniable.

That would stand with a long list of those with artistic gifts who are crappy human beings.

I can enjoy those artists work but completely ignore their personal beliefs, I find it easy actually cause they haven't done anything worthwhile for years lol


Nope. Tom Cruise (Mapother) is nuttier than a fruitcake, yet I still enjoy many of his movies. The only time a celebrity's religion or politics affect my willingness to watch them is when they are "newscasters", or are being interviewed. Why should I care what the court jester's views are? He or she is there solely for my entertainment.

Mapother is nuttier than a fruitcake. I agree with that one.


I don't care about the political views of an actor anymore than I do of my bus driver or taxi cab driver or the person that delivers my pizza. Did I get there safely - was my pizza hot? That's all I care about.In terms of actors - was I entertained? I don't give two sh@ts about their personal life or political views.


You bet I have!


No way. If anything artist with differing viewpoints and beliefs are very valuable as they illuminate a way of thinking I may be misunderstanding.


I quit watching anything with Bill Maher after his continued racist comments against Muslims and his Wakadoodle anti-vaccination & anti-science theories.

@RobLawrence it's so sad that those utterly ridiculous theories are out there. I feel for the families who lost people and families of the first responders who passed having to listen to that bullshit.

@RobLawrence I've seen more than enough truther "evidence". Thanks. I choose science. ?


I'm not that "up" on the political or religious leanings of celebrities (and I probably should be), but since I belong to numerous Atheist FB groups, I hear some things. And Chris Pratt, who I love as Peter Qwill on GOTG, is a total religious nutball. Proselytizing to youth while accepting an award at the Golden Globes or something (I may have the award show wrong). My opinion of him is diminished.


It’s actually the opposite for me. I never like Jon Bon Jovi or Bruce Springsteen but have a new appreciation for them because of thier anti-trumpski stance.


I try not to let that stuff effect me, but it does. Dennis Miller.....Patricia Heaton. And, obviously the brain dead bunch at Fox Noise.


I won't watch fox news I don't even like to read any of their articles in print. I have never watched Colbert or any of the others(can't even think of their names, lol) on a regular basis. Jimmy Kimmel's street polls make me laugh or sad depending on how stupid some people are. I don't watch Tom Cruz or Mel Gibson movies simply because I don't like their actions or words that have come out of them.


I won't click on anything that is on the Daily Mail website, and I'll look for the content elsewhere. Same goes for most of the tabloid websites here in the UK. Evil hate rags owned by tax dodging billionaire psychopaths.


Watched the original Rosanne Show. Before her new show started. It got out about her Trump support. Never watched any of the new Rosanne. Her shtick originally was funny. Trump support? Not funny. It's ignorant. I get why some folks voted for Trump, but he was lying to them. Not funny.

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