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Is anybody on this site going to post an intelligent comment, ?

magicwatch 7 Dec 8

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perspicacious animadversion


Why don't you show us how it is done.


Strike # 1

That's one.


No. We've decided to simplify things around here since you showed up so that you can feel included. Never let it be said that the folks here at don't work hard to accomodate the special needs posters on the board.


Will there be cake? There better be cake!


Why don't you start and we will all judge you? Go ahead we await your magnificance.


Nah - we're just a bunch of dumb heathens ...

We are apparently dumb and uneducated heathens.

Speak for yourself. I'm not dumb.


Just uneducated? ???

@Dangrenade are you here to bash me? Or just look like a dick?

9 intelligent comment.


I wouldn't presume to steal your thunder, please go first.

U r something else ! ?


Only if you pose an intelligent question.


We're waiting for you to go first.


We're waiting on you.

Dammit. I just made the same comment but you beat me to it.


Trump is now the first president in U.S. history to be connected with not one, but two federal crimes.

Now I don't know how "intelligent" that ranks, but I like the sound of it.


I'm an Absurdist so don't look to me to fulfill your needs.


Would you ever read an intelligent comment, ?

godef Level 7 Dec 8, 2018

An intelligent comment.

Like that?

You beat me to it also!

Mine says the same thing just with obscure words.


Do us the honor of showing that you can do it. Put up or shut up.


Wow. Way to make friends on SOCIAL SITE.

Social Networking - your not doing it right. ?


I had given it some consideration but then realized that the audience included folks like you, so I toned it down in order to not make them uncomfortable. There's no need to thank me.

You do realize that the question you just posed was somewhat ... well ... stupid.


To what? They have in the past, to thought provoking posts, so I presume they probably will again, although not necessarily right here if thats all you have to say. The only thought you've provoked of mine so far is: Did buzz lightyear write your profile for you?


Perhaps if someone first posts an intelligent question?

Everything is intelligent to somebody!


If you're above us all then might be best for you to seek your tribe elsewhere.


Wow, succinct! Good job!


I want to but it’s just not working out. ?


Judging from the activity of this post, being an asshole pays off

Sadly, it usually does.


I know you are but what am I?

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