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During the Super Bowl, I’m taking a relaxing, hot, lavender bubble bath.
Anyone else who does not watch tv?

CarolinaGirl60 8 Feb 3

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Haven't watched tv since porn went to the internet.


I watch TV, I don't torture myself with the Superbowl, however. We're watching AGT (I wanna slit my wrists. It's as awful as the Superbowl.) ?

I am in a hotel now so the TV is on. I surfed past the World Curling CHampionship. Maybe I should go back

@btroje Go back! Don't fall into the nightmare I'm now a part of.

@SeaGreenEyez I fell into a nightmare about Patty Hearst


I only use my TV for watching movies I own or rent.


I don't watch TV. I was driving though. Haven't really watched TV since 92'.


Not that important to me but it's embarrassing when asked about the game tomorrow and you don't know who was plying.

I still don’t know, lol

It’s 2 ply...

As I have more important things to do, I take pride in not knowing anything about such a trivial event as a football game.

@OtherPatrick but who plied?

@OtherPatrick Oops! I get it. Should proofread before posting. I was wondering what you folks were talking about. Think I'll leave it though.

@btroje The manufacturers? Maybe it’s a preference?


The bubble bath sounds wonderful. Brings to mind a very pleasant hot tub event with lavender bubble bath.

I do not burn my time watching athletic events.

You aren’t an athletic supporter?

@OtherPatrick Correct, I am not an athletic supporter.


I worked all day like I do everyday.


I do not watch sports but I watch science ,news ,history ,documentaries etc .If utilized properly TV can be a learning experience ,You just have to be selective and weed out the crap


I watch TV but it will not be the Super Bowl.


I am's on and I don't care.


I think there's great things on TV for the last few years but sport isn't my cup o' tea.

PBS documentaries for me if I do watch TV. Ken Burns puts out some really great stuff

@jondspen I use my Kindle if I want to watch. Lots of free stuff, and never a commercial or political ad.


i don't watch much tv.. but when i do, it's NOT football



Man, a lavender bath sounds dreamy!

It’s so relaxing!

@CarolinaGirl60 Oh, I could use that!


TV is a waste of time, in my opinion. I will put in a movie occasionally, but otherwise, I would rather live life, versus watching other people live lives (or a scripted version).


If the Seahawks were playing the Browns, I'd be interested.
or if the Badgers were playing the Beavers.-


i don't watch sport or news


Watching "The Good Place" on Hulu instead. I know it kind of clashes with the whole Atheist thing.


I do not watch TV but I do watch YouTube videos on my TV every night before retiring. I recommend it.


I haven't watched a football game of any flavor in 10-20 years, but for no particular reason I turned it on tonight while screwing around on the computer. Boring first half and a really awful band at half-time. Didn't even see a good commercial. I'm so old I can remember when Superbowls were incredible spectacles!
I blame Trump!

I can too, my dad was a diehard Redskins fan. I could hear Football every Sunday as I was reading or sketching in my room. I rarely watched tv even then.


The only thing good about the SB, is the commercials. Don't get excited about TV, and especially don't get any thrill about watching millionaires play games. I just grabbed some supper, and it was on at the restaurant, but that will be all I see of it. Might YouTube "Best Superbowl LIII Commercials" tomorrow.


I'm not watching...not enjoyable to do by myself. Too bad we haven't met...I'd love to join you in the tub. LOL

You could scrub my back. I can never reach the middle!?

@CarolinaGirl60 You can do mine as well - it would be fun...perhaps even romantic. LOL


you invitin us?

Sure, come on down. Got bubble bath, BYOB!?

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