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Damn Catholics.

You know, the one thing that really bothers me about religion or a particular religion? It's that fish on Fridays crap! lol We have a sizable Catholic population in my town and so you'll find it in a lot of restaurants and the cafeteria on campus near me where I'll get lunch sometimes, their main dish on Fridays is always something with fish. I like fish every now and then, but sometimes on Friday I like to eat out to celebrate a week well done and I'd like to have an option other than fish!! /rant off hahaha I bet they think they're making God happy by eating fish on Fridays. lol

josh_is_exciting 7 Mar 27

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My 'Jewish' grannie used to eat pork chops on Fridays so the catholics would have enough fish! She ate bacon a couple of times a week too, come to think of it.
My granddad - her man was an Atheist in a foxhole.

Isn't any pork product a HUGE No No for those of Jewish extraction?

@Triphid And so it is meant to be, but every Jew I've known loves bacon at least! Somehow I think I may have a genetic drive to be an Atheist

@Sofabeast Well that blows the old saying, " About as welcome as a pork chop in a Synagogue" out of the window, doesn't it?


I used to be Catholic. I think the church did away with the no meat requirement a while back.

Don't feel bad about fish on the menu. In my town we have a lot of Muslims and many restaurants advertise halal food. It doesn't bother me.


Hey man! 😠

I used to be a Catholic. I ate the body and drank the blood of Christ, I confessed my sins and did my penance to purify my soul, I smeared ashes on my forehead to represent whatever that was supposed to represent, I ate no meat on Fridays so as not to offend God's delicate sensibilities.

So, yeah, Catholics do really stupid shit.

OOOOOH, so you were once a pseudo-cannibal were you....LOL.
A religious belief system that despises and vilifies actual cannibalism and replaces it with pseudo-cannibalism instead, boy do I get a laugh or 3 out of that one.

@Triphid Religion is endlessly creative at coming up with idiotic ideas.


I can never remember which way round it is (and couldn't give a rats ass) . I eat fish whenever I feel like it and frequently haven't a clue what day it is anyway. Thou shalt NOT eat fish on a Friday would make more sense, it'd give the righteous another harmless sin to confess.

Salo Level 7 Mar 27, 2019

I grew up surrounded by catholics. Fish on Friday was part of my life until I was out of my mother's house.
I remember going out to dinner with my grandparents on a Friday night and ordering a steak. That was the night I came out as an atheist to them.
Still had my steak though.


I totally get you, but ever since I moved to Cali I kind of miss fish fries. It was a good deal and they made it a hell of a lot better in WI than CA.


When I was in the army (a long time ago) the standard Friday fare was a choice of fish or Liver and Mac and Cheese. It pissed me off because the pope had given a dispensation for service members allowing them to eat meat on Fridays. So I ended up eating Mac and Cheese every Friday. Piss on cat licks.


I actually kind of like it, lol. I like fish and it's always on special on Fridays during lent. Even Taco John's and McDonalds have specials!! Not that they serve "good" fish but still.

Plus it's fun to make fun of the dorks on Ash Wednesday lol


You can't make imaginary things happy.


wow, that practice was supposed to have ended a few popes ago! it was never part of the actual religion (until whatever pope it was said so). it was strictly to help the fishing economies of greece and italy. political, not religious. is there a big fishing industry near where you live?


It's the same here in MN. Most restaurants have fish specials on Fridays during Lent. And as @josh_is_exciting said, smaller towns may only have one entry. Welcome to Catholic country!

During Lent there is still meatless Fridays. That never went away. The only way I can tell it is Lent is the fish specials start popping up.

@josh_is_exciting I grew up in a small farming community in central MN. I jokingly say we had 2 ethnicities in my hometown, Catholics and Lutherans. The churches were literally across the street from each other but refused to do any type of functions together.

My mom tells a story of when they first moved there back in 1976 and were opening a bank account, several people asked what church they belong to. My dad said if a Catholic owned a business then ALL the Catholics damn well better shop there. Same with Lutherans. When I was in high school the Lutheran church got a progressive pastor. He lived across the street from me and I babysat his kids. He tried getting the youth groups from the 2 churches to do things together but the fish-eaters flat out refused.

@josh_is_exciting i love it! i love this whole dialogue between you and @marcie1974 . you know, i have seen folks get mad when commentators get a little off track, even in a friendly way, and i think some of the most interesting conversations evolve from that!


@josh_is_exciting i don't think most forums have such a rule -- just tightasses who are easily confused lol



You know, I grew up catholic and still welcome a good fish special. I'm a dyed in the wool atheist now but I don't mind fish. There's actually no rule that one must eat fish on Fridays, it's more of a fast day than a fish day. You know beaver's qualified as fish on Fridays.


Hehe. I always gave up brussel sprouts for Lent. Made about as much sense as the fish thing. Now I give up housework, but I'm not Catholic anymore.


Catholics (all religions) have a lot of weird ideas and depending on how devoted they are to the cult they belong to is shown by the silly things they do and how had they push their own beliefs on (or into as the case may be) others...


Hey, I've always been an Atheist so I'll eat red meat ANY time I choose and it has gotten me some very fierce and disapproving looks from the Faithfools especially on the times, rare times I might say, that I've dined out on a Friday and deliberately ordered a red meat dish instead of fish.
Piss and blood I say to the Faithfools, eating fish on Fridays is NOT a commandment in the Goat-Herders Guide to the Galaxy, it IS an edict passed down from one the Popes, i.e. Protectors of Paedophile Employees.


That's just one of the ridiculous things about Catholicism. How about confessions? Or priests that are born with balls but are unrealistically expected to ignore them? Or nuns born with a uterus but they are to remain alone and childless! Or the trans-something-or-other they believe changes the cracker and juice or wine into the actual flesh and blood of Jesus! Seriously? That's just absurd! And gross! Of course, they, along with all the other Christians in their various incarnations all believe in the immaculate conception, a common occurrence nowhere!

Hey, don't go thinking that priests and Nuns are as celibate as they'd have everyone believe because in ALL truth they are not and never ever have been.
Why do you think that Convents/Nunneries ALWAYS had big Lime Pits somewhere out of sight in their grounds, it wasn't for disposal of human waste products, it WAS for the disposal of unwanted babies conceived by the Nuns and sired by the Priests.


The catholic church commanded fastening but that was in the begging, then they changed it to "no red meats" only so then the fish thing started. I like fish but I don't care about the church and her pope!

I read that the whole fish on Friday thing was a papal edict some centuries ago aimed at rescuing the economically troubled Portuguese (or possibly Spanish, I don't recall exactly) fishing industry. Last I heard, this is no longer an issue. I think it's safe to begin enjoying other foods on Friday again. πŸ˜€

@Piratefish It's still a deep-set practice among many of the Rough Carpenters ( Catholics) adhered to to this day, especially the edict of NO meats what-so-ever to served or eaten on Good Friday.

@Triphid My ex-wife's parents are that way. Makes one wonder if they are willfully ignorant of history, or just don't care. Religion causes people to do many strange things without question.

@Piratefish Cognitive Dissonance I think is the word used in relation to them.


I have never seen the entire menu changed to fish

@josh_is_exciting Are they running the only eatery in the area? Sounds a lot more like a small, rural area issue than anything else.

@josh_is_exciting Totally beside your point, but I'm sure no one has ever mentioned anything about the George Lucas resemblance to you before, huh? πŸ˜€

@josh_is_exciting I can think of plenty of worse people to resemble. πŸ˜€


Fish on Friday has not been a Roman Catholic obligation for decades.


I love the absurd idea of the Catholic fear of not eating fish on Friday. As if there isnt enough angst around their practices. I have had a few Catholic associates in the past and there is still this Sword of Damacles for many situations even for the lapsed ones. Brilliant conditioning techniques. Go Cathos!


I often have fish on a Friday. Our local pub/restuarant does a two for the price of one on fish and chips on a Friday. I couldn't care less about the silly RC rule although RC's did take it seriously at one time. I was tucking in to my steak and chips in the works canteen one Friday many years ago ( it must have been pay day) when a colleague and good friend sat down beside me with his fish and chips and said to me "how dare you eat meat at my table on a Friday" It annoyed me at the time but I had to smile later.


I used to be catholic and I never had or heard about this tradition, It is probably a local tradition than a general religious one.

Are you kidding?
Since Vatican 2 it has no longer been a Hell worthy sin, but is still a world wide tradition and observed all over the world.
My late writing partner was a long lapsed RC, but even he made sure to eat fish on a Friday at least once.

@LenHazell53 I am younger that the council and perhaps in my part of the world things changed fast, or it was already not being observed...
And again or I lived out of the world or is not a world wide tradition


I'm sorry, are you time warping here from the early 20th Century, or something? I thought fish on Fridays went out with love beads and the 1960s. I know the Roman Catastrophic Church still has saints, exorcisms, and child abuse protected to the highest level, but I honestly thought fish on Fridays was long dead.

Takes me back, though, to my kid days. Even then I thought it was stupid. 9 years old and a nonbeliever even then.


There’s not a steakhouse where you live?


People should be thoughtful about their food choices, and local restaurants should accommodate that. We'd all be healthier if that happened. Sorry you personally don't like fish, but this is better than "Cheetos with liquid lunch Fridays" or whatever the food biz would try to get away with if they could. Btw lots of people pack their lunch for money or health or taste reasons. You should try it.


Sounds a little foolish of management to only offer fish on Fridays. Is there only one restaurant or cafeteria from which to choose? Living in a city of 270,000, I've never been forced to eat fish on Fridays when I dine out. Maybe it's just part of living in a tiny, mostly Catholic town?

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