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The great “dick” debate

I keep having this ONE person telling me I’m sexist because I use the word dick to describe someone being a jerk. Mind you I use it for everyone, regardless of gender. I also have no issue calling someone a twat regardless of gender if the word fits. Are these terms sexist, or are people too sensitive?

BohoHeathen 8 June 6

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I would never call Ann COULTER a dick even after a complete crotch exam revealing a 7 centimeter penis and testosterone producing testicles undescended absent a cervix and fallopian will always be an EVIL CUNT ENEMY OF Atheists and scientists and civil rights in its fascist adolescent brain


People are too sensitive. Let the dicks fly!

Couldn't have said it better!


After being fresh off an HBO Deadwood binge.... I can tell you that you should just call everyone a Cocksucker!

But yes... People are too sensitive!

In my world that's a compliment, but whatever.

My favorite scenes were always with Mr. Wu. (And the drawings to communicate back and forth with Al Swearengen.)

@mojo5501 Wu, Swigen Hong Dai..cocksucker!


Tell THEM to stop being such a prick about it..😂


I call mean, selfish men an ass. Or asshole.


Is bitch sexist?

Here's a dick pic for you.


I think technically it’s sexist, but if someone is offended then they are a pussy.


I've never understood why calling people the names of genetalia was an insult. I like my dick, and I must say its liked every twat that's its ever meet.

1of5 Level 8 June 6, 2019

Calling people a dick is much better than calling them a cunt. After all most stupid violent things are done by dicks.


'What a cock' fav insult


Maybe calling names is on the juvenile side. I feel like... if I call a person a name, it says that I am depreciating them as a person. I will say so if a person makes me angry, or really hurts my feelings...if it is a person to person problem. If I call people that I do not know personally, names...I mean to depreciate them. Maybe that is a way to express anger and hurt, since I cannot do that in person.

@BohoHeathen does it really matter? Name calling is not coming from a place of clear understanding.

@BohoHeathen , I prefer dickhead 😉

@BohoHeathen I understand! I have no patience for people who call us names (but I don’t want to be one of them), I just put ‘the block on,’...done! (In these cases.)


Love that movie.


Not sexist they are good descriptive words to nasty people


too sensitive...all kinds of words go both ways, like "you guys"

lerlo Level 8 June 6, 2019

Prick, dick, cunt, ass, asshole fucktard, buttmunch, just to name a few. To me pretty much all mean the same in the context that I use them. I like to have a variety as to not repeat myself, lol. 🙂


I would say most people are too sensitive. In the age political correctness which ruined a lot of peoples back bones and turned them into weigners.


I used various "cuss" words to fit the situation. I also use "dick" with men or women, to mean a has nothing to do with the physical parts...I also use the seaward when appropriate, but usually among female friends to discuss the so called seaward male or female...


Dick is one of the newer characters in my animations. I'm thinking about completely overdoing the Dick jokes in it. Yes, it's childish but I guarantee it will make people laugh.

We used to have a small ‘on the road’ performance group called The Riders Of the Acropolis doing sketches, music and satirical poetry. One of my characters was a know-it-all school teacher called Richard Head.

@Geoffrey51 Third Rock From The Sun. Lol!


Don’t folks in England call all cunts if it fits? I tend to think, if ya got dick/cunt behavior-ya can’t be too offended by someone calling a spade a spade..

Oh no that's a very very rude word. I would have got my legs slapped for that one!

@Amisja My bad. Generally if I call someone the C-U-Next-Tuesday. It’s totally earned. I have a very short list of those I’ve called out for being one. Leg slap?

For cross-cultural understanding it's important for Americans to know that not only is the c-word used far more freely in the UK and especially Australia, but its connotation is considerably less dire. The inverse is that Americans need to be much more cautious with their use of "bloody" which we typically find to be simply comical emphasis.

@vertrauen USA suffers from "political correctness" enforced by college newspapers radio and local "telly" television for my subjects of your has been replaced by LGBTQIA....THE SLIGHT exception to this conformity is fascism cult radio led by Rrruuussssshhaaaah dingy Crazy GREEDY LIMPboss liar for our 19 trillion dollar polluter oil war crime profiteering bankster zionists CIA NSA "establishment" running on borrowed Chinese trillions of dollar$ NOT your "pounds"...I fight back as above SUPRA but most intelligent citizens do not monitor fake news left or fake news right...we rely more upon THE GUARDIAN CBC BBC and Al Gore Junior invested Al Jazeera for more factual reporting...certainly NOT THE TIMES POST or Associated Press that to this day protects rapist priests and their 2 living cover up popes

@1Phoenix it's ok for African Americans to call each other nigga but we Cherokee are assumed to be "white" and any bigot can call us prairie niggers on any road or restaurant...otherwise the N WORD is as verboten as cunt in politically correct circles....fewer men are allowed to call evil Ann Coulter THE CUNT who is allowed to insult Atheists and scientists praising xians and creationists on radio/TV daily

@1Phoenix my parents!

@1Phoenix, @vertrauen This isn't accurate. Don't forget UK has lots of diverse regions. Some words carry less stigma in the South of UK than up here in the north. Our language is quite fluid. Bloody is a mild swear word. I still would not say it in front of my Dad. In addition there is a generational thing. Younger people swear more freely. The C word is very bad in my circle. I have never said it.

@GreenAtheist Never is the N bomb appropriate by folks not reclaiming it from its oppressive roots. I do not however see the c word on that level. I’m truly sorry you’ve been treated with bigotry. Side note my heritage is Spanish&Aztec.

@1Phoenix my son in law was Inca royalty in Peruvian Navy his dad an daughter has heard too many American bigots assume Fernando was a "wetback Mexican" ....racism=sexism visceral bigotry sex linked attitudes of racial breeding enforced in Virginia by gawdly xians until the LOVING MARRIAGE CASE was won US Sup Ct 1960 when I was 8 yrs old

@1Phoenix thank you for sharing our human race story


The word dick and twat most often used today as an expression regardless of who they are, but sensitive people think that is beyond sexist😊


You're fine. The terms are figures of speech. Anyone who considers such metaphors to be sexist has the problem, not you.


Anyone can be a dick or a twat regardless whether they have a dick or a twat.


They're oversensitive. I'm pretty sure the word was used to describe jerks before penises or men.


Too sensitive.


it might be sexist but i think i can make a case for its being nonsexist in the context you mention. it is okay to have a dick and having one in and of itself doesn't make one a bad person, but using it inappropriately and even as a weapon is a very real technique used by many of its owners. rape is not the only way to weaponize a dick; merely being the owner of one can entitle a person to a higher salary than someone doing the same work without owning a dick, or to condescend to dickless people. it's not just possible; it's common. so again, being the owner of a dick doesn't guarantee a person is a jerk, but there is a difference between HAVING a dick and BEING a dick. you are not calling people dick-owners. you're calling them dicks. that's different.


The poster girl for evil cunt is Ann Coulter who is worse than Rrruusssshah dingy Crazy GREEDY LIMPboss both attack Atheists scientists and anyone not fascist as they are are called COMMUNIST in the extreme tradition of Joe McCarthy McCARTHYISM

@GreenAtheist coulter is indeed, in the vernacular, a cunt. she doesn't resemble a literal one, though (i wonder if she even HAS one). cunts are warm, flexible, welcoming and introspective. they may occasionally be traps but they're not aggressive weapons as dicks can be. coulter has none of those positive qualities.


@genessa I am glad you are claiming the Latin root and hints of cunnilingus along with coitus mutually planned and enjoyed for Coulter "she" has a man traveling with her they keep his name top secret.
.."her" large Adam's apple and tall thin frame with husky hate filled voice IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE she is female but CUNT as employed by all who hate Feminists fits the antiAtheist antiEvolutionist creationist cunt Coulter in the gutter talk sewer where IT thrives

@GreenAtheist i believe she is a woman. she is just a very bad, evil woman.


@genessa perhaps a testosterone drunk female but certainly an enemy of all genuine women....having undescended testicles unable to fill labia more resembling a scrotum above a vagina it probably urinates through what it calls a clitoris


There are a lot of dicks and twats who are oversensitive. 😛

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