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Christians, or as I call some of them, christian scum, like to call evolution and science "Lies from the pits of hell".

Well, haloheads, (Yes I'm bitter over a 30 day ban from FB over telling a christian he was sadistic scum for revelling in people burning in hell forever) I know a bigger lie and you spread it.

Christians claim tht their religion is the "basis of western civilization" .

This it a total lie.

It's true that a lot of western civilization traces back to rome, but by and large the parts of western civilization form in rome were taken from greece, which was never a christian state.

Rome had some trappings of democratic values, on a country in which 1/3 of the population were slaves. As it was decaying and falling largely due to a rebellion among a large group of slaves, the jews, the roman government tried rewriting their religion to make it accommodate roman rule, hence the new testament, which was written when the romans found crucifying jewish dissidents was not quelling rebellion.

The supreme irony is that a sociopolitical concept meant to control jews eventually took power in rome as a whole. Oh, the delicious irony!

Western civilization did languish under christianity at first. We call this period of time the dark ages. Western civilization was a mass of filthy illiterate ignorant peasants living in the ruins of rome for centuries, shunning bathing as it was associated with the roman bathouses which were seen as sinful.

The dark ages ended with the renaissance, the beginning of a new age of enlightenment and learning, which ironically may well; have been created due to the aftermath of the black plague.

Yes you read me right, the black plague was likely responsible for the end of the dark ages, the renaissance and the ascendancy of western civilization as a world power.


Talk about your "silver linings!

Christians still claim it's their religion tht made europe great, then again racists claim is was nordic "racial superiority" that did it too.

Today, western civillization is based on a rejection of christianity, not a foundation of it. Western civilizations enshrines principles that are not only not biblical, but diametrically opposed to biblical views.

Democracy: Western culture calls for democracy, the governed giving consent to the government.

Christianity is an utter dictatorship, an absolute rule by force, a fascist state beyond the nightmares of Orwell. Most appropriate for a vision of government based on copper age middle eastern worldviews.

Western civilization values the concept of human rights.

People have only one right in christianity: To choose between submitting to eternal slavery or suffering eternal torture.

Things like equal protection under the law, equal opportunity, etc, are hallmarks of western civilization.

In christianity women are solely the property of men, nothing more. Slavery is AOK too.

Western civilization largely believes in the abolition of unjust and excessive punishment (Well, there are exceptions like alabama and texas sadly.)

In christianity absolutely excessive, cruel and unjust punishment in the form of eternal torture is the only "justice".

When you look at real christainity and western civilization, it's clear that modern western culture is based on the rejection of christianity.

Western civilization became great after it essentially evolved beyond christianity. Western culture allows christianity it, but it has been pretty much housebroken . We tell christians they can't murder women who practice witchcraft of people who are gay no matter what their holey buybull sez.

If western culture was based on the bible, we'd look a lot more like middle eastern culture where religion broke civilization instead of the other way around.

Ever take a good look at mideast culture? YEEEECH! I'm sure glad I don't live in that horrible mess!

And if I have "awfended' a muslim, please be aware I'm glad I live in a country where i still can! (Except for the empire of Zuckerbergistan.)

So, no, haloheads, western civilization and it's eminence are not based on your religion, they're based on a refutation of it.

Techpriest 6 Mar 12

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Christianity is founded upon three immoral and obscene outrages: 1) That the 'guilt' of one man for a single act may be passed down to all generations; 2) That this 'guilt' may be transferred in some strange bargain that requires a human sacrifice; and 3) That a young virgin must be debauched by a deity in order to produce a half-breed 'sacrificial lamb.' One cannot help but wonder, by what biological mechanism was this impregnation of a teenage girl accomplished? And what are the genetic constituents of Holy Spirit sperm? Ever wonder what God's DNA looked like?


I was banned for a year from 'Suckerbook' on March, 28th 2018, received a message offering ' conditional parole' in December, 2018, on the 14th of this month it will be 2 years since I last 'graced' Suckerbook with my presence and over a year since I kindly ( ?) informed them where exactly and how deeply they could INSERT their beloved 'conditional parole' and their Suckerbook.
Suckerbook is NOT the be all, end all of the Universe, my friend, steer clear of it, less hassles, better friends, conversations, etc, to be found and enjoyed on here, trust me.

I haven't done that shit in 9 years since my girlfriend killed herself, my family totally failed to help me while I grieved, I called them out for it, and a former gf gave me shit for that. Fuck facebook. I don't miss it at all.


If it hits the evangelical mega churches could be a major improvement

bobwjr Level 10 Mar 13, 2020

I don't believe that there are personal monitors that look at what we write. It's just like the NSA. They use "keywords" and they are highlighted in their context. Your use of the word scum after the word christian could've set off an alert and you got banned for using hate speak. Facebook can't promote a side or lawsuits will ensue. That would be biased, yes? You were simply cited for your anger and not your opinion. I talk about religion there often but I don't use angry words. I've never been banned.


Our legal code is more closely based on the Code of Hammurabi than any Christian moral rules.


I, too, have been banned from fb in the past for my comments to Christians... stay strong. FB sucks anyway!


imagine letting them interpret the Bible for you, eh


Too much venom for my taste. If Facebook is making you so upset perhaps do not go on there?


I can agree with you here, but "Christian scum" might have been a little bit too strong for Zark Muckerberg and his AI robots. Remember that FB is a place where Jesus and the Devil arm wrestle and we need a lot of "likes" on that issue. LOL


The concept of justice per many Christian evangelicals is also convoluted. Access to heaven requires the professing and acceptance of Jesus as your personal saviour and you're in. If you don't believe, then you are out destine to burn for eternity. Even if the believer is the scum of the earth as an individual and the non-believer is near perfect, the believer get the big reward and the non-believer gets burned.

Again, this shows the christian god as a copper age tyrant who is utterly self absorbed and to whom all that matter is "Do you bow to me?"

@Techpriest technically (ha, little joke there) Bronze Age, im pretty sure, and i know this might be hard to accept at first but the Yah of the Bible is nothing like xtian "believers" make Him out to be, No Son of Man may die for another's sins; the soul that sins will die and I desire mercy, not sacrifice among many others, so while im not real sure how "this" is defined in your post, it basically cannot be "the Bible." The NT is basically a record of the implosion of a Theocracy? "Believers" are called twice the sons of hell you are with seven worse spirits ? True worship is defined as helping widows, orphans, and strangers ? So, ya. Your gatherings do more harm than good lol, on and on

@douglasrobb196 - Which one?


You're preaching to the choir here. Pun intended. Mark Twain said it perfectly: Never Argue With a Fool, Onlookers May Not Be Able To Tell the Difference!

ah, and a third,
"The best cure for Christianity is reading the Bible"


"What's past is prologue". Let's fix it for the future.


Yes, religion is evil. It peddles bullshit and promotes irrational, superstitious, magical thinking that stifles reason and leaves its followers wallowing in ignorance but who's responsible for that? It's not religion, it's the faithful who've chosen of their own free will to believe in the preposterous claims religion makes.

Religion is garbage but the problem is how goddamn stupid people are.


I think our civilisation owes a lot to our Judeo-Christian heritage and the modern philosophies that grew out of it thanks to the contributions of the many Christian scholars advancing human thought through the centuries. We live in a peculiar situation these days where we can criticise the many faults of Christianity from the vantage point that Christianity has taken us to. The soul-destroying emptiness that engulfs many people today is the lack of that religion that despite its many faults, was a philosophy that gave meaning to so many people's lives.

Well that's what many Christians will tell you but the "dark ages" when the all powerfull Roman Catholic church ruled Europe probably held back the development of civilisation by hundreds of years and it was only during the reformation followed by the European enlightenment that progress was made.

@TheMiddleWay Interesting. Thanks for the link


They are not lying if they believe this nonsense is true .


To claim that these Christians are lying is ridiculous.What you incorrectly state is lying is not lying at all. This is called the illusionary truth affect (also known as the validity effect, truth effect, or the REITERATION effect )This is the tendency to believe false information to be correct after repeated exposure such as indoctrination.

@richiegtt I concur thanks for telling the truth .LOL

Well, I see your point and respect it. I maintain that the statement is a lie abd that people who cvgoose to believe it choose to be ignorant and ignore the obvious facts.


"The Founding Myth: Why Christian Nationalism is Un-American" by Andrew Seidel makes many of the same points regarding freedom vs. religion.

The Founding Fathers knew EXACTLY what they were doing when they put up the wall of church & state separation. Indeed our break with Great Britain was also a break from European Theocracy, more specifically England's "Divine Right of Kings".

twill Level 7 Mar 12, 2020

Howdy and welcome here.


there is never a need to be offensive is not civilized

blzjz Level 7 Mar 12, 2020

Oh, I don't know. Sometimes being "civilized" is overrated and being offensive is definitely called for.

Sometimes you get tired of being spit on and feel like spittibg back. I regard anyone who takes dekight in the idea if most humanity suffering eternal torture simply for having different views to be sadistic scum.


Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay.

LOL @ "haloheads".
That's funny.

I can't claim credit for the term ''halohead''. I actually got it from an obscure sf novel ''the Asgard run'' which featured an obnoxious, arrogant Christian fundamentalist who is part of a group of people selected to be one of the first members of the public allowed to tour the inside of an alien starship that crashed on earth a very long time ago. He is questioned as to why he wants to go since be believes tge akien ship is a hoax because it was supposedly on earth for millions of years and, of course, earth was only 6000 years old. He is determined to prove the ship is a lie because it cannot possibly be millions if years old.

When an earthquake shifts the ship and activates it's systems he becomes a threat to the survival of all on-board the ship abd earth itself. He is referred to as ''halohead'' by a character in the novel.

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