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Walking to work I'm approached by an woman with a pamphlet. She tries to hand it to me and states she wants to invite me to the celebration of Christ's death and the full moon. I say No. I'm an athiest! She backs away and asks if I'm waiting for someone as I'm standing in front of grocery store. I say my son. He's not interested either. She says ok. Weird how compliant Christian's are with me.

idlopalev 7 Mar 31

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I'm usually nice-ish. One guy, a while back, wouldn't back off. I finally cussed him out in the parking lot. He kept yelling at me that I'm going to hell. I yelled back, "Satan's got me by the balls, mutherfucker!" That pretty well ended it.


In a class I attended we had played "bingo" as a mixer and I told people I spoke to they could fill the agnostic/athiest square when they spoke to me. So many people reacted with fear and reserve. I wasnt expecting that strong of a reaction. it was the first time I told people who didnt know me well that I didnt believe. I expected more acceptance.

oooh scary ! unknown entity... must be a devil or something equally evil and sinful !

you have agnostic bingo - how does that work?

@jacpod it was a bingo sheet with personal traits or characteristics rather than numbers... Like only child, or, agnostic... Atheist, etc... The idea was to mill about and mix with class members to get a bingo line filled from getting to know one another...

that backfired on them a bit huh!


If you act confident about being an atheist, do you suppose it scares them a bit?

Deb57 Level 8 Mar 31, 2018

@Deb57 -- They always distance themselves from demons.

Ha! Attagirl! Use all your gifts!

I have found that the mere mention of the word 'atheist' terrifies them to their core, especially the Evangelic types.


Just tell them that you already found jesus and that he had been hiding in the hall closet the whole time.


It is good that she respected your belief and didn't badger you with hers.


I don't know if the same applies in America but in the UK a full moon is slang for showing your arse off, i.e. a rugby team on a coach may have someone who bares there arse and sticks it up at the window, it's called mooning.

So an invitation to see someone die and someone's arse? I'm not surprised you declined 🙂


Funny that Easter & April Fools day are the same in 2018.


I fantasize about saying all kinds of deliciously horrifying atheist things to proslytizers like that, but in the spur of the moment I generally just politely deflect. I'm too nice. 😟

@idlopalev oh man, that’s the best! I have to use that from now on. The fact that we have a cat makes it better.


They probably thought your horns would come out and you would eat their hearts damning them for all eternity. It's amazing how many people comply when someone is confident and stern.


full moon and jeebus rite sounds like a wierd combo


You are very fortunate. It always seems more like tick removal for me.


Because of my amiable and congenial treatment of door knockers, I haven't seen one at my door now in a bit over 10 years. Not even the JWs enter my yard any more.

Good on ya, @idlopalev -- keep up the good work of shredding - er - spreading the gospel.

Since the Lindy Chamberlain-Azaria Chamberlain-Dingo Ate my Baby episode of the 80s I have found that getting rid of the Seventh Day Adventist Door Knockers is quite easy, I just tell them that I can't talk to them at the moment because my infant child is out in the yard eating my pet Dingo.
As for those annoying JWs, well I just tell them that I'm in hurry because I have an appointment to donate blood. They leave post-haste of course.


See if you can bottle it. You could sell a million, at least.

No kidding! And I would be one of the first to buy. 🙂


They don't seem to like forceful people.


lol She backed away? I wonder if she was afraid of you or of catching your atheism. 😛


Yeah, I'm Mr Polite also. I'll always take the pamphlet/whatever and give it a read for a laugh. The world is full of negativity, but that doesn't give me licence to be an asshole just because someone wants to share their views with me.


Good for you kid, I hope you were nice about it, all tho I may have been smiling when I refused her panflet, but you could guarantee that I would be gritting my teeth while I was doing it!


I would say "not interested" and walk away. She's annoying you.


"...and the full moon?" Doesn't sound like a standard Christian thing.

In 325CE the Council of Nicaea established that Easter would be held on the first Sunday after the first full moon occurring on or after the vernal equinox.⭐ From that point forward, the Easter date depended on the ecclesiastical approximation of March 21 for the vernal equinox.

@Orangepeels LOL! I had forgotten that, since I have never paid any attention to religious holidays..probably more from being dyslexic and partially transmale than skepticism.

Celebrations and official holidays annoyed me because people celebrate most holidays by eating, and I had to buy the groceries, cook the food, and entertain relatives...which I GREATLY resented.The dyslexia makes me not notice, or remember, numbers/dates.

Actually, I thought the same thing that you said in your comment, but then I remembered Easter never falls on the same Sunday and sometimes it's in March and sometimes it's in April. I googled it after someone came to my door inviting me to celebrate the death of Jesus and the full moon also.


Seemed like a reasonable exchange to me....I would probably take up an hour of her time ferreting out her belief system...haha


I think a button that said "Baby Eating Satanist For Jesus" would do the trick as well. 🙂


Wow that was peaceful.


Could always say to them. Did you know that the cross was a torcher device? That you tend to celebrate more peace brining methods.


They know you mean it

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