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I got off in a wrong political crowd last evening as a political activist. A woman jumped all over me and said they did not want Biden and Harris to win because then VP Harris could bring her parents over here. Others jumped in to call me dum dum and said I do not know much. One got upset that I called this racist. They said it was not.

For the record "Dum Dum" knows this much. Kamala's mother died of colon cancer and her father is a naturalized US citizen.

Who TF are these idiot people that get the facts all wrong? I would like to know.

DenoPenno 9 Oct 23

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Well....they also believe kids are kidnapped and kept in near constant terror to drain them of adrenalin plasma for Hillary Clinton and the rest of us demon lizard hoards to drink. Or whatever the hell Qaloon is about,

I know. Have you ever seen pizza parlors with basements and large back rooms? Me neither, but those who are "woke" believe it.


"Who TF are these idiot people that get the facts all wrong? I would like to know."

evangelical, conservative, republicans.

Facts are inconvenient to the masses who need to believe what doesn't exist for their own pathetic self worthlessness.


Stupid is as stupid does. They are racist, and mostly christian.


They're mostly hateful malicious nit wits. Not a functioning brain among them. I just stay away from them unless you just like wasting your time fighting with dummies.

Got that right. Don’t argue with a fool......Spectators don’t know the difference.


Melania hoe brought her parents here and they became citizens recently .
U are better person than me . I know my limits . And I don’t want to be in jail . I avoid any talks or walks w them . I just can’t .

Kamala Harris' parents were both naturalized citizens but her mother is now dead. The idiots I was talking with are too stupid to even know this. You have to assume that they never fact check.

Yes, but Melania's parents are "white", ya know?


It's a cult.

godef Level 7 Oct 23, 2020

The first thing a cult does is tell you everyone else is lying to you. Look at Fox News and Joseph Goebbals, Nazi Germanys former minister of propaganda.

Goebbals pushed the “Big lie”........Telling a lie often enough and big enough and sooner or later everyone believes it.


It's Republican disinformation to confuse people

bobwjr Level 10 Oct 23, 2020

I keep saying, anyone with a little education and wisdom ought to smell BS 100 miles away. Excuse me. Instantaneously. People have a moral duty to be impervious to disinformation BS. People are simply stupendously stupid and willing to believe their tribe's BS because they have no self worth without a group to allow them to feel some sense of belonging. Cowards all. I can't be kind about this since they put the rest of us in actual mortal danger.

@Healthydoc70 See, that’s the thing.......these people don’t want to be educated. They choose to be brainwashed.

@SeaRay215ex Brainwashed shortly after birth with illogical beliefs they tend to stay illogical and cannot think reasonably


Where the heck were you? No decency, no politeness, no facts, just rabid-dog attacks. I hope you didn't bring donuts......
Oh, and the "facts" are undoubtedly fromFaux & drumpy, and maybe their pastor, sadly......

I thought I was commenting in "The Trump Resistance " group but it may have been Trump people resisting the rest of us. LOL


Some could be family members of mine, but I’ll never know I ghosted them.
For boomers, not mob ghosting, it’s just cutting all electronic ties to people so they can’t contact you.
All fascist are disgusting even close family.


These folks are the perpetually stupid. They are from the very shallow end of the gene pool. They are who they are and always will be.


Imagine calling someone a dum dum. We know who the real dum dums are! There's nothing dum about you.


Hmm, after becoming First Lady, Melania brought her parents over here with a special entry pass of some sort.


Glad you survived.
It's a bloodbath.


Fox News dumbasses!


When people are stupid about politicians' parentage and bigoted, I ask them if they would support "A President must be born of two American born parents. When they jump on "Yes." I remind them - tRump's mother was British.

Once an idiot and moron, always so.


Do I have to spell it out for you? They're trumpers, in other words, they're brainless assholes.

Brainless, true, but dangerous all the same.

@Mick72 assholes aren't that dangerous, they usually fall because of their lack of gray matter, like the morons from Michigan.


it is alwaya amazing that no matter how much stupidity we encounter, there is always more and it's always even stupider.


The only significant difference between intelligence and stupidity is that intelligence has its' limits. 😮

@FearlessFly lol


@FearlessFly Nice!


Fox News--I think its a religion now. Which explains a lot.

Certainly is!!!


Never try to reason with the innately unreasonable. Ignorance can be fixed, but mass stupidity is a permanent condition.


They get their information from social media (Facebook, Twitter), websites (Fox News, Drudge Report) and radio talk shows (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity) and radio podcasts. The podcasts are especially dangerous and completely misinformative and, worse, they've combined religion with it. You'll find them all over YouTube espousing ridiculous end of days and conspiracy theories. They even get the religion wrong and will make up things that aren't even in their Bible. As long as these outlets will exist, the stupid will continue

Well put. It's a conservative echo chamber, the result of the fragmentation of our information sources. Liberals and moderates get their picture of reality from one source, conservatives from another, and increasingly never the two shall meet. Even fact-checking is dismissed because it's from the "liberal media", and they assume any source that disagrees with them is biased.

The end days coming will be for organized religion. It will never die as I always point out........but will be relegated to the minority status.


A bunch of morons.


Well there seems to be plenty of them.


Consider yourself to be fortunate not to be them. It is incomprehensible how people can become so lacking in consciousness. Ignorance gives way to delusion, dishonesty and ultimately, rank stupidity. Leave them to Darwin.


They live inside the Right Wing Lie and Disinformation Bubble.


Prejudiced morons?

Seriously though, people who assume that someone named "Harris" has a bunch of relatives overseas just waiting to emigrate... what the hell? And they ignore, or never bothered to wonder, where Melania Trump came from (Slovenia) and how her family became US citizens (why, chain migration!)....

It's more than just somebody named Harris. It's what they believe of our mixed race VP candidate running with Joe. Kamala Harris is half black and half Indian. They do not care where Melania came from because "at least she is white." When I play this race card on them they explode and all claim they cannot see it. They think I'm terrible and attack me for telling it like it is.


I often check my posts and another one there attacked today with "Trump 2020." I had to reply and here is what I said. "Trump has no conscience or empathy. If you support him neither do you."

Make it simple, to the point, and factual.

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