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What It's Really About.

Coldo 8 Apr 30

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I thought it was going to be 'the Hokey Cokey.' thats what its all about !


In America, it is most often about the money.




Sounds like something an ex would have said. "Ya know, if you really loved me you'd buy me the Mercedes."


Control using money are we now then

Rosh Level 7 Apr 30, 2018

This might be fake. I'm not saying for sure it is. But that would go against the grain of any sensible church leader to publicly post such a statement. There's a site you can go to for church signs and make your own before buying to get a sense of what different styles look like. They, these sites, were widely being used by Muslim haters to make fake signs to accelerate the hatred and false belief Muslims were here to only spread terrorism and take over the world. Unfortunately, some atheist might have made this one out of spite.


Great picture of the truth about conning you out of your money from guilt. Its sad that fear and guilt make you do that to yourself...


The most pathetic fall out of religion, is NO AMOUNT OF MONEY CAN SATISFY IT'S GREED. And why are people so stupid as to pay another human being to tell them how to pray to, or respect their god ?


If money is the root of all evil, why do religions want so much of it?

The love of money... people keep dropping the love part. It's necessary for living today but the fact they do seem to love it so much, especially in mass quantities, does explain a lot.

Sad but true.


Aye but is it money well spent?


Corrupt, and open about it!


What can I say? Nothing!


No matter whether it's religion, politics or the NRA, you should ALWAYS #JustFollowTheMoney America's Golden Calf.


I'll be happy to give doG money as soon as he makes an appearance and asks me for it himself. Unless this supposed all-powerful being shows me he exists I think I will keep my money from all the priests, preachers and other con-men.


It's funny though that the money does not get deposited in God's account in the Vault of Heaven, but most ends up in the Clergy's pockets. Two things every Supreme Omnipotent Being are incapable of doing are creating their own Word of God books on their own, and creating money to support their own religions.


Send your money to god, his address is ...

PO box 666 , Armadillo, Texas


I suppose you have heard the phrase "You can tell how much contempt god has for money by the people he gives it to." Well god did not like this presumption of his motives so he invented cocaine to redress the balance and take it away from DH`s



God needs money! He’s omnipotent but really bad at handling money.


'Cos he's a bit down on his luck at the moment?

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