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Pastor charged with four counts of child cruelty announces bid for Louisiana House
John Raymond, a MAGA cultist and former "Survivor" contestant, says he wants to promote "conservative Christian principles" in office

ADKSparky 8 May 27

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And people will vote for him.
That is what has happened to America, and to the world.
When reason and compassion are seen as weakness'
Angry, cruel, vengeful and stupid people are both in power and are keeping their own in power.


I hope he goes to prison for a long time. Maybe they will lose the key to let him out.


With MAGA, cruelty is the whole point. That's what separating immigrant families at the border, putting kids in cages was all about. That's what the "right" of any angry loser to own an AR-15 is all about. That's what forcing a 10-year-old girl to have her rapist's baby is all about, and what the mass shootings in Buffalo and Charleston and Poway and so many other places were all about. That's what the denigration and violence against LGBTQ people is all about. Cruelty is every MAGAt's middle name.

It is said that those children trump abducted from their parents at the border are child slave servant slaves to his rich donors since they were stripped of any identity and no one knows where they are or how to find them.

@BufftonBeotch These children are now lost in a slave mode somewhere in our system and some that may also include being sex slaves.

@DenoPenno Some were stolen too young to even know their own names.

And the mango mussolini has promised he will abduct children to be slaves again if he is president.

@BufftonBeotch That sounds like the kind of wacko conspiracy theories we hear from the alt-right. I'm not going to lower myself to their level by giving it any credence. But it should be investigated anyway. Every one of those kids needs to he accounted for.

@Flyingsaucesir Trump has bragged on live TV about ogling naked children at his teen beauty pageants.

@BufftonBeotch Yeah Trumpty Dumpty is absolutely a boor and a cad. Apparently he talks dirty about his own daughter too. But I know of nothing chargeable relating to minors. It was all adults that testified in the E. Jean Carroll case. What I have heard is that Jeffery Epstein and Elaine what's her name serially seduced/used/abused a number underage women in a sort of revolving door operation. Evidence that stood up in court was presented. That's the standard we should always adhere to.

@Flyingsaucesir That was a separate thing.

@BufftonBeotch I think you might have read my reply before I was finished editing it.


Yet he would, and must, pledge to protect and defend the Constitution as the law of the land.

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