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The most disgusting food!

What's the most disgusting food you ever ate or at least tasted? Back in my teens, I was invited to dinner at a Chinese friend's house, and his sweet and beautiful mom served us a lychee nut concoction. Looking at the nuts swimming in a yellowish broth made me think of extracted human eyeballs---and when I tasted the lychees, the texture was, indeed, just like what I imagined an eyeball might feel like if I bit into it! With that first nibble, I was sure I was going to vomit, but I somehow managed to keep it at bay for the duration.

RobLawrence 7 June 24

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Sea urchin...uni...tastes like shit smells

I came here to say this. I'm a pretty adventurous eater, but sea urchin is disgusting. On top of the taste, it's roughly the consistency of snot.

@cmadler lol I am even part Japanese and I can't stand it...I will try most foods at least once...this is probably the only one I truly

@cmadler @thinktwice Thanks for the warning! πŸ˜›

I thought it tasted like what wet cat food would taste like... I spit it out and gagged last time I tried it lol (I try most things once)

@ClaytonE83 Cat food is way better, right?

And I love the stuff!

But to be fair, it has to be very fresh. I use the quality of the uni as one measure of the quality of the sushi restaurant. If the uni is good - fresh, light, slightly sweet with a hint of salt.....

Curious to know....if you dislike uni, what are your thoughts on oysters?

@RPardoe I love raw oysters.

@RPardoe I love oysters and snails...raw is is the taste of the uni I cannot abide...and believe me, I have had it very fresh...straight from the sea either love it or hate it...lucky is considered a delicacy for sure

@thinktwice Fair enough....thanks.


Creamed corn. It bears such a striking resemblance to puke that it actually did make my gorge rise once.


Tripe, chitterlings (pronounced chit- lins. Should pronounce as shit-lins, cause that is what they are.) No matter what one calls it, it is pig intestines where feces has passed thru. What does it smell like when it is cold & one is not supposed to eat it cold? Shit. Don't eat it cold 'cause it smells like shit which everyone has smelled. It is poor peoples food as they got what was left of the cadaver. The feet, the intestines, the testicles. That was in 1969 & I am still washing my mouth out with kerosine.

Souse - if you like all that jellied on a sandwich. Ugh.


Broccoli and rice casserole. It looks like barf, smells like barf, and tastes like it's already been barfed!!!?

I don't blame you that even sounds bad


Lutefisk. You've not tasted Hell until you've eaten cod soaked in lye for 14 days

Proof that Vikings were insane.


Brussels sprouts. They’re a little like cabbage which I like but I just can’t abide sprouts.

I call them little green balls of death.

I think this is one of those foods most people don't know how to cook well. Roasting Brussels sprouts at high heat seems to be the key to getting the best flavor: []

I'm like you don't like brussel sprouts but I can eat cabbage.


Casu marzu.

Jnei Level 8 June 24, 2018

I looked that up on wikipedia. Cheese with live maggots does indeed sound gross. Yuck!

best bleu cheese ever...


Octopus and squid. Like shewing on a piece of gristle.

I've had squid. More like plain old rubber.


Hands down BRAINS! ?

I agree with you 100%


Pig knuckles. Chinese people lose their shit over those things. As far as I'm concerned, they're the most nasty, gristley cut of meat you can get.


Crisco, high fructose corn syrup, cool whip


Hormel canned corned beef hash. It too closely resembles the canned food that my mom served our cats.

Zster Level 8 June 24, 2018

Are you telling me I can’t sharemy cats food

@Millerski25 Hmmm... perhaps I was a tad hasty. It might be good on toast!


Chitlings (boiled pig intestines), They carry the taste of their original contents.


I don't think I'd want to taste that either the worst thing I ever tasted was cow brains it was very disgusting



Love it

@RobLawrence more than the same family, they are the same plant. (sort of)


That sounds horrible! Personally, I can't stand to put any food in my mouth that feels like it has already been chewed. I also avoid slimy foods.


Shio kara - basically salted squid guts. A bit of an acquired taste.

that and natto...are you sure you are not part Japanese? lol

@thinktwice Used to travel to Japan quite a bit earlier in my got quite the exposure to Japanese food as I like to explore the food of a country when I visit.

(Like uni above, do like natto as well.)



Followed closely by Bugs...


Mc Donalds, Taco Bell and a few others who use measued amounts of sugar and salt along with meat that comes from who knows where and is not graded.


Coleslaw yuck! I can eat plain cabbage and boiled cabbage but no coleslaw

Yeah!! Slaw should be illegal!!!


But how did it taste?

Lychee tastes good but ive seen it look gross the way it was described

@RobLawrence So you HAVE eaten eye balls prior. That is why you know what it tastes like.


Yes! I get it. Ha ha!

Cauliflower cheese is horrible. It always smells like cat sick.


I've never smelled disturbed skunk. I'm guessing it's not the prettiest of smells.


Tomato aspic.

Dwight Level 7 June 24, 2018

Don't test good

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