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How long should you go without sex before giving up?

Wyattpa 5 Aug 28

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With a high sex drive, I always have my vibrator.

Excuse me while I see if the battery is working. (long pause)

(suggestively) Was it good for you, too?

I have really high sex drive also, but my girlfriend had a stroke and lost her mojo and broke up a while later. Now it's been 7 years and no I will never give up masterbation.

Battery power stinks...get yourself a corded model, unless you live off the will Never go back!


I picture an electric cord tangled with my legs as I almost reach the height:

"Yes, YES YES!... (kicking) Damn cord!"

@AnneWimsey What Anne said. Or get a paint shaker from a hardware store going out of business. ?

Lady - if you're single, it's by choice! 🙂

@Shelton lifted from the blonde comedian Felicia (michaels? ) 😉

@LiterateHiker Try a rechargeable—No batteries or cord to deal with.

@Qualia I’ve watched those paint shakers at the store! That would be one rough ride! ??


I have idly considered leaning against the washing machine during the spin cycle. "Hmm.... rinse cycle started too fast."

@LiterateHiker washing machine doesn’t seem quite so bad, kind of leaned up against it myself a few times. ? Unless the load is off balance, then it looks more like a bucking bronco! I still have a top load, front loads don’t do that, I think.

@LiterateHiker oh yeah that would be me - yes! yes! damn cord!


Hint: you can have Great sex all by, the answer is about 5 minutes, if that's your pleasure.......


If your hand refuses, then give up.


Winners never quit and quitters never get laid


I'll give up when I'm dead...


Give up? You should never give up trying to find a home for your pet weasel


As long as you want to I guess. I mean, speaking for myself, I don’t give up hope. I know what I want and what I don’t want. I don’t want a FWB situation or a hook-up. If other people do that’s fine and no judgement from me, it’s just not my thing. So I will wait until I find that special person or handle things on my own.


"Giving up" what? Ambiguity is not an attractive character trait.


I've gone 7 years without it and am perfectly fine. Idk why men treat it like life or death. Why is sex THAT important to people?

Because is there... is what we do or what we like to do... when is not there... shines by its absence!!! We had made it a priority like maybe you applying makeup before leaving the house.

@GipsyOfNewSpain that's called addiction. I don't put on makeup before leaving. I love cheeseburgers but my life isn't going to end if I don't get them. It just seems ridiculous to be so obsessed with sex that you feel like dying without it.

@LadyAlyxandrea Yeah... we feel like dying... and we don't wanna die... don't let us die!!!! We do have addicted personalities and sex is my type of poison of choice... not opiates!!! See? I don't love cheeseburgers. Simply we like sex... and you don't have to concur or abide by it. Is our addiction and we are comfortable with it. Simply something we learn to appreciate and we may had gotten good at it.

Because it is the little death... fantastic

You're bragging again

@bigpawbullets Guilty and I turn out to be an addicted too!!!! Reckon never will talk about tennis or golf!!!!

@GipsyOfNewSpain it's annoying. Just like dealing with a drug addict.

@LadyAlyxandrea Don't do it... stay away from it. Learn to make love and sex will be irrelevant.

@GipsyOfNewSpain I'm simply saying you won't die without it, it isn't going to be the end of the world, and your life isn't horribly tragic without it. Men are over dramatic about it.

@LadyAlyxandrea Yes we are... but we had seen drama of women without makeup. Some guys do not wear makeup or like sex at all... nothing wrong with those individuals. Nothing Wrong with you... Hopefully Nothing Wrong with us. True Statement... we won't die.

@GipsyOfNewSpain I do not understand why you keep using makeup as an example.

@LadyAlyxandrea Okay, I recognize all woman do not use makeup just like all men are not obsessed with sex.

@GipsyOfNewSpain they can use make up but I've never met a woman as obsessed with makeup as men are with sex. Not even comparably lol

@LadyAlyxandrea Well... I remember my days before your time in the 80's, makeup was the obsession. Don't take it wrong but there is a lot that had happened in the history of mankind before you came to be. In the 70's in college... girls will park their car and will spent 20-30 minutes applying makeup before coming out of the car. We guys thought they were smoking weed... or studying... nah... it was makeup time!!!! During that time while we waited for them to come out... sex did not came up. Even now days... Miss "L" won't come out of her house without makeup. I myself enjoy the woman that feels fresh and sure without makeup but... it is hard to find. But I know they are out there... but never met a woman complaining about a man obsession for sex, not in my circles... but the woman complaining about a man lack of interest? That always been seen as a Serious Problem!!! I didn't created the Monster... the Monster created me... and I am grateful. Communion of the Bodies!!!! makeup or no makeup. Makeup will never be an issue or not the problem, you are right. You remind me of me... "Everytime I turn down weed or alcohol". Is my Dysfunctional Pleasure to Say No and turn Down what used to be my Joy. Enjoy your ride without it!!!

It's not life-or-death but being male it sure can be unbearable.

@KissedbySun Thank You much... I know I am an Asshole but I am not a Crazy Asshole. I know my mother was into makeup. My kid sister still is... I always been observing the Female Creature in all incarnations... Even many Hippies in the day used makeup. And yet I love the woman that need none to be herself. The woman that do not include on her budget manicure. My latest full time/part time lover still does manicure weekly but she can justify it because she is a Dance Teacher. I had seen photos of before and after make up. I love to see how a woman looks after taking a shower... that is the real thing and sometimes we get very disappointed. But is life. About the young lady with the addiction I hope she recovers for life and right... to them that is their most priceless item... their tools of the trade. My daughter went to Chef School... that set of knives was the most precious thing to her. Hell, I used to be a cable tech/installer... the cable tools were my most precious tools bag. And my ex gf left them outside in her back porch and of course they got removed. Women sometimes act as if they have no idea what a low blow is. The drill along was worth 600.00. That's okay... she call me on my birthday and I did not answered.... And Right, Exactly... there is No Substitute for a Good Lay!!!

@LadyAlyxandrea Not trying to be critical, but it's not as optional as cheeseburgers. You appear to be way younger than me, but let's just say that for many, if not most people of a certain age who don't have a partner or close family nearby, even hugs and physical affection tend to end up being very limited outside of sex. Ask most widows or widowers who are elderly. The fact is for many older single people sex is often the only way they might get any physical affection on a regular basis from another person. Outside of a massage therapist I can't think of many non-prostitution situations where single older adults at least are going to get much regular affection or hugs unless it's from relatives or very close friends. Cheeseburgers are not vital to good health. Regular hugs and physical affection from others is. Am I right, UUNJ?


That’s one thing I will never give up.


Why would you want to give up, even if you never enjoy the pleasure again. Would you consider spending some of your money for some sexual pleasure from a young woman? You have no problem paying your doctor when you need some relief from a health issue. Pay a young woman for some relief from your sexual issue.

I agree. The shaming and taboo around humans’ need for physical touch is something I’ll never understand. If one is willing to pay for porn, why not pay for a real human being?


Every person is an individual. There is no way to answer this question.


I looove having sex, but a cancer diagnosis, several surgeries, and subsequent weight gain that makes me feel terribly self-conscious has put me at 3+ years since my last experience! I worry that my sex drive will just disappear one day, and ‘giving up’ will include a lack of desire and delight in finding a good man for the job!

I know what You mean by being self conscious fellow sex looover.wish You the best.

I do educational programs on sex and cancer. Feel free to PM me.


Never ever give up!


If all you are looking for is sex, that's pretty easy to find. Ok Cupid and plenty of fish are an easy source for a hookup

GwenC Level 7 Aug 28, 2018

Your call, but my personal opinion is that you never give up on something you want. I'd say if it's really important to you then change your tactics. Personally I'd say that you focus on building yourself into someone you're proud of and sex probably won't be that hard to find.


You could always go to a brothel. No need to go without sex. Life’s hard enough without going without that! ????


If you give up, you may never have sex. Is that what you want? I see you're only 54...too young to give up on having sexual encounters. I hope no one ever gives up. Are you dating? If so, and things aren't moving toward sex, some honest self evaluation may be in order.

I wish you the best.


Going on 13 years now. Hoping to never have to do that again


You can give up when you're dead.


What do you mean "giving up"

zesty Level 7 Feb 23, 2019

I never give up. Sometimes it happens when least expect it


"Never give up on a good thing
Remember what makes you happy"
By George Benson


Did this post get you any pity sex?

Asking for a friend.

SCal Level 7 Jan 6, 2019

What do you mean by giving up? And why are we going without sex?


You should just masturbate and not be obsessed with sex.

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