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What is something you ate growing up that you never ate again once you became an adult?

For me it is hog maws, chitterlings and pig feet. In our household you had to eat what your parents cooked or you didn't eat. I haven't had any of those things since moving out of my parents home.

Shelton 8 Sep 7

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Peas. We were forced to eat what was on our plate. I loathe peas and have never had them in my house. My kids only got peas at their grandparents house.

What happens to processed peas is horrid.

Especially,,,,canned ohohugh >>>body shudder<<<<

Fresh peas are very sweet and yummy, but they are hard to find.


Bozooka Joe bubble gum

Albin Level 3 Sep 7, 2018

Sauer Kraut. I've always hated, but it was tradition. Well, not any longer.

JimG Level 8 Sep 7, 2018

You know, I think I'm pretty lucky. I don't think there's anything I had to eat when I was a kid that I won't eat now. Mom is a good cook 🙂

Same. All I could think of is a candy that's not made anymore. LOL
NO ONE was going to make me eat LIVER FFS. LMAO




Cow tongue. Fried squid.

Later on in adulthood: meats, dairy, eggs, anything from animals.

@Shelton I didn’t hate it then but now the thought makes me ill. My mom also forced me to eat/drink things with dairy milk though I’m lactose intolerant. She also made me eat tomato soup (as a kid I called it red soup and I really hated it) though I’m allergic to tomatoes.


Liver and beets.

@Shelton My father always burnt them. I think I'm scarred for life.



Add that to my list, too. Blech!

@Zster i actually kind of liked it until I found out what it was, lol


Milk. I drank lots is a kid, but haven't had a glass in fifty years.


Liver. So gross.


Pease Pudding. It is beyond revolting


breast milk

We have a winner...


Dead cows first....then no dead mammals...then, finally, no other dead animals or animal secretions.


Potted meat. Growing up on the Gulf Coast it was “hurricane food” you’d buy to have on hand then when hurricane season was over , you had to eat it. I remember eating it spread on white bread. ???


Boo Berry Cereal (or any cereal for that matter, especially Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles, and Captain Crunch). Yuck

@maturin1919 Well, I actually bought a box of Boo Berry cereal in my 30s in a fit of nostalgia. It was so disgusting, I wouldn't even "throw it out for the birds." I ate one bite and threw the rest away. I can't believe it used to be my favorite.

@McVinegar I actually used to love Raisin Bran...I can't remember if I ate Post or Kellogg's.

Count Chocula is still my favorite cereal at 42, and I had Cocoa Pebbles for dinner a few nights ago LOL

@Jenelle Ha ha ha! It's odd, because I loved chocolate, but I never liked chocolate cereals (even though I loved chocolate milk as a kid).

@McVinegar Raisins and nuts were obviously too much for me to handle. This thread has made me think about how "brand loyal* I am!


I was never a picky eater. There wasn't much I didn't like.


Liver, hominy, and lima beans. The liver and lima beans were not eaten again because they are hatefully horrible. My folk were mid westerners transplanted to California, where I was born, and I never saw hominy anywhere outside of my Mom's kitchen. I assume hominy was (is?) popular in the mid west...?

OCJoe Level 6 Sep 7, 2018

hominy is, i think, southern. liver: you may dislike its bitterness, in which case nothing will help, but you may, on the other hand, dislike it because it was prepared incorrectly. lima beans; i hated them as a child. i like 'em now, but mostly the babies, and frozen beats canned (as always). i didn't like them as a child because they were mushy and flavorless. eating frozen baby limas kills those two bird with one stone! i will add that when my mom served asparagus, which i hated, it was white asparagus from a can. i guess 'nuff said there!



That awful sliced white balloon bread.

But I actually eat more things now than my child self would have imagined.

I was a picky eater and my parents had about as mid-western ideas of foods ever.

They thought rice was a foreign food.


Boiled chicken with veggies.....aaggghhhhhhhh.....there is a reason for that. If you have the timem..... One of my dad brothers had a butcher shop. He had ? next door that would kill and prep to sell at the shop. This is prior masive industrial processing...what does that mean, you may ask? It means holding one ? at the time by the head and spin it a couple of times and you get a headless ? Next, pornography kicks in... that's right, you need a naked ?. To remove feathers painstakingly one at the time and takes forever, you submerge the dead ? in hot water first, that smooth things up to pull the feathers off but the freaking smell is so freaking burned in my brain that I cannot stand boiled chicken in any way.... (Sadly I don't have the emoticon throwing up green stuff)


Brussel sprouts, parsnips, rhutabegga, beans, and a bunch of other, nasty stuff.


Canned string beans. YUK!!

Yeah, those, too. Other than corn, ANY canned vegetable.


Rocky mountain oysters, I was tricked into eating them, never again!

Let me guess.....was alcohol involved?

@LucyLoohoo How did you know? Lol

@mikebeed Ohhhhh...just a wild guess!




Lamb and cow brains . Yep . ?

@Shelton leg yes . Brains no ! ?

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