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What kind of **snob** are you?

In a world that has a few hundred different reality shows about fashion (Project Runway), cooking (Chopped, Hell’s Kitchen), art, music, etc.. I’ve noticed that the world has become quite “bougie” lately. Everyone seems to be a connoisseur of something.

I hear people say that people who like Nickleback are stupid and don’t know music, or Avatar was a cinematic turd. I personally dated a self-proclaimed “chef”, and he became visibly angry when I decided to have popcorn as a snack when I drank red wine, “because it should always be paired with old cheeses, not popcorn.. are you some sort of fucking OGRE?”

So, in an attempt to get to know you better, what sort of snob are you? Is there any area in your life that you know you have exquisite taste, and friends or family who do not share your opinions on these things can annoy you?

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IndySent 7 Jan 26

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I wouldn't go so far as to say I was a snob in any particular area.

I love food and although I detest fast food (I would rather eat my own vomit than eat a big mac!), I couldn't care less if people want to feast on popcorn or drink red wine with fish or any other weird combination. I get pissed off at French chefs refuse to cook steak well done for my father in law - he's paying and he's eating it. If you can't cook something the way somebody likes it, then you are a crap chef. Rant over.

I also prefer craft beers, but can still appreciate a cheap lager on a hot day in the garden.

My only real bit of snobbery is that I am really pedantic about grammar and spelling. However, I do refrain from commenting about others mistakes on here and other fora, as I do understand that some do have specific issues, some have missed big chunks of education and as I don't know their personal circumstances it would be inappropriate to constantly correct. Unless of course it's my mate Jon who is an English teacher or a meme or shop sign done by someone who should know better - then it's fair game!!!

What kills me on this site is my spell checker changing words that I have misspelled, I don't see to good so sometimes get the wrong word. Yes I'm waiting on my new mail order glasses...

@RobCampbell I get frustrated with autocomplete on my phone!!! It rarely completes the word I want and often changes them to make completely random sentences. Then I send them without checking......

@Uncorrugated - you hit my biggest pet peeve - smart phones, I always thought just plain ol rotary dial phones were kinda intrusive in that it rings and demands an answer NOW,. But AutoComplete 'feature' , I don't think any app on any device has caused me more frustration. Finally figured out how to turn it off.

@RobCampbell spell checkers and voice recognition devices are the spawn of satan


Political snob here. Those who deny the threat of man made climate change are deranged. Those who believe Donald Trump is, in any way, qualified to hold the office of POTUS are stupid. Those who believe in racial superiority are dangerously both.

In all three cases, I just can't....and yes, it is a form of snobbery. I confess it.

Excellent. I wouldn't have thought of that, but that's perfect.

Political snob here. Believe firmly in "if you don't vote, don't bitch". Even if you don't think your vote counts (which I often doubt myself), that is how you participate. Once you've voted, then you get to complain. I also can't understand how anyone can believe conservatism is viable. And don't even get me started on that piece of shit 45.

Right there with you. Just can’t tolerate it.

political snob very leftie.


Grammar snob here. Misplaced apostrophes, your/you're, they're/their/there, etc. All guaranteed to make me pop a gasket. I overhear people in our call center saying "I seen." Seriously. Kill me now.

I have ended relationships because of horrible grammar. How does someone my age speak and write sooo poorly. We still had standards when we were in school. I love language, I love words, I love to use them properly.

Thought of another one: "all of the sudden." Nails down the chalkboard, and I've even heard NPR news folks use it that way. Gaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

@IndySent I will sometimes say "a whole 'nother" when I am writing an email and goofing off. Never when I'm writing writing.

I used to be this way. Then had a dyslexic-ish kid who wound up with a perferated eardrum and had to soften my pov. Think a good percentage of this stuff is a result of a hearing deficit in some cases and a poor education in others. Also reading the internet has destroyed my grammar 😟 It blows my mind that a girlfriend and I used to split hairs for fun hours on end over grammar in college.

@irascible is that your version of the subconcious?

How about "take it for granite" instead of granted

It seems to be quite common nowadays to use "tret" for "treated". I cringe whenever I hear it.

@DeeTee wordtwisters


Hmm, after reading that list I feel like I need to work on being more snobbish. 😉 I have my own preferences, but I don't think that's snobbery. And I rarely care what other people enjoy. But, in the interest of being open and honest, here are some things I feel rather strongly about:

  • Country music is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I don't mind older country and western, folk, southern rock, etc., songs, but there's something painful about modern country.
  • Pumping tempera paints up one's rectum and farting them out onto a canvas isn't art. You could, I suppose, argue that it's performance art of a sort, but the finished product isn't art any more than a home painter's drop cloth is art. It's random. It's garbage
  • Shock comedians use vulgarity and screaming in place of real humor. It's cheap and not funny. That's not to say that a well-placed curse word doesn't have a place in comedy, and it can enhance the performance, but the joke itself should work even if it's written down without the cursing. (A lot of George Carlin's standup worked in print, like in his book Brain Droppings.)

I want to suggest a documentary. It's about a woman who finds what could be a real Jackson Pollock (I won't spoil it) painting. Oh the art snobs she encounters! It's called "Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock?"

@carlyhorton This rings a bell. I think it may have been mentioned on NPR a while ago. The question of what constitutes art or the value of a particular artist when you can't be positive that its origin.

@resserts The woman lives in a trailer and bought the painting at a yard sale for her friend as a joke. She thought it was hideous. Someone clues her in and she takes the piece to an expert in NYC who totally dismisses her. Watching him go on about how it couldn't possibly be authentic is just eye-rolling.

There's another good one about the absurdity of some modern art called My Kid Could Paint That.

There’s just no accounting for taste... (kidding, I agreed you 100%)

@IndySent LoL that's awesome! Did you tell him? What did he say? He sounds like an ass 😀 It reminded me that in blind taste tests, wines in the $8-$10 range consistently outperform the most expensive wines. Take away the fancy labels and price tags, and suddenly the snobs' tastebuds change.

@IndySent Good for you! Sounds like a real jerk!

@IndySent I am indeed a butter snob. I used to use margarine for the supposed benefits and because it was what I was used to as a child. But, I learned the error of my ways years ago and would only buy margarine for a guest if requested with begging and pleading.

Jackson Pollack didnt even think of the second point

I 100% agree about country music.

@IndySent I used to know a terrible wine snob (she was a snob about most other things, too) who tried to make fun of me when I showed up at a party with a £10 bottle of wine. Some time later, I bought a £75 bottle of wine as a gift for a friend and asked her to steam off the label for me; I later removed the label from £4 bottle of wine and pasted the one from the expensive wine onto the cheap bottle and took that to the snob's next party. She tried it, pronounced it excellent and told me she was so glad she'd educated me on the need to spend a little extra for a quality bottle of wine.

I later found out that the snob's partner, who was a big lover of single malt scotch, had been steaming the labels off his expensive bottles and pasting them onto supermarket own-brand blends; she never suspected a thing.


I won't buy generic toilet paper

Well I don't buy toilet paper. I made personal wipes and I wash and reuse. I only buy toilet paper for the hallway/guest bath. I keep some peculiarities to myself.

@HippieChick58 ?!?!?! ??????

@MrLink I have 6 inch square double layer cloths that I wipe with. They go in a basket when they are used, and they go in the washer when the basket is full. What do you think people used before toilet paper, and do you want to take a guess at how many trees die every year so we can wipe? You can buy cloth wipes on Amazon or other web sites. I made mine about 8 years ago. I buy TP once a year or less to supply the guest bath. And then there is the cat who thinks the TP on the roll is good fun, so I have used more than usual this year.

People use cloth diapers and reuse- this would be less "gross" for lack of a better term.

@HippieChick58 I have heard of people using and laundering cloth diapers for their babies. Usually they use a commercial laundry service. I guess this is the same thing, more or less. I just have never heard of this before, outside of infant care. I guess I assumed that before there was purpose made toilet paper, people just used... Well I don't know. Newsprint? The Sears catalog?
Do you feel as it's worth all the extra to save a few pine trees from being harvested and replanted over the course of your lifetime? I suppose you must, right? I have never done the math. Perhaps I should.

@HippieChick58 What??????? Yeah, you go girl! I'll take my Charmin! 🙂

@HippieChick58 It makes sense what you say. Really, it does. I just can't. I suck.

@MrLink I used cloth diapers sometimes with my kids, but washed them myself. The reason I didn't use them full time - their dad. He couldn't stand getting dealing with messy diapers. He was OK with just throwing it away. For me, I save by rarely buying toilet paper, and never needing to remember to put it on the shopping list. I've never done the math, I'm not sure I could do the math, but I'm pretty sure my initial outlay of cash for the supplies has been recovered, and I'm not killing trees. I wanted to reduce my carbon footprint, and I think that helped. Do I expect others to do it, not so much.

@HippieChick58 I did this instead of tampons etc

@btroje yes, there are options for menstruation including reusable tampons and pads. Sadly I got into the recycling/reusing mindset post menopause. Or luckily, not sure which.

@Redcupcoffee Thank you!! I love to figure out ways to do it better for the planet and cheaper. It might be a tad more time consuming, but Mother Earth is worth it.

@Redcupcoffee just used folded washcloths and washed them. there are so many things made for women that just burn money. I never did any calculations but I never wear makeup and I am sure I saved thousands on that over a lifetime.


I use swan's feathers, as did Louis IXV. Louis preferred them removed from the swan first; I've found swans are self-cleaning so I leave them on the bird. 😉

@MrLink My mother never used a commercial laundry service, she washed her own. So did her mother, and her mother before her, and... I helped her.

Not my favorite job.

@Jnei: Be careful, PETA may come after you!

@btroje Are moon cups popular in America? Amazing innovation, both my daughters use them. Much healthier than tampons, never mind the rubbish generated. Wish they'd been around when I needed them.

@ailurophile, funny that people have "heard about" cloth diapers eh?

@GoldenDoll I have heard of them. I really don't have an idea of how commonly used they are

Of course the big tampon and pad manufacturers don't want you to hear about them. @btroje []

@GoldenDoll I am far beyond looking for that kind of information 🙂

@btroje It was sort of for the wider community.


I’m anti-Trump and struggle to not judge people who support him. Does that make me a sanity snob?

I think it makes you humane.

That is really the most rational approach to take. But we all sometimes need to express our feelings too; humans are not logic machines!

Ugh. I work with a lot of people that support him. I have to bite my tongue so much I’m almost mute.


I'm a snob of snobbery. Snobs, for whatever reason, are difficult to be around. Therefore, I'm going to be difficult to be around if you are a snob. Lol

@IndySent Pass the popcorn please, and I'll pour the wine. 😀

@VictoriaNotes I can twist the cap off if you need help

@btroje 😀

Me too. If a person is genuinely "into" something and insists on the finest examples of it, be it coffee or beer or wine or what have you; that's fine, enjoy it. If they tell me I'm wrong for being perfectly happy with my £2 jar of supermarket coffee, they can shove their kopi luwak right up where the sun doesn't shine. The traditional snob who looks down on people who have less money, are perceived to be in a lower social class, live in a "less desirable" area and so on are pretty much the most loathsome sort of people of all - though I'm not at all keen on inverted snobs either, having gone through life with people judging me before they've even got to know me simply because I (for some reason) have a posh accent.


I am a intelligence snob. I cannot stand stupidity, especially on purpose stupidity.
I have no issue with someone who is mentally or developmentally challenged, but people who believe everything they see on FB - AAARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH

So are you smart all the time? Or are you similar to me and only have some smart moments?

I am intelligent all the time. Not always smart. I make mistakes, I misjudge, However, I do not believe that the world is flat, That it is only 6000 years old, or like my neighbour that the dinosaurs lived with people and starved to death after the flood because all the vegetation was gone. You know stupidity.

@Sweetharp. Floating boulder. okay, sort of like talking asses and unicorns, rght? and Whack-a-doodle I love it!!
How about this passage from the "Bible scholar " Some people claim the Bible is a book of fairy tales because it mentions unicorns. However, the biblical unicorn was a real animal, not an imaginary creature. The absence of a unicorn in the modern world should not cause us to doubt its past existence. (Think of the dodo bird. It does not exist today, but we do not doubt that it existed in the past.) Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell a doctor of religious studies.. ANOTHER WHACK-A-DOODLE!

@SweetHarp didn't you know ? GOD makes boulders float ! ...and unicorns fly !


I can be many kinds of Snobs, to my satisfaction. I can talk music with almost everyone... rap lost me before gangster rap showed its ugly face. Can talk art, versed in partnered dancing. Poetry and songwriting interested me for over half a century. Used to know basketball and baseball and boxing. Want to talk about it? Before the 80's but I saw Dr J score 39 points, grab 19 rebounds and block 6 shots against the Clippers in San Diego. Had my share of fights and I can sit down and talk about how Lucky I had been in this plane we call earth. I had lived more and experience more than the average guy that will live twice my life. I have no patience or sympathy for rapists or abusers of women and I have never in my life hit a woman. But in bed I am never too old to learn a new trick within my Boundaries mind you. To some I may be a Man-Diva... but I don't watch TV shows from this century so how would I know? I had been too busy doing all this stuff.

@WizardBill To me never was... is the only music out of todays "pop" that I just disliked from the first tune. My GF then went to see the guys from "rappers delight"... was it sugar hill gang? with their polyester sweat suits? You kidding me? I was coat and tie disco guy. Still do coat and tie. But people liked it... It was just not for me.


I am an anti snob snob. I rarely do fancy coffee (only when I head in to work overtime on weekends) Alcohol - don't drink beer, drink white wines or white zin and sweet is better and hard alcohol gets used for various things, I made Kahlua once and vanilla and ginger extract. Films, nah. Fashion? HAH! You really haven't seen my closet, I dress to be presentable and not scare small children. Music, nope, radio on adult contemporary. Foodie, not so much, I am quasi vegetarian, I just don't eat much meat or fast food. I am happy if other people find happiness in their distinctions, but I'm not going to play that game.


I can sometimes be an intellectual snob. If I want to alienate a person who annoys me, I use big words - if the person is not a word geek, they run to get away from me. LOL

SKH78 Level 8 Jan 26, 2018

Yeah, that is my snobbery. Show me someone who can't write or speak clearly and I'm gone. I used a big word at work once and my coworker had no idea what I was talking about. Awkward.

I had an opposite effect recently, while speaking to an Englishman - I used the word "balk", and he said he'd never heard an American use that word before - he was delighted !
Go figure ...


ewwwww, here's a good one.

Baseball snob. If you don't like baseball, it is YOUR FAULT!!!!!

Man, I love baseball! It’s the only sport o really get into. Most people don’t understand it. There is so much that goes into a good duel between a pitcher and batter. Most people might be bored to tweets but I’ll be on the edge of my seat!

Recommend a game to watch again, the last game of the 1960 World Series... saw on PBS, maybe 10 years ago. When PBS rebroadcast the game it was the first time the entire game was seen since it was played in 1960. Seems the films were found in Bing Crosby’s “archives”... Crosby was one of the owners of the Pirates, must have had the rights to the films. I watched the entire game (2 1/2, 3 hours), of course I knew the outcome... but it was like watching it for the first time (actually was the first time for me). I remember listening to the game on radio... Mel Allen play by play.

Hey Phil, see my reply to Mr Charlie65... great game.


A geography snob. I go bonkers when a person says I went to Africa and I fall in love with Ukraine. / The Amazon is the longest river / Is cold in the Patagonia? / Rio de Janeiro is Brazil's capital / Amsterdam is a great country........

@LennyP49 Darling, I wrote what I hear all the time. These are examples of the ignorance of many that I hear day in and day out BTW,, Rio de Janeiro USED to be Brazil's capital. Do you know the capital of Iceland, Turkey, Ukraine....even the capitals of the USA 50 estates?


I am always accused of being an intellectual snob, I get very bored in mundane conversations, and apparently I yawn subconsciously.

I probably fit in here.


I am a grammar snob.


I'm more just stuck up. LOL. I'm really not a snob about anything. I don't know enough about one thing to think myself a snob about it.


From your list I'm into cooking, music, movies, the arts but I always felt the the "snob"s on any particular subject aren't who I would listen to. It's one thing to be confident about your knowledge of a particular subject but anyone who uses said knowledge as a cudgel can go outside and play hide and go fuck themselves. If you come at your area of expertise from a perspective of humility, that there's always more to learn, and your passion for it shows, then you're going to get my attention even if it's something I'm not particularly interested in.

What he said!

I hear you! I have my passions and love to share but in a way that is fun and not condescending

Laughing out loud! I'm going to text that to my daughter and my niece right now -- they will laugh. LOL!! 🙂 Go outside and play hide and go fuck yourself!


I am not a grammar nazi, I'm a grammar patriot.



I'm a spelling snob. Places like this, I need to suppress my natural tendencies , or I'd not only waste lots of time, I would likely make enemies ...

I have the same problem when I see American spellings. Giggle.


I am an alcohol snob, but really only for beer. The average American has dismal taste in beer and it has to be cold enough you can't really taste the already tasteless drivel that is marketed to us. If I wanted carbonated water, I would order Perrier or something of that sort. If I wanted to get drunk on carbonated water (I don't actually like getting drunk, but for the sake of argument), I would mix Everclear and Perrier. Anything that has light, lite or ultra in the name is slightly amber carbonated water to me.

Give me a good porter or stout, and I am in a pleasant place. Sometimes a nice ale or a black lager is what hits the spot. Beer pairs with food much like wine pairs with food, though I don't employ hard and fast rules like wine-and-cheese snobs stereotypically do. It is all about the moment and the moment is about pleasing the palate.

On the other hand, there are days where my favorite kind of beer is free beer. In that instance, who am I to turn up my nose?


Nerd/wannabee Science Snob


I selected "alcohol snob" because I drink only craft beers (any other kind of beer is weaselpiss), but I'm told I'm a snob in so many other ways. What comes to mind just offhand: 1) chili snob (my recipe, pinto beans on the side only); BBQ snob (eastern North Carolina); coffee snob (French press-made, no instant); and grammar snob (hell, I'm a former English teacher, so it comes naturally). 🙂

There are some who say that North Carolina does not know how to BBQ. Not me, just saying.

@HippieChick58 They'd be wrong. Glad you see otherwise.


Beer, coffee and music are my big time nerdy things. 100% snob on all 3 subjects. I could give hour long lectures on each subject upon request


I am a language snob. Abuse of the English language infuriates me. Also, I have a tendency to delve into the etymology of certain words and phrases, assuming (often wrongly) that other people will be just as facinated as me by such trivia.


Beer snob here. I don't drink much, so I'm not going to waste my time on "lite" beer. Life is too short for that nonsense.


I'm an equal oppertunity snob.... If you disagree with me I hate you 😉

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