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I was told by a Christian that atheist stay stressed cause they always doing research on everything. What do you think?

So there is a Christian girl that knows I’m an atheist. She spotted me at the library one time when I was doing research on all the different type of religions and their similarities and decided to bother me. She told me that atheist must stay stressed out with all the research we do. So I told her it’s a bad thing now to want to be educated and know what is real and what isn’t real? I mentioned to her that things must be stressful for her, considering her belief teaches eternal hellfire and her always needing to ask for forgiveness and always doing things just right if she doesn’t want to go to Hell. Her life must be stressful to think everyone around her is going to Hell all the time. I told her that there was nothing wrong with learning and wanting to be educated. That’s what the human brain is for. It’s not my fault she doesn’t care about her mental health and refuse to bother to educate herself by feeding her brain knowledge, yet just accept things on blind faith from a book written by Bronze Age people from thousands of years ago.

EmeraldJewel 7 Jan 29

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Ah yes, ignorance is bliss. The old religionist argument: don't ask too many questions, don't question too much, just believe. Just like in the Dark Ages. Dark Ages thinking, you just can't beat it. 🙂

At first I thought you were being snarky. I was going to have to report you to the "Thought Police."

@DavidLaDeau. Don't bother, I'll do it myself. I'll go noisily.


Cognitive dissonance is stressful. She's only fooling herself. I've been a blogger for 8 years and have been involved in religious discourse for much longer. In almost every discussion, there has been at least one ex-believer who shared how relieved they were to no longer be a Christian. The fear of hell was generally the main reason they struggled with deconversion.

I love doing research. I can't wait to get up every day and learn something new.

It put me in a mental hospital at age 14. I've never been at more peace than when I realized and could admit that God does not exist. I recently wrote about my brainwashing.
How I became a Fundamentalist extremist in my childhood, its affects, and how I got out. - Atheist ...

I love to learn, too.

@DavidLaDeau That was well written. I wished I could say I was shocked, but I'm not. That kind of fear-inducing indoctrination is rather common in the bible belt. That's why they want children during crucial brain development --- to get their brain wired to see the world as a big, bad, scary place, and it actually changes the brain, enlarging the amygdala (fear). A study published in PLOS in 2011 found that those in the study who identified as "born again" showed significant atrophy of the hippocampus. It is hypothesized that it was due to chronic stress.

I'm glad you made it out. I'm so sorry you had such a traumatic experience.

@VictoriaNotes This is why I am both an adament atheist and very empathitic to those whom are victims of religion such as parents who rely on "faith healing." The parents are completly wrong, but they are themselves victims, and by definiion are not "of sound mind." So I often play wackos advocate even though I do not agree with the stupid thing religious people do. I was one of those wackos. I just managed to get out before I hurt anyone with "love."

@DavidLaDeau Very well said and I concur. This is why I blog -- for similar reasons. Empathy is very important. Dealing with intellectual dishonesty by apologists tests my patience though. Deep down, I don't think the leadership believes the stuff they preach and lecture about. I'm sure you know who Bart Ehrman is. He said:

"“One of the most amazing and perplexing features of mainstream Christianity is that seminarians who learn the historical-critical method in their Bible classes appear to forget all about it when it comes time for them to be pastors. They are taught critical approaches to Scripture, they learn about the discrepancies and contradictions, they discover all sorts of historical errors and mistakes, they come to realize that it is difficult to know whether Moses existed or what Jesus actually said and did, that in fact we don't have the original copies of any of the biblical books but only copies made centuries later, all of which have been altered. They learn all this, and yet when they enter church ministry they appear to put it back on the shelf.”


I love learning, and I don't find research stressful, well depending on what I'm researching. Too many people lack critical thinking skills. QUESTION EVERYTHING!!

I agree when it comes to questioning. That is so important in becoming more knowledgeable and insightful. The fact that Christianity tries to intimidate people from questioning freely was the main thing that turned me off of it.

That is what I really like about this group, the fact that a big proportion of the people who come here actually seem willing to put a little effort into knowing and learning. I get tired of trying to carry on a conversation with people who lack factual information, refuse to GET factual information and are unable to "debate" a subject intelligently, instead resort to insults when provided with sources for info. Learning is NOT STRESSFUL, at least not post-school. I find it quite enjoyable.

@DotLewis I agree!!


I came to the conclusion years ago that cows are happier not knowing the whole story. They're better off stupid. So why not be a cow? I pondered that question all through lunch at What-a-Burger.

"A cow is stupid"- I didn't know that. It loves its calf- and that is more than many humans can say about their parenting. While you are chowing down at "What-a-burger", and being 'flippant' (being flippant gets to be tired and worn out) you have, we have, no idea of what Nature has in store for us; maybe we will come back as a cow, that is just being loaded into one of those murder transports.

Dick, I love the analogy. It might seem flippant to some, but I think it encapsulates the essence of life very well.

Neither do I think you are denigrating cows - they are just a useful analogy. Sentient beings that have reached the end of their mental abilities.

The big difference is that humans have the ability to extend their knowledge

Douglas Adams
"I'd rather be happy than right"
"and are you Happy ? "
"Well, no, that's where it all falls down you see"

And to quote one of the masters of modern morals "The Truth shall set you free"

Knowing MAY be more difficult sometimes, but in the end, it produces a lot more contentment than purposeful ignorance.

@BanjoTango you've said that well. A cow may be contented or discontented. But happy? Probably not in the sense that we understand.

Well, if my ultimate fate was to become a meal for someone else, might just not want to know.

@arnies we're all worm food, right?

@Dick_Martin Nooooo!!!!

@arnies May I ask your plans to avoid being worm food? Burned to a crisp in an oven? And the ashes used as fertilizer for crops somewhere?


They just do not like anyone more informed then they are. Seeing they have an all knowing powers in their side. LOL


Christians sound so sad, silly. I love learning. It sounds like you stood your ground. Religion is big business, and, they have to keep selling.


Religion = Emotional, Mental and often Physical Stress whereas Atheism allows one to avoid such stresses simply because an Atheist knows and realises that the only thing that truly matters is the here and now.

That’s right!

Well said...


I get stressed when I'm NOT learning.


Fear is the most stressful thing there is. Death I'd bad enough but then add the element of eternal pain only makes it unbearable. The meaning of life for the religious is to do what they're told so they won't have to suffer that eternal pain. The real meaning of life (all life) is to evolve and for us humans that means learning. The more we know of this world the more we can appreciate it.

My niece is a Jehovaha's witness. We were at a family reunion and her daughter said she was graduating from HS (home schooled). We asked if she was going to college and my niece said no because they didn't believe in higher education unless it was for a job! We all wonder how these people can be so ignorant.

What's sad life they live....

@AtheismIsLife Funny, they think it is we who have the sad lives.

@Atheistman I disagree. My degree was in European History. I already had a job but was living in Europe and was fascinated by the history. An undergraduate degree in this field gets you nowhere. It has, however, helped me to add a more informed opinion on this site.

Also, what happens when one retire's? Does what one has learned no longer matter?

@Atheistman I attended with the University of Maryland European Division. I worked for the school and attended for free. Also, because of the GI bill I actually got paid to go to school. A big perk of studying Eur. history and living there is I got to go places (like 2 weeks in Rome) where the history was made.

The main professor had a unique way of teaching. There were no 'normal' exams or papers. At the start of class he would have several questions on the board. We were to pick a couple of main questions and a couple of smaller ones. When exam time came we entered the classroom and started writing (for 3 hours). No test papers just what we wrote. He told us that for this field one usually go on to graduate level and one must know how to write. Also, there was non of the usual names and dates. Mostly causes and effects. After 35 years I still retain a lot of what I learned. Also, the internet didn't exist then.

I apply my knowledge in life and in places like this site.


bull shit


Well stated & the perfect comeback! Gaining knowledge isn't stress, IMHO, being ignorant & flailing for a solid foundation is.


Well, if ignorance is bliss, then the converse might also be true.

LChar Level 1 Feb 2, 2018

Some think ignorance is bliss, I'm not one of them. I naturally question things. I think that tendency is both innate and taught. I can't imagine not being intellectually curious.

I seldom meet people like that but, in general, I think arguing with them is pretty pointless. Similar to arguing about politics.

One of the things that allowed us to become who we are as a species is that we retain into adulthood the innate sense of curiosity that most mammals lose on becoming adults. That should be celebrated, not denigrated, as in Martin Luther & other xtian writers' hate of reason. Never stop learning, never stop growing!


Research increases knowledge, not stress. Christians just pass their own beliefs on to a book of myths and live in ignorant bliss. I still prefer knowledge.


It's only stressful when you are stupid


I have found on the 'whole,' Christians do not like to think deeply. One of my daughter's has told me for most of her adult life (40yr), that I 'put to much into everything!' And so far as I can see, not one thing I have said or done has changed her Evangelical mind!

Does she believe that 'anything', dinosaur or anything else, has ever come back from the dead? What did JC do to make the champaign dinners for the "multitude", wave his magic wand over the stale bagel and can of outdated sardines? Too foolish to be even funny!

@Diogenes she has very responsible job, is very helpful, if asked, and smart, but she gravitates toward conspiracy theories and Fox...when in a discussion, she can repeat (with force and overtalking) their talking points, to support her position! I believe, that if you develop a habit of blocking out information that offends your senses, then the information you can only let in is going to be one sided. She is almost completely having a one pointed view! Since we pick up traits from our parents inadvertently, she must have picked up my 'controlling' parenting when I was responsible for 5 children, and had poor parenting skills! I learned and changed...starting 50 yrs ago. I don't forsee a change in the works, here for her!

@Freedompath I think you have figured out your daughter, with her Fox News and her over talking to drown out any other conversation. Wise people will avoid talking with your daughter. Who would talk about anything on Fox anyway? There was a program on PBS last night about the fire at The Triangle Shirt Waist Factory in 1911. This is not a pleasant film to watch, about girls leaping from the 12th floor and coming down, like torches, with their clothes on fire. The point here is not about the macabre- but about being informed- about how it relates to current events and crimes of today. And PBS has 'many' different subjects; hypothetically, it could be about Roman coins next.

@Diogenes ...funny thing about other things that I know she enjoys, is documenteries and yet, that is not where she draws her evaluations for real life matters! Something about Fox news, seem to change the way people perceive life. One of my sons, has this same perpensity. If you try and suggest other news sources, they discount it! Which brings me to the 'fact'...for years we could not go to Dr office, PT, even hospital waiting room, without Fox news. If I ask could the channel be! Somebody, somewhere had a hand in this? Some people even took that tv clicker that can be coded and changed that Fox channel in public places! Fox. has really dumed people down!

@Freedompath I live north of Toronto. Ya, we get Fox, but we also get one that is more dimwitted than that, CP24, and that one is on in very many pubs.('Seriously', a damned good reason to stay out of booze joints.) I call it the "Happy Channel". It is a nonstop 'serenade' of every vulgar thing that has happened in the world. And for radio, CHFI; this station advertises their, "perfect music mix". Let's see, 'their mix-thing' is 15 advertisements in a row followed by a few seconds of howling- Music? I seem to have missed the "music" part. Yes, these ugly sounds are at fitness, grocery stores, and other places that a person must enter. But there are papers here that actually have 'news' coverage, yes, sometimes slanted, but aren't they all? Haven't seen a copy of NY Times in a long time. And when a person is at home, there is the internet, and music and features from all over the world. It's a choice.

@Diogenes ...that's enough to make a person crazy! I really hate a lot of what will be in stores is sure not background music! No wonder the big portion of the world has gone mad...

A study was done, about early 2000's I believe, that showed that people who primarily watch FoxNews for their information on current events are consistently incorrect about said current events. In other words, watch Fox & become misled. What is truly amazing, & it is being shown so much today with our late-night tv hosts, is that folks who watched "The Daily Show" had a better grasp on the world & current events than not only Fox viewers but even most of the other networks news!

@phxbillcee I boggles the mind! I love the Daily Show! I must hope that my daughter, somehow, somewhere, will see the light! If not, I must accept reality and love her... even if it must be from a distance!

@Freedompath Yeah, as the xtians say, (but seldom really mean), "Love the sinner, hate the sin." She will always be your daughter but must travel her own path, as must we all.


Hi Emerald. This may sound like I am agreeing with the Christian. Noooooo! The truth will not "set a person free"; it will very often depress. Still 'knowing' is better than going to a cartoonish La-la-Land.


well, they can be obsessed with the same fairy tale.

Oh, they're not obsessed with the same fairy tail, everone has their own little spin on it- and if the stories are just barely different from the other person's, they're going to burn eternally. Gotta hope ya picked the right story!

I'm a happy heathen

@LeighShelton I am NOT a "happy heathen"; wish I could find a female heathen to argue with and laugh with.

it would be nice

@Diogenes you could find a Christian female and then you would get at least half of what you're after lol.

@LeighShelton NOT that kind of "argue"- that kind of arguing usually causes me to blow up. I like to be around someone with a brain- and I pretend that I have one too. LOL

I'm only trying to help mate lol


Im sure she was speechless lol



I'm as far as goggle can take me.... that's not hard. Utube makes it easier... wheres the fuss?


after some initial research, when i was 11, i have found no farther need to research fairytales. religion has no place in my life, as such causes no stress. sounds like neither you nor your friend are sure about whats real. uncertainty causes stress

turf Level 4 Jan 29, 2018

Amen brother 😉 13 for me, never looked back.


No. We stay cognitively active and alert because our minds are working == and it is fun!



We're always stressed because believers keep telling we're always stessed.

I am NEVER stressed by evangelicals, ( I am so far past religion that I can talk with and work with some 'good hearted' people) but religious loons may cause me to laugh


She sounds smart. Lol.


I think you reacted perfectly. She approached you and you gave her an honest answer. as long as you aren't mean about it, I think what you said is great. I try to talk to people who approach me for a minute to determine if they are there to look down on me or if they are genuinely curious, because I don't want to scare someone who is questioning- they might be trying to find an opening to know what an atheist is really like, or just wanting someone safe to talk to and breaking the ice. I hate the whole "angry athiest" label. I want to be asked questions. You are educating them. I can see how sometimes they see our behaviour as crazy as we see thiers lol.

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