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HELP! A woman in her 50s is convinced humans can get pregnant by cats/dogs! What should I do?

I know this is a ridiculous question, but there is a woman in her 50s who is entirely convinced that this can happen. There’s nothing I can do for her, but I think it’s wrong for her to even try teaching this garbage to young children as true. I didn’t think it was possible for anybody to be so dumb then try to spread this amount of idiocy to young children. Luckily I was able to get to them in time and show them all about how DNA, chromosomes and molecules needed to work and be compatible with one another to even be able to create a new life for it to work. I think it should be illegal to a degree for an adult to try and teach this garbage as truth and poison the minds of children with their garbage. Maybe it’s a bit harsh for me to say that, but this level of stupidity absolutely drives me up the wall! Tell me what you guys think?

EmeraldJewel 7 Feb 13

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Keep her away from your pets.


If she did give birth to kittens or puppies, would that maker her a litterer? 😛


Just remember what MArk Twain said, "Never argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!"

BillF Level 7 Feb 13, 2019

You should have bitten her bum then said, oh sorry I could't help yself, my grandog was a germam shepperd.



Is she actually a schoolteacher?
If she is, I'd be reporting her to the school board.
Or better yet, give me her number, I'm happy to call her and chat.

I’ve already reported her, but love your answer lmao!


Sadly my friend, you are NOT alone in that idiotic situation.
I have had similar occasions in my life when I've, unfortunately, heard the same or similar, for example, I once heard my Ex-wife, mother ( IF she can be called that very loosely) of my daughter tell her that " Touching any reptile will cause you to grow scales and skin like a reptile," " Picking up a frog can get a girl pregnant with tadpoles," and the worst of all, " Wiping herself after peeing will make her unable to have children."
The absolute inane STUPIDITY of some 'people' never fails to astound me and shock me to my core.
The best I can suggest is to get the child/children alone and sit down with them and explain quiet and openly, in words they can comprehend and understand, that what they've been told by such 'adults' IS 100% incorrect.

Wow. That there are women who just drip dry til done being fertile just drops my jaw. Though I believe you. As an RN I’ve seen some incredible ideas of acceptable living conditions and hygiene.

@CarolinaGirl60 I also spent years as a nurse and some hygiene ideas of people always made me shudder as well.
In particular one would be Doctors who refused to wash their hands when going from patient to patient simply because they believed that as Doctors they could NEVER carry infective agents upon their 'hallowed' skin.

@Triphid That's ironic, when doctors NOT hand washing prior to asepsis led directly to the deaths of thousands(especially women giving birth) in hospitals!

@Shouldbefishing Well marrying her was not actually my idea to start with.
She convinced me that she was pregnant about 6 weeks after she'd been drunk at party at the house where I was boarding at the time, in all truth and honesty now I still can't see how she could state that it was me since I was working as a District Nurse and that evening I'd had a very long and arduous day what with caring for 20+ home patients and travelling from one to the other meaning about 35-40 miles in total. I came home about 9.30ish, locked ALL my medical supplies away in very well built cupboard, showered, changed clothes, went back to my room and as far as I could, and can still recall, I locked the door to my room and virtually collapsed onto the bed where I awoke the next morning, fully clothed and with the door still locked from the inside.
So, No, she wasn't all quite that dumb since she 'baited' me into getting married but as for naïve about other things I'd definitely say YES since she needed me to actually find words in a dictionary that were made up of any more than 5 letters and then explain them to her in words of less letters and simpler meanings. But she could read and write reasonably well which struck me as odd though.
Btw, there WAS no Honeymoon simply because on the wedding night I was rushed to Hospital and admitted with a severe case of Bronchitis and was there for 10 days.


There's all kinds of imbeciles, halfwits, jackasses, idiots, dipshits and dipshidiots out there. We just have to counter them with facts.

This isn't fundamentally different from the climate change debate if we get down to brass tacks.

Sadly though, with people like that their skulls are so thick that FACTS roll off their heads like water from a duck's back.

@Triphid true but the damage they do can be easily reversed

@motrubl4u Yes, all it takes is some rational explanations in words that the child/children can comprehend/understand.

@Triphid I agree but I get too tired of trying to knock down a brick wall of ignorance with my head. It literally is painful, lol. Stupidity should be painful for the stupid!

@CarolinaGirl60 but it is. They're just to stupid to notice it lol


Don't let her babysit your pets! 😮


I think euthanasia would be in order for such a brain dead human....


Ask her how many litters she's had.

Carin Level 8 Feb 13, 2019

I think you are brave to counter her ignorance. I think it is laudable that you care enough to do something about it. I would give her a book on the subject, if you could find one but she probably will continue believing what she wants. They usually do.


Sorry. You can't fix that.


This is a world where many people believe that there is an invisible man in the sky who made the universe. The only difference is that there is only one of her.


Who is this woman, and is she getting psychiatric help? Her views are too crazy to be covered by any laws, but she is clearly deranged in some way. Here in the UK I’m sure she could be committed under the Mental Health Act for holding such crazy views, and she should most definitely be kept away from children, although I’m sure even children would know that she is talking nonsense.


Do you have train tracks near you?


@EmeraldJewel Obviously, I am kidding...I am glad you intervened but sad that you had to...


Too crazy to contemplate.


Advise a very good dr.



Well I really don’t wanna know where she gets her evidence from there.
But there have been old wives tales of women getting pregnant by a dog but it would always resort i a miscarriage.


Sadly stupid. Bet she voted tRump.

Or Hillary

@48thRonin Lyndon Laroche

@Beowulfsfriend Pat Buchanan ?


We need to know more about this woman. How she might be approached depends. Is she a teacher of children? Is she a devout religious person? Does she have a diagnosed mental illness? And if not a teacher - what access does she have to children? What is your relationship with this person? Without knowing more any advice given is a guess and may not prove useful.


Even if it WAS possible, the bigger concern for me is that this person is ok with beastiality ?


The fact that she thinks that is a little irrelevant unless she thinks that beastiality is ok. It shouldn't even be a concern.


look hard enough you can locate some bizarre stuff on the WWW


How would you describe her tone when she was making this claim? Did she sound hopeful? Are there any particular dogs she's shown an interest in?


Buh. If she looks sideways at MY won’t be pretty!
I tell folks: if you try to hurt my dog, might as well cut your own head off; once I catch you, you won’t be needing one anyway. ?


I don't know, I've seen some people..... just sayin !

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