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Why Men Send Dick Pics

What are your thoughts?


VictoriaNotes 9 Mar 19

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I've never been that eager to show off my shortcomings. lol

You're so adorable sometimes. 😀



Some men think it's a "woman-lure", not unlike the worm on a fishing line. Hehehe. Anyhoo, I know this because my ex man, actually did this with me. OK, so it worked, but, in my defence, I was single, lonesome, in my 40s, and quite hormonal! We talked about it later and I learned that he thought his penis quite exemplary. I'm sorry that I ever dated him. (I feel embarrassed and stupid having ever been with him). I'll go sit in the corner now and just listen. :/

LOL -- get out of the corner. I appreciate your honesty. But, I have to ask --- did he send you a dick pic from the get-go?

@VictoriaNotes No. Not right away. We were yahoo contacts for about four years before he changed his profile pic to his penis. He changed options so that i was only one to see since he had family members as contacts too. We eventually lived together (NOT because of his penis!), so that's how I know. :/

Brave lady... with a great sense of humor... hope you’ve recovered.
... on the qt, could I have your email ? jajaja



Whats worse than a dick-pick?

A dick-cheney-pic 😉

Nomad Level 6 Mar 19, 2018

Evil dick. (( shudder ))


I suspect that they don't understand how a woman can't be as fascinated with their dick as they are.


Some women enjoy seeing dick pics and even ask to see it. One should not assume that is the case with every woman. Just wait until you are asked.

"Just wait until you are asked."


Exactly: wait until asked, or at least until the relationship has proceeded enough that one can make an educated guess on how it will be taken. No judgment being made on the action itself, just on the timing.

That's the key I think. Unsolicited dick picks are just idiotic. If they ask for one and you want to send it then I don't see the issue there...

I agree, wait until asked

@VictoriaNotes Oh ask, please ask, just ask... please? jajaja.... no seriously ask.
I hope you’re smiling.

@Tomas You nut. jajaja

Honestly, I think the only way I would ask for a pic would be to make sure it's not the size of a toothpick. 😛 I highly doubt I would ever ask, though.


Maybe the title of this post should be "Why Men Send Unsolicited Dick Pics?" That is inexcusable. Men who do this are cowards hiding behind the relative anonymity of the Internet. Consentually, I have no problem with sending nudes back and forth, but would never do so without permission.

@Akfishlady My girlfriend an I were about 13 when we encountered a flasher walking down the street one evening. I went straight to the point and laugh response, she joined in and he ran. LOL


Because some of them are dicks 😉

Nomad Level 6 Mar 19, 2018



I think it's one of those freaky nature things. Men are turned on visually; see woman=turn on. Ignorant guy, Hmm what will turn her on? Sees me, nothing. Try more obvious!

The reason is ignorance. Maybe it's best they don't mate.🙂


Intellectually lacking, physically packing

Hutch Level 7 Mar 19, 2018

Always the former. Not necessarily always the latter. Usually always a disappointment.


It is a stupid concept, the guys that do that kind of thing are on such an immature plane of age. They somehow get it in there heads most likely from TV and such that visual cues like that might gain a woman's attention. All of us romantically level headed men know flowers and talking are what most women that are normal romantically are looking for.


I guess I've been lucky-no longer active on dating sites I have never received a dick pic.

Want to see mine???? (snicker)

I've never received one, either! Ha ha

"Stay off of Craigslist. They are ubiquitous there", she said gagging.

I recently went on a kinky dating site and immediately remembered why I stopped going there. It was very rare NOT to see a dick pic as their profile pic.

The dating sites w/no dick pics-Zoosk, Our Time, Match and Facebook's site whose name I forgot.

@kiramea, how booooring!


They must be really hard up with nothing worth while to do.( Forget the pun)

I found the part about gay men interesting. They apparently don't have any issues with this.

@VictoriaNotes I wondered about that as well. Perhaps because once-upon-a-time-but-still-now, clandestine sex was the only available relationship between many gay men, thus making it a logical way to garner interest (or intent)? I know some gay men who would be disdainful of that being the method of first contact for anything other than sex.

@Benthoven -- what are your thoughts? (See comments from me and Lauren)

Well, I can't speak for all gay men, but the dick pick is a little different with us. We tend to be connoisseurs when it comes to a good pic: keenly aware of area, mass, structure, construction, and manufacture, and landscaping. But that being said, men in general, and gay men in particular, have kind of an obsessive fascination with that little tagger. It’s a toy we’ve grown up with, playing with since we first discovered it was there. And once we discovered how much fun we could have with it, we lost all reason when it comes to appropriately wielding it.

While I said as a joke that men don’t understand how women don’t find their dicks fascinating, I think it’s actually true. I remember in high school, the straight guys were always talking about their “giftedness,” showing it off, playing with each other. To them it wasn’t gay. To me... well now you know why I was always trying to avoid the locker rooms. I don’t know if it was societal, or if it’s a “guy thing,” but there is a lot of peacocking among other men.

So straight and gay, there’s a strong fascination with this little gadget... Your average dick-pick-sending guy loves HIS dick (and thinks you will too), whereas an average gay man prefers a smorgasbord and enjoys window shopping.

But gay man and women do share one thing in common. The pick should be “solicited.” I don’t know many gay men who are comfortable with perfect strangers sending dick picks unsolicited... unless they’re on one of the many gay hookup sights, like Grindr... in that case, it’s a given you’re going get some pictures. BUT... that doesn’t mean that they’re not going to go out and find some Website that offers them the lollypop buffet... so-to-speak.

I realize this is a bit of a ramble, sorry about that. As a percentile, I think more gay men are going to be “okay” with a dick pic, but even in that community, there’s a framework for how it works best. Our framework is more loosely structured, but it’s there nonetheless.

@Benthoven Not a ramble at all. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain at length. This was insightful.

Thanks, @Benthoven! That's interesting in contrast to straight dick pic senders ... although the fascination factor is apparently universal. 😉


Thinking of some of the recent items in the news * lean towards ego and an overinflated sense of entitlement, "I can do this because I'm important!" Or is it impotent? I get them confused.

BillF Level 7 Mar 19, 2018

I never really go tthis either... and I am a gay man. When someoen sends me a dick pic, about the most positive thing I can say to them is ... It's nice tht you have one... but is that all there is to you?


Junk Mail


@VictoriaNotes, do you remember a similar post I made back in Nov/Dec? What I find interesting is that the article actually tries to explain and almost makes this act somewhat normal. However, almost unnamimously the responses, from back then and now are practically the same. In general the men on this site, think that these men are pigs, immature, and even verging on criminal. I find that significant. Not that I'm discounting what the women say, because I've experienced the unsolicited dick pics too. But men are the ones doing this and "our men", at least the ones commenting, seem to have rather strong opinions against this behavior. What do you make of that? Are our guys more mature, intelligent, respectful, understanding, what?

I think it speaks volumes, and I'm encouraged. 🙂

Me too! We have some of the best guys, here on this site!


Well, if you get the camera close enough, they all look pretty big, so maybe they are so shocked that they feel the need to share! lol


Possibly because they assume a large penis can substitite for a small brain.


I prefer to keep my dick off of the internet lol!


I canniot comprehend why men would snend such picrtures. he reasons that they do just ring hollow and/or sick to me.


Boundary issues I'm thinking... The internet is still the wild west! And I'm with @resserts Lol...


They do it because they can. There are no repercussions. (Please note I am speaking of unsolicited pics).


Only on request, not every request has been successful.


No game


Biggest turn off ever!

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