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I swear to Yoda, I just want to slap the shit out of every single one of those assholes.
With a 2x4.

Oh, swearing to Yoda, I like that, I think i shall steal it.


Another fuckwit...where do they breed them?

Watch the "documentary" Idiocracy. Nails it. Think about it. Christians "hear God" and then decide to go become a preacher. So, a preacher is "called" by something that does not exist and preaches from a book of fairy tales. Insanity


LOL, I got to the bit where " God is NOT a Fornicator, Adulterer, etc, etc, and then remembered where the bible tells how God impregnated a Hebrew woman with his child.
So technically that is the sins and crimes of Lust, coveting, Inciting to commit Rape by Proxy, Seduction by Proxy, Fornication by Proxy, being an Absentee Father, breaching the Commandments ( his OWN Commandments btw), De-flowering a Virgin against her will, etc, etc.
Geez, any jury in its right mind would find the Accused Guilty on all counts and probably recommend a Life sentence.

Well said..

@Grecio Thank you I do try my best.


If God wanted to warn against fornication, why not send an affliction that specifically affected fornicators?
Or would that be too logical?

Yes, of course.


These pastors should coordinate with their god to at least unify their message somehow, so far we have this imbecile saying fornication, other morons say it's the gays, other idiots say that it is porn, many cretins say it's masturbation, a bunch of dimwitted birdbrains blame atheists, so I'm confused, which one is the real excuse?


Notice that they never say that their god is punishing us because we are fucking over nature and the environment? They love to blame human behavior, but not that one.


Gawd spends way too much of his almighty time fixating on what people are doing with their dongles and hoo-ha's.


Should refusing to use one's own brain become punishable by 10 years imprisonment?

I was reading a fantasy book where a character was convicted and sentenced for "uncommon stupidity". I still think we should introduce legislation to make that an offence. 😄😄

@Cyklone I wonder if that legislation could be applied to the current incumbent of the Oval Office. (Me being a total bitch? Yes, I sure am!)

@Cyklone Some people are stupid, and I don't think they can help it. let's face it. There are many, many stupid people in the world, regardless of the reason.


So God in his infinite wisdom decides to warn America against fornication, by firstly enticing some Chinese people to eat bats, then kill a few thousand. But America did not listen, not understanding the connection between non-Christian extramarital sex and Orientals succumbing to COVID 19, so ups the stakes by clearing northern Italy of old people, who for the most part have been god life long Christian Catholic.... Ok, America, still not hearing me, right Spain, I'll take out more old Catholics there too!
Ah Germany, mostly protestants who practice fairly open sexual lifestyles... Leave them alone. Now America will listen... Right then, now its your turn!
Somehow, I don't think so.

Well said! Yep, it's perfectly logical. 😏

@MikeInBatonRouge well I am a scientist!


Fuck Off, Jesus.


Jesus Fuck. I hate these people so much. Seriously.


Just like AIDS was only a gay scourge........?!?


Can't remember if it's the same moron, but one preacher thinks if he puts his hand to the camera and you put you hand on his hand on the TV screen you'll be cured of the virus.

Are you kidding me? If that is true then I am an Ethiopian tiger toe-nail clipper.


Just the other day, we heard Michele Bachmann claim the coronavirus had everything to do with porn and masterbation, while the president's Bible teacher blame this pandemic on the gays. I do wish God would get his message straight before telling all these fundies what it is supposed to be. One might think these fundamentalists are just making it up as they go along.


I wonder how many married people that have died from the corona virus? How many of them were christian?


God sends virus to punish fornicators.... Pornhub offers free premium while everyone is home alone. Hmmmm


Wait, I thought thats what God sent AIDs for. And herpes. Why the hell did he give us a reproduction system for anyway?


Well, if so, he took his time... people have been fornicating for a long damned time....


I do believe the warning is not being heeded. 🙂


I couldn't get to the link, but isn't it just like god to to punish everybody (innocents and all) for the sins of a few? What a capricious, vicious being he must be.


Good maybe his followers will stop having kids....


Does that mean you can only get Covid-19 by having sex?


Hellooooo... This is the cause of us HUMANS!!! There is no God involved's really sad that we as humans allow ourselves to become oblivious to our actions that is the cause of our demise and then we look elsewhere to some supernatural being to blame just because we always wanting to save our EGO!!! We are a VERY FUCKED UP SPECIES... AND ONLY WE CAN SAVE OURSELVES... WAKE UP PEOPLE...

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