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Does anyone really care that there is no afterlife?

I lost both my parents. I sure as hell don't want to see them again, nor my stepfather too.

How many believe there is an afterlife or want to see their folks again?

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Hermbro 4 Aug 22

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I hate polls ....especially stupid or badly worded ones!

And I hate poles! They think they're so tall and skinny.

@JeffMurray opposed to Poles who come in all shapes and sizes!

@Marionville Lol! capitalization is important and I am a partial Pole by heritage. 🙂


While I miss my deceased family members, I don't believe I will ever see them again - which makes me want to be more engaged with those I love while I can.


Some people I have known I would like to see again, some I wouldn't. It doesn't matter because I believe when we die it's over and that's it, except for the memories that we carry of those that have died. And unless those memories are passed on from us to others that live on after we die, we generally cease to be part of the living experience of humanity. There are, of course, exceptions, like buildings and records, books, etc. that inform people about us after we have died, but that is not the same as having living people that have known you or heard about you personally from people that knew you in life.

I still dream about my late wife who had dementia, as well as my dead mother, who also had dementia and was crippled from a stroke the last few years of her life. In my dreams, both of them are without their illnesses, and I find that comforting, even if it's probably self-editing on the part of my subconscious. I am weary enough of how this life, on the societal and world level, seems to just keep getting worse, so I kind of like the idea of eternal rest, so to speak, rather than an afterlife, even if there was one. I fear what the future is going to be like in this life, at least at the societal and world level. It sure seems to keep getting worse for the most part since the mid-70s, despite advances in tech and increased tolerance and acceptance of diversity for those who are not traditional or mainstream.

The main reasons life is getting worse for most people who are not wealthy is the increasing amount of forced change which is being brought down on them by corporations and their technology as well as trade treaties that keep ratcheting down the standard of living for most people. The mass media also contributes as it continues to preach consumerism, greed, individualism and celebrity over any humanist values like solidarity, empathy, peacemaking, historical perspective, etc. All the emphasis is on the now and the short term future. Human beings have no intrinsic or societal value except as consumers or obedient taxpayers to support the war machine, American empire, and the profit of corporations. A relatively limited number of Americans also have value as cannon fodder for our wars for empire. Lastly, our planet is dying from climate change and the destruction of our natural environment thru deforesting, fracking, and oil drilling.

@Green_Soldier71 Thanks for the props. I have had only a couple letters to the editor published in my life, only wrote a handful or so. Never had an op-ed published nor attempted to get one. One reason for that is newspapers usually won't publish an op-ed piece unless the person has some expert status in a subject or at least an impressive resume. I have neither, but I have been studying politics and economics on my own since I was old enough to read the newspaper.


The poll question is loaded, adding more options to what should’ve been a straightforward yes or no. Do I believe in an afterlife? No. Would I like to see loved ones again? Yes, of course! I’m not against the concept of Heaven, I just don’t believe it exists. And I understand the desire to want to take comfort during loss of seeing my family again. Unfortunately, I find no comfort in bullshit and realize I’ll never see them again. At least I have memories.


You have asked two separate questions but combined them and allowed us only to answer one yes or one no.
Poor survey design. I can't answer your question(s).


I believe there is an afterlife for all the matter in the universe that continues to get recycled. Who knows what the matter in our bodies was part of in the infinite past.

"We are stardust, million year old carbon"


I thought "The Good Place" did an amazing job of tackling the heavy issue of why any afterlife (in "heaven" or "hell" ) would be everlasting torture. No thanks. No afterlife for me. And we can go ahead and end this life as soon as possible as well, cause this sucks, too.

How can it be 'known' that an afterlife couldn't be ended also ?

@FearlessFly Just a guess. I'm assuming we're not talking about reincarnation, just a continuation of your consciousness without a physical form. Assuming that, where would the ending come from? Unless you choose it. Which I also don't believe is possible because I don't believe in choice. And if this afterlife is in the context of a religion, for which you spend your entire life working, why would it be something you'd choose to give it up? I don't know, none of that shit makes any sense. All I know is that I don't want to be alive for years here let alone whatever amount of time, infinite or otherwise, an afterlife would take.

@JeffMurray I see no reason for those/any assumptions.

. . . btw -- Alcor/Cronics Institute exist

@FearlessFly I think you're missing my point. All of those assumptions are irrelevant because I don't even want the before part of an afterlife. And there are reasons for those assumptions, but since that wasn't my point, I'm not going to bother taking about them.

I adore that show. It helped me unpack years of religious trauma related to afterlife doctrine. I sobbed for probably two hours after the final episode. My husband was worried. lol. But it was like a truck was lifted off my chest.

@kdmom Yes, it was extremely well done. I like that it never felt like it jumped the shark. I love Ted Danson, and would watch anything he's in. And I heard somewhere that Kristen Bell is a total smokeshow. 😝

@JeffMurray I heard the same. Haha!


You might re-think the wording of that question. I can't answer ''yes'' but can't answer ''want to see their folks again,'' either. But, to answer the basic, I don't care that there's no ''afterlife.'' Ever read "Letters From The Earth'' by Mark Twain? His main character comes from heaven to earth and writes letters to god. One of them talks about how humans imagine their ''heaven'' filled with activities they'd NEVER want to do here on earth...eternal hymn-singing, prayers, praise.....forever. Think on that one.


I’m having a hard time with this poll because it’s asking too many things to answer “yes” or “no.”

Do I care? Yes.
Do I believe? No.
Do I want to see my parents again? Well, they’re not dead yet. But when they do die I imagine I will have a longing to see them again.

kdmom Level 6 Aug 23, 2020

I'd like to see my father again, but lucid, not dementia-ridden. However I don't believe I will. Actually I'd like to see a lot of people again.


The afterlife is a ridiculous concept. Think about it; you live forever after you're dead. No, you don't. After you;re dead there is no more living. How do people not get that? It seems simple enough to me..


One has been more than enough so far, I would soon get fed up if there were two.


I've had experiences while on LSD that hint at an afterlife. But if my experiences were true, it would be egoless and disembodied. No family or friends involved. But I know this is far fetched and being gone completely doesn't worry me too much. Just to be free of pain would be enough.

I had an experience while on magic mushrooms where I perceived that my body was made of lots of different “people” (cells, neural networks, organs) who didn’t “think” the way I do (I like the way you put it, they have no ego) but still were busy carrying out their work to contribute to me as a whole. And I felt the same could be said about every component of the universe. It made me feel happy and peaceful. I like that the components of me will continue to contribute to the universe even after the body as a whole is gone.


There's nothing we can do about the truth.


The grave looks a lot better then it is from this side.
I'll get to the other side eventually, hopefully after I outlive my ex, she maintains a life insurance policy on me and I'll be damned if she'll make another penny off me.

Ex's, can't live with them, can't kill them.
I gave up my 401k just so I didn't have to pay my ex monthly.

@MissKathleen way long enough. I gave her the house and all its contents. I just needed out. Tired of being mentally and physically abused. Ended up in a mental hospital for a year. Even after being in the hospital, I tried, again, to make things work. She moved into my apartment and then after a few weeks she started the abuse and I was strong enough to say get out.
Let me just say this, since the divorce she has alienated two of the kids, who now won't talk to her. I even tried telling them that communication with their mom was something to be done - they told me to stay out of it or they wouldn't talk to me. The Unitarians, of all people, threw her out. She then got arrested for breaking their windows. I know what the law was, and I could have been better off, financially, splitting things and paying alimony.

@MissKathleen No, she cashed out everything and has nothing until her father dies - if he leaves her anything.


I have no proof that there is an afterlife. What I do know is that a NDE doesn't even come close to proving it one way or the other.


Yes I'd like to see lost relatives again, no I don't believe in an afterlife. Not sure which question you want me to answer?


Regardless of your religious beliefs we have no idea what if any "after" life is or would entail. Physicists believe our "souls" go into a subatomic level into the great galaxy.

That’s an interesting way of thinking of it. What are they defining as “soul”? I’ve heard people say your atoms never get destroyed, so in a way you never disappear completely. But this is the first time I’ve heard mention of a soul in that context.

@kdmom i couldn't find the exact article i read but did find this one

It is my firm belief that when you pass, you merely go to sleep forever. No angels, no gods, no colors, no black, no red or whatever the case. Eternal sleep

But, just as religions can NOT prove their God/s exist then neither can Physicists, etc, find either evidence or proof that 'soul' exist either.

@DaleGoldsberry Well, speaking both medically and somewhat scientifically, when ANY cell dies( expires) then it simply decays away into the atoms/molecules/elements from which it was made of at the beginning.
Ergo, it becomes re-cycled into nature and then becomes a part of something else such a nutrients for plants, fungi, worms, etc, etc, and so the cycle goes on and on again and again.
For example, A tree dies, it falls to the ground, its cell structures begin to decay and rot away, termites, fungi, etc, etc, begin to devour it as well until nothing remains of the tree BUT the elements that once were that tree are now re-cycled and re-used by other things to allow them to also live, grow, survive and reproduce, so it is with humans.
I, as both a Nurse in hospitals and a parent, have seen people die, even my own much beloved daughter, yet never ONCE have witnessed ANYTHING that can be remotely labeled as being a 'SOUL' depart from a dead/dying body.


surely skeletons and ashes do not "sleep forever"


There is no afterlife. Make good use of the life you have now.

As Jim Turner, who played Dr. Science from Duck's Breath comedy troupe said to me at a public lecture where he played his character, I asked him if there was life after death, and he said, "No, this is as good as it gets".


I would like to talk to people that I have known that have died. I miss them. But they don't exist any more. I get the attraction of belief in an afterlife, but as far as I know, once we die that's it. Those that remain just have to do their best and keep going.


To me "eternal" life is that our atoms and energy will return to the universe, taking other forms. I have not been presented with any reason to think that our consciousness survives our physical death; and I have no desire to have mine continue on.


I think because we know there's not an afterlife we have to really appreciate this one. Which means we care in that sense.


Not after I am dead.


You don't know 100% that there isn't. That is your belief! I do not believe in Heaven or Hell nor jesus or god. But who knows what happens to matter and energy when we die. One can't go by the old, "I was dead and they brought me back to life" thing. It has been surmised that the last thing to go is one's visual cortex... which would explain a lot. However... Not easily explained is when some come back they can describe things from different vantage points that they should not have been able to see. Who knows?


IF you really want to know if there is an 'After-life' the best place to find the answer would be, imo, the nearest Cemetery because those resting there would have ALL the answers.
But the best of luck in actually getting them to answer your questions though.

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