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LINK Bond set for Sebring man charged with murder in death of fetus | WYTV

I just wanted to drop in and leave Ya' All with a little news from The Middle before I go to the quarry and spend 12 hours free from the insanity ensuing now that I live amongst those that are going full Christian Sharia. 🙄

I'm thinking that it won't be too long and stoning will be an option here for the death penalty, given the Midwest's batshit fucking insane take on most everything.

Yes, this man is very likely a domestic abuser (or not, we are getting only one side of this story) but First Degree Murder?

My question? Did he tell her he was trying to kill that fetus? Did he indeed "intend" to kill the fetus? Did he even know there was a fetus in there? And so on. The reason these are my questions, is that this is law enforcement's narrative. The truth? We may never know. (There was a heartbeat, then there wasn't. There's no heart at ten weeks, folks. That doesn't happen for another 6 to eight weeks. This "death" was barely even a fetus, if indeed it was past the embryonic stage. And so on and so on.) 🙄

We are living in Saudi Arabia without the glitz and burkas over here in the middle. Stoning will soon become the campaign slogan that gets people to vote for these monsters. (I'm only a little kidding. That would go over BIGLY here. For real. It would be the end all be all. Get the public square ready. And people from all across this country would vacation just to witness that shit. I'm positive of that. ) #sadly


SeaGreenEyez 9 July 28

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proboy Level 3 July 30, 2022

Question, if an law enforcement attempts to arrest someone who is 8 weeks pregnant and causes a miscarriage / spontaneous abortion would law enforcement be charged with murder or would we have a new type of charge...murder by resisting arrest?

Sadly, it probably depends on the skin color of the fetus.

Law enforcement has a lot of procedures, yet there are still numerous accounts each week of procedural failures and/or acts which precede tragedy. Unfortunately comes down to how much money do you have, and do you know a good lawyer, which people of "color" are less likely to have of either.


A bit extreme here. 8 weeks pregnant and you get beat up, then a fetal heartbeat is no longer present. I'm sure the one doing the assault needs punished but I ask who (and why) is the woman checked for a fetal heartbeat. At 8 weeks the fetus is simply attempting to survive and in no way resembles a human being. This could have also of been in a petri dish. The man involved here must have really of been a bad mofo for things to go this far. Yes, he needs punished and under new laws it can be this bad. Extremely unjust if he gets 25 to life.


If there's any bright side to this hot, steaming mess of religitardism it's that there will be a major uptick in the demand for stones so things at the quarry will be looking up as well. 😉


"Never mind the medical facts, kill him regardless."

That's too easy. He is an abuser and should have to suffer. Abusers are not happy people so killing him would negate that and let him off the hook.

@Betty I think the killing of Timothy McVeigh was a mistake.

@anglophone I think killing anyone is a mistake. To me that is not making them pay for the crimes they commit.

@anglophone In his case he should have been put in solitary confinement for the rest of his life.

@Betty I can see the attraction of vengeance. You might wish to go so far as total sensory deprivation for the rest of his life. I also wonder what society can do to reduce behaviour such as his. Might it have been possible to turn his mind around and then have him dissuade those who are of his then erstwhile inclination?

@anglophone Behaviour traits in childhood could possibly give clues and they would need to act upon those clues at the time. As an adult, there was no changing him.

Jesus, this just took a hard 180 from the tone of the OP.



Burkas make the best camouflage, when the shit hits the fan guns will arrive.


I have said, for years, that Evangelical Christians are the American Taliban. This becomes more obvious by the day.


So Evangelistan?

I am so going to steal that word!


Unfortunately you are so right. Back in the day, public hangings and lynchings were festive events and people even brought their kids to it. I live in Iowa, so that qualifies just as much for the middle of flyover country. Most people have not changed that much since those old days of public executions, at least not the ones that vote Repub. No wonder the series of Purge movies even came to include foreign tourists coming to America to participate in the night of purging where they could get away with murder and all other crimes that were still illegal in their own countries.

That seems to be where we are heading, a dystopian future that is a mix of The Handmaid's Tale and the Purge movies. But as far as I'm concerned, when it's getting close, I will buy and learn to shoot my gun, so I can kill some of these pricks as they come to get me, as I doubt we will get any protection from the cops or the military. And if my side somehow decides to organize and fight them in the streets, I am up for that too.., but I really doubt they will. We will be on our own as individuals, as most libs are content to keep their heads in the sand as to what's coming, and will just smugly assume they will be ok because of their comfortable finances.... they obviously haven't watched the Purge movies, where armed mobs come and break into the buildings and homes of whoever they want to kill. Even gated communities will not be safe from militias going hunting libs, even well off ones... They will only be safe if they arm themselves or hire bodyguards, unless they decide to just flee their homes and communities permanently. My guess is that libs with the money will just flee the country and emigrate somewhere else.

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