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Does anyone believe in love at first sight? Or do you believe people should become acquainted and gradually become close?

SKH78 8 Dec 16
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I believe in chemistry at first sight, but actual love is a much more complex emotion that cannot be experienced at a glance.

Amzungu Level 7 Dec 16, 2018


If our eyes are fully open we CAN KNOW if love bonding commences or is tentative while rejection must be respected and withdrawing from the scene the best ongoing response


How can one love someone they don't know? Neurohormones are at the root of "love at first sight" deactivating neural networks associated with critical assessment and negative emotions (faults are overlooked or unnoticeable during the initial stages of romance).

Marry me? ??

Describing neural pathways of eyes ears nose of an encounter with a potential mate does NOT DEFINE LOVE

Love is the gift of self, personality, chemistry, adornments, nesting territory and social assumptions. ...give to another with all that is an instant choice, delayed choice, compromise choice or outright rejection choice in the case of: HATE @ FIRST SIGHT

@hippydog I asked her first... plus I over rank you... (wink)

@GreenAtheist I get BS from evangelicals all the time --- total strangers telling me they love me.


@VictoriaNotes takes all kinds to sample the seekers. ....sorry these fucked up xians declare ownership of your ovaries to birth canal. ....DOZENS of states REQUIRE RAPIST visitation rights should an impregnated woman choose to carry a blastocyte embryo and fetus to term

@VictoriaNotes I call them all tampon terrorists who would force all women to stay pregnant preventing menstruation of a 6 day old fertilized egg

@Lukian lol

@Lukian, @GreenAtheist I am surprised they don't jail women for failing to have children at all. I know some of them would love to forcibly impregnate women.

@Lukian, @GreenAtheist Well said.

@SKH78 I can't see the comments from GreenAtheist because he has blocked me.


Both. Chemistry and attraction can be instant, but it’s takes time to develop the trust and vulnerability a good relationship requires.

UUNJ Level 8 Dec 16, 2018

We are ALWAYS vulnerable as our fragility in intimacy should never be "developed" but instead ADMITTED as for trust, that too is an instant risk continuously tested and proven worthy of repitition

@GreenAtheist I disagree. One can be in a relationship and maintain walls to protect one’s heart.

@UUNJ that kind of conditional provisional incremental intimacy may be a common woman's intention but an honorable man like me wants to be needed, wants to be protective without possessiveness. .....the metaphor of walls is just too weaponized from Mexico to Beacon Street both left and right, gay&straight, progressive and conservative

@GreenAtheist potato, potahto. We can each use terms that make sense to us. When I’m in a relationship that feels right and good, I can feel my emotional walls crumble.

@UUNJ I am sorry I misunderstand your purposed post. ....surely in our hostile dishonest patriarchal society, women would in many lifestyles NEED the sense of walls/strong emotional boundaries of non-disclosure and safe distance message to others: " respect my internal emotional space"......please forgive me operating upon the same words for my lifelong commitment to transparency and public political personality modeling........with TrumpOLINI modeling "pussy grabbing" with 1st Lady Melania tacit approval we have 2 women enabling 2 President's sexual predator behavior leading back to Arkansas Attourney General law enforcement ethical betrayals

May you negotiate the relationship details precisely as your pal agrees


Infatuation at First Sight maybe, but not love. That takes time to develop.

Taladad Level 8 Dec 16, 2018

I saw the chemistry at first sight and developed love after becoming acquainted.

Close enough works in love, horse shoes and hand grenades AS THEY SAY y'all


It might be perceived as love at first and develop , but most often its a strong attraction with a lot of hope for love


actually before I answer, I will apply a little math: everytime one is attracted to a person they just met, two simple outcomes can happen:
A- the couple continues on happily ever after = love at first sight
B- the couple doesn't make it = no love at first sight

so 50% of the above scenarios is considered love at first sight but in real life what are the chances A happens over B? probably much less than 50%.

Most couples grow their love over time and most often it's because of the initial spark. So yes love at first sight does exist but it's not that initial feeling that makes a couple last.

Lukian Level 8 Dec 17, 2018

Love at first sight, to me, is a recipe for disaster and I have been there. People absolutely must take the time to know another and the older and more experienced one gets the more important that is.

JackPedigo Level 9 Dec 16, 2018

To many factors. Tough to catorgize


Yes if Passion and love come so fast at 1st sight yes. I have been with her for so many years.


i'm on same page -- infatuation at first glance but love requires knowing the person

TheDoubter Level 8 Dec 16, 2018

A person can have the feeling of love at first sight but that would be basing it on appearance alone. They can be in love by the sight of them but might not love them if they start to get to know them. Kinda like fans of celebrities. They love them til they get into some bad trouble. Some will still defend them no matter what.


Yes. You can have "love at first sight" which over time turns into a lasting romantic relationship. I have found this to be rare and out is much better to take things as they come and not rush into anything "permanent"

Nukdookum Level 8 Dec 17, 2018

Love at first sight won’t last if it doesn’t meet your expectations behind that. If you don’t have expectations I don’t know where your getting enough info to call it love? It may be curiosity, infatuation, attraction and hope ...but love? I prefer to save that term for someone I like more every day.. If you get actual feelings of love at first sight I’d be sorry for you because the pain of not getting what you want will feel real even if it’s not warented.



hippydog Level 8 Dec 16, 2018

"Love at first sight" is popular candy, but little else...


What Amzungu said.

Sticks48 Level 9 Dec 16, 2018

I walk in doors @ first sight, no need to believe in doors, get acquainted with doors, learn the history of is prepositional. ...people can have beliefs about real things but " believe in " is non-sequitur. ...syntax ERROR. ....I HAVE zero beliefs about the gibberish sounds gawd gott gods in any language all are NON-words = gibberish. ...pseudo-refetents without objects


I think "love at first sight" exists in a broader sense than most. Romantically, sure, you can be thunderstruck by someone but more often is a subtle inclination you don't even realize is love till later when it's grown to fruition.

VeeGeeII Level 3 Dec 17, 2018

I don't believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in like and lust. You can be very much physically attracted to someone and/or "click" with them when you first meet them, but it takes time to form a deeper connection, and I don't think you can truly love someone unless you get to know them better. First sight is a start, but that's all it is unless both people want to explore more. At least that's been my experience.

bleurowz Level 8 Dec 17, 2018

I'm always sad looking back at all the women who chose me for lust. I prefer one choice FIRST SIGHT for who I am not how I dance or diddle. ...I wished a cheerleader or synchronized swim team woman would have chosen me for how our babies would look growing up

That's why I played football not because I like choreographed violence I wanted a cheerleader to love me not the other players who bragged about fucking them not loving them


It takes 2 on that page for instant love to last....most animals that mate for life mate the day they met.....I have seen the light of love in every soul but like the old slave song, some hide their light under a bushel.....for love to last she must let her light shine on her lover illuminating the way to their mutual joy. ....if she only wants to fuck, boys are only too happy to oblige. .....real men can only beam their hope for a mate, build our bowers with baubles twigs yarn straw clovers daisies and spread our peacock feathers. ....only she can decide for a day or a life......getting acquainted is never gradual. ....only delayed denied or INSTANT. .......VAL KILMER was married to Mira Sorvino the repeated moments of FIRST SIGHT movie. ...his massage soothing voice and raindrops on an old tin roof inspired her to worship 2 twin trees themselves and marriage in architecture her Manhattan top profession


Love @ First Sight is our birthright just as is our Atheism. ....all else is learned behaviours

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