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We had nothing in common.

MissKathleen 9 Sep 9
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All of US .

GEGR Level 7 Nov 13, 2019

I was always looking for that "soulmate". After many relationships (some lasting 6 months...some 6 years)...I am finally of the opinion that each person long or short term has been a bit of a lesson. Some taught me about the "crazy" in others...some about the "crazy" in me. Ultimately after a little time off...with the help of Neile Donald Walsch...I now understand that relationships are a way for us to understand and experience ourselves. It is crazy but if you really think about it...we spend all our time trying to know how the other person is feeling, what they are wanting/needing and it is really impossible for us to completely understand these things even with great communication...but when 2 people use a relationship to help them better understand themselves...both gain better understanding of who they are and what they need to learn from the other. This takes the stress off of the other person and the relationship when the act of sharing and leaning from each other helps you both to grow and both to satisfy what we truly want/ know ourselves better with the help of that special "soulmate".

Now a question to ponder: (outside of raising children)....does a relationship have to be lifetime to be valuable? Not saying we should have a term in mind or rush from one relationship to another...but once you and/or your partner have learned within your time of sharing what you both were seeking to experience from each other...should you continue onward in the familiar or may there be other lessons that can only be taught by others? Many of you know what point I am referring to...

warlord13 Level 5 Sep 12, 2019

It’s an interesting thought. People evolve, sometimes in different directions. It isn’t realistic to believe there is only one “the one”. But sometimes people choose to work at evolving together. Those are the lasting, loving relationships most seek.


I learned about narcissism late in the game.

BitFlipper Level 8 Sep 10, 2019

They are so good at hiding it. Mine was Bi-polar, too. Lived through it. Never going back.

mollygirl Level 5 Sep 10, 2019

I wasn't looking for a soulmate but already knew a fair bit about NPD from a fam member and was kicking myself for not being able to spot a subtler, nicer type of narc :/

lucky for me we only dated 4 months before I kicked him to the curb... it could have been MUCH worse!


I cringe as soon as some douche utters "soul mate" . Give me a Damned Break !

GEGR Level 7 Sep 10, 2019

Soulmates are nearly impossible to find, but really close friends can be wonderful

Sometimes, they won’t stay in the friend zone.

@MissKathleen sometimes! 😂



hippydog Level 8 Sep 9, 2019

I have all the degrees and still no soulmate 🙁


i was spared that. still looking for a new soulmate


Oh my goodness, yes. I even gave one another chance, only to be proven I was right the first time!


Not me

RoyMillar Level 8 Sep 9, 2019
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