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The reason we do see god is because he lives in a black hole. We just now have been able to get the first pictures of where he lives. As technology improves we might get to actually see him. As a black hole in our universe he will pull in all matter. Once that happens the black hole will be unstable and explode in a Big Bang sending matter every where. And in 7 god days life will be created.

Jk1960 7 Apr 11

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I Laughed.

Isn't this just one step further along from gods living atop Mount Olympus?

He moved

@Jk1960 Indeed. God moves in mysterious ways...


Oh, that's not god it's a timelord named Omega the third doctor ran into him back in the sixties ?


I'll have some of what you're taking, please.....


God’s gonna be like, “Oh shit, they found me. I shouldn’t have given them science.”

Jamar Level 4 Apr 12, 2019

Lmao hilarious! along with the comments underneath this post ?


Lmao ? that made my evening!!! Lol


What if...?


How do you know this “god” is a he, is it going to be a clear photograph of his penis?

He's got to have an enormous dick considering how he impregnated Mary all the way from the heavens.

@snifflz Maybe “he’s” a good shot.


I'm gonna need a lot more evidence before I can subscribe to that theory... Like, A LOT more.


And his pet fairies, and angels, and the creature from the black lagoon... All one big black hole family.


When did we see god? I'm sure that would have made at least 1 news cycle.

1of5 Level 8 Apr 11, 2019

"As technology improves we might get to actually see him."

How original. ??


I have a few questions.

- How long is a "god day?"

- Can a "god day" also be a measure of distance as well as time like a light year?

- If so, how far can god travel over the course of a "god day" based on the "speed of god?"

- If there's a ""god day" then I assume there's a "god week," a "god month," and a "god year." Why does an eternal being need his own personal measure of time? I don't live my life based on "Spanky time."

Please respond within one standard (not god) day.

Quantum physics and several other physics allows god move instantly god day is really long and with how fast god works a lot of shit gets done


So, does each god get their own designated black hole?

29 each

Don’t we all have our own black hole?

@OtherPatrick sorry each god gets 29 black holes


Galileo may have had more about this, but he feared for the stake and so he put his daughter in a convent and wrote everything in the abstract. Joel Olsteen and Billy Graham Jr. are not even close to talking their way out of this one or climate change debates. Not a very profitable subject on their end or any other religious organization for that matter.


hmm. i know the definition of joke. i think the word "funny" figures into it somewhere. not here, though.



Blah blah blah ... Blah blah


Is that you, @Antifred?

@Antifred Not in the literal sense.


Yes, that makes perfect sense.



You've got be kidding, " God lives in a Black Hole," but we can't actually see Black Holes, just like God we can only IMAGINE what they MAY look like and since there's NO proof nor evidence that God ever existed or even exists then how one merely postulate that god resides anywhere.

Well I was in a black hole and felt like god

@Jk1960 Yeah right, now pull the other leg it plays Jingle Bells.

@Jk1960 I hope you were wearing protection because if not you may have contracted god AIDS


Hope God is a she!

zesty Level 7 Apr 11, 2019

That would explain a lot.

Ariana Grande thinks so lol


As good an explanation as any. Personally I prefer the Big Sneeze:

Many races believe that the creation of the Universe involved some sort of God, though the Jatravartid people of Viltvodle VI believe that the entire Universe was in fact sneezed out of the nose of a being known as the Great Green Arkleseizure. The Jatravartids live in perpetual fear of the time they call "the Coming of the Great White Handkerchief," somewhat similar to the Apocalypse. -- Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Love that book, that whole trilogy in fact.


Sounds religious to me..


I don't "see god" in anything, ever.
There is no "god" on the other side of any black hole.


That’s some terrible science fiction.

Grammar: A-
Vocabulary: B+
Science: F-

Oh - I deserve more credit in science. Did you think I’d type the math into this site?

@Jk1960 Well, the notions of seeing into a black hole and it devouring all matter seems a bit off.

@indirect76 lol

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