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OK. How many people come to this site to find a partner? A kindred atheistic spirit? Frustrated with dating sites crowded with choices of people who hold religion in high regard? They reject you automatically, don't they? An atheist! They must be a communist or something.
On this site, honestly, the chances of meeting someone within driving distance is slim. We are from all over the globe.
Now, I have to take a bit of my own advise! I have come away from dating sites, sorely disappointed. AFter a considerable amount of time on two sites, POF and OKCupid, I came away feeling hope for a partner frustrated. I was not a good fit. At least, on this site the folks are articulate writers and thinkers, who might possibly appreciate an intelligent woman.
But, I did not come here with this intention in mind. I was curious to see what others believed. But, now, the opportunity presents itself, slightly. Within 200 miles is OK with me!

theatreskill 5 Aug 5

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I had just hoped to find someone nearby to have dinner with once, maybe twice a month. Ended up finding a partner, did the whole LDR thing (which neither of us wanted), moved 1500 miles to be with her, then we moved back up to my place. Currently house shopping in the area we both want to relocate too.

So my expectations were wildly exceeded. πŸ™‚

1of5 Level 8 Aug 5, 2019

Then why does your profile say you're still open to meeting women? You might want to change that before she takes notice. Just a word to the wise.

@Sgt_Spanky my profile says open relationship and I am open to meeting women but am very, very picky.

@daylily thanks. A few couples did try starting groups, but the posts were mainly "we're happy" so they were a bit dull.

Have you used the Zillow app for your phone and the website on your computer? There's quite a bit you can select for options,in them

@Mike1947 the area were looking in has a hot market right now and Zillow doesn't remove houses that have sold immediately, so 80% + of the listings there aren't available.

Currently using and a feed from our real estate agents service. We're taking our time, no rush at this point.


Nope. I'm just here for the donuts.

Wait. What donuts?

There's donuts?

@BufftonBeotch You need the secret code.

@graceylou are they Tim Horton's? Tell me they are Tim Hortons! I am only Level 4.5, what level do you get the donut code?

@Canyonrunner I’m not sure but they are unholy. What level? You will just know when you get there.


I met mine here! We live about 2000 miles away from one another but we work on all parts! We started out as just friends never thinking it would go farther than that because of the distance. So far it's been awesome! I just got back from visiting him last week and I miss him terribly but we have video chat and time

Good for u wishes for his visit 2 u soon

@GreenAtheist He visited me back in June, he met my kid's and my mom!

@MichelleGar1 I am always happy when love grows merging new people into expanding your trips far in advance to save money for flowers and gifts

@GreenAtheist That's what we do, the gifts are just spending time together!


I am new here and there are only 6 other people from the same country, but as pointed by others there are a lot of interesting topics brought up and readings to do here. So, even without the dating part I am still here to stay πŸ™‚
Also I believe others here will agree with me that intelligent people are awesome! Don't hide your intelligence by fear of not being accepted!


I originally joined for both thoughtful discussions and the possibility of finding a romantic partner. Sounded perfect to me!

Only took a few weeks to discover that geographically romance wasn't going to be an option, and I also discovered that I'd rather have someone like me for my mind and thoughts rather than just physical attraction anyway.

I'm good with just popping in when I want to learn, share, and interact, but remain on my own otherwise. I'm so glad some folks have found a real life partner though! πŸ™‚

Well said. Exactly!


I really like this community (thoughtful topics & intelligent, engaging people), but the membership still seems quite small. I've tried promoting the site on the Atheist Republic FB private group (80K members: two joined) and Reddit /r/atheism (1.2M members: downvoted for "spamming" and no one joined). I'm open to trying again if anyone has suggestions. Maybe the site needs to advertise?

If I joined that facebook group would my FB friends be able to see I am a member? I do a lot of business with Christians and I live in a very rural religiously zealot type area.

@misstuffy That's a good question. I thought you could control whether people can see your group membership in the privacy settings, but you can't. I know that people outside the group (it's Closed) can't see your postings (or likes, what have you) in the group.


I just enjoy reading posts and talking to like minded people on here. I am surrounded by Christians because I am a farmer in a very rural area full of churches and fundamentalist homeschooling quiverful neighbors. I do not fit in here and after nearly years I want to leave this place in the worst way!


New people are joining all the time.

Maybe so, but no women my age have joined in my area for the last two years, so I have little hope of finding anyone less than hundreds of miles away, if even that.....

@TomMcGiverin we can try standing on a street corner holding up a sign " "

@hippydog I mentioned info about the site to a local atheists and freethinkers group that had a booth at the local gay pride parade this summer and encouraged them to join here, but as far as I can tell no women my age joined. Plus, I know from a male friend already in that group that very few women ever come to their meetings and the ones that do are already coupled.


Youre in the right age group. This site is harder for people born after 1980 or so

You aren't lying!

why after 1980? I should think the younger folks would have an easier time of it than old folks like me circa 1961


Here to find friends, like-minded people (which helps me keep my sanity, while living in a southern state), and if I found a life-mate I wouldn't complain... but I don't expect it.
I'm on pof & okc as well; I put in my profile that I'm an Atheist (it's there 3 different places, actually) - but I still get asst believers messaging me more often than not and have to continuously cull the herd.


I share your frustration. I’ve added a couple of lines to my bio on dating sites to discourage both religious and 45 supporters. I guess in most cases they are both. That helps to stop them from reaching out to me but there’s still the issue of me reaching out to someone that catches my attention that doesn’t make it apparent that they are very religious. In my case I could probably be alright with someone that needs God in their life if they were okay with me not participating. A 45 supporter on the other hand would be a bridge too far.

Don't trust an xian....the more you tell them no the more violent they get


I'm mainly here for the humor. Some of the memes are totally hysterical!! But, if I happen to meet someone along the way, well, so much the better.


I came here for conversation. If it leads to something more, great. If it doesn't, that's ok too. I still get good conversation.


Actually, I have the opposite problem the christians and religious men will not leave me the fck alone! Even when I put it in my profile or tagline that I won't date men with different values including religious men. I came to this site because my fbook and other social media feed is full of christians and religious people and I missed having a sense of community (ONE of the benefits of having been religious) so googled around for a new community. Since the atheist/agnostic fbook groups were filled with bigots or sexists with juvenile behaviour posting constant porn pics, I decided to give a forum a try. And it was a good choice as this site has more mature and sophisticated and intelligent people here. πŸ˜€


Nah, I joined because I live in the Midwest and even finding friends who have some of the same idealogies as me can be such a struggle. Nevermind that I'm already a minority. I usually end up p being a minority within minorities. I love being around like-minded people and thoughtful discussions.

I don't think I would ever personally use this site for dating.

It is a shame that our society makes it difficult for a thoughtful woman of color to feel completely accepted and respected. Instead she is subjected to isolation because she is interested in truth and social justice. It is these very things that make you a minority in a minority that society should value. We have so far to go. But i am hopeful that we will keep going until we change hearts and minds! Thank you for your honest post!

Why not? Have a date with me and you will change your mind.

@Arizonajerry No, but thanks.


I agree that dating sites can drive one mad ! However, it's usually me turning away the "born agains", and others to whom religion is "very important", than vice versa.

I have met a couple folks from here . But of course having no gods, does not guarantee a match - though the conversation usually works far better.

Then there's a few out of state, and out of the country, that I'd love to meet ...

Knowing that I have no desire to leave where I am limits me that way, as it does many. <sigh>

And a couple, who shall remain unnamed, that I'd like to spend a night with ... ha !


Good luck!


No other site that I know of lets you post pics and a bio, lets you communicate freely - for free. POF allows that to a limited extent; but has many options to buy in to...Agnostic doesn't. The questions within your profile let you set your range of tastes and distances. This site is growing...and I've already met one woman who took the time to drive many miles to meet I think it's head and shoulders above the rest...


Okcupid, tinder and POF here. I know I'm not the best looking guy in the world but it seems to me that of the five or so people I manage to get the attention of on each site, maybe one of them will be able to carry on an intelligent conversation. It's even more irritating that I either run them off when they find out I'm an atheist, (thanks for living in OK) or they decide to ask me if I want to come over and get high or drunk. I've been a single dad for too long I guess but I don't see any value in weed or alcohol since I make my living with a CDL. I'd be happy just to make some friends here.


I share your frustration with OKCupid. I enjoy the (usually) thoughtful discussions and just connecting with people takes away some of the dating pressure.

CS60 Level 7 Aug 7, 2019

I joined for the exchange of ideas stayed with hope of finding a real partner free free thinkers the women are independent and awesome just not many close to me but worth it


Most 'Dating Sites' are about as useful as a chocolate Teapot, I came here for the Atheist/Agnostic reasons because I AM an Atheist.


I would like to find a companion but dating sites are useless. Was on several only to be frustrated by con artists and crazy old grumpy men. Unfortunately I have not even filled out my profile completely due to apathy. A kindred spirit to enjoy time with would be lovely but won't hold my breath. No local atheists to hang out with that I have found.

The last 2 high profile closet Atheists to pass by Sartell were Garrison Keillor and Al Franken....maybe one million Atheists are out of the closet now but 25% of all Americans could be Atheists known to each other 80 million strong in all age's not happening for fear of losing our jobs or hurting grandma feelings ?....the world is full of religious violence but USA spends trillions to kill for oil and zion.....if John Lennon were alive today IMAGINE if we gave peace a chance and no hell below us above us only sky NO DRONES except to deliver pizza

@GreenAtheist I never told my Christian mother, father or grandparents I was an atheist and in fact, believed I was the only one in my family. Considering Dad came from a Mennonite family I just kept this to myself. Only a fear years ago I learned one brother and a nephew are both atheists too. My nephews Christian brothers are both in prison doing 25 years for a lifetime of crime while the Atheist nephew is an upstanding family man with a wife and two kids.

@misstuffy par for the course geebush jeehobah ghostholes forgives the felons and burns all us Atheists in hell forever telling the truth zero alleged baby gawds were ever born to an alleged vaginal virgin in a dirty donkey stable


Would be nice but distance is a major factor. As well as other country’s. A few here will be lucky to meet some one close enough they can make something work. But most of us if we are lucky enough to find someone that has the same weirdness in a good way that you may get s chance to visit for a short while and develop a life long friendship

Distance can be overcome. It's a pain in the ass and adds another layer of difficulty to an already difficult thing, but IMO blaming distance for not trying is giving up before giving the relationship a chance to fail for the innumerable reasons it probably will fail for anyways. πŸ˜‰


I post my bio once in a while. Still waiting.

If you decide to examine and prod my body and soul and if we are a match only heaven can orchestrate, you can next take a test ride and you may decide that I am a keeper. You will discover the following benefits: Γ‚ Companion that will protect you, cherish you and support you as a husband would but with all the freedoms an unattached person would enjoy. The companion you can present, converse with and take comfort from. A great travel partner. Shared life is much better than hoofing on this planet alone.

Born in Europe, I am fit, quality, omnisexual senior. Aware of our mortality and limited time we have I want to experience everything "Yesterday". I will not play games, waste your time, introduce drama or being other than 100% real and truthful. I use Skype for "show and tell". This eliminates being misled by old pictures and fallacious descriptions regarding one's ability or appearance. I will lick myself out of possible predicaments. As a polyamorous person with an unrestricted hall path, anything and everything is possible "today", and "tomorrow" can be planed with some certainty. I expect that in this dangerous world you want to know everything about me and I want to know the same about you.

I am in the wisdom age. A healthy amount of suspicion is warranted from both sides, but life is a risk and unless you take risks you will lose. Let's help each other. I try to make this a better world, one orgasm at a time. My interests are travel and sex, in any order. And I already mentioned that time is of the essence. I live in Tucson Arizona and Windsor Ontario. We can meet and originate in my home, but continuing to play unwrapped has to be scheduled for another place. If you also cannot entertain at home we can visit some of the area sex clubs for our initial "get acquainted" meeting.

I am taking 2 or 3 cruises a year and taking an opportunity of my timeshares driving or flying to the destination. I do not expect anyone to pay my way nor do I support anyone. I am retired and I expect that you are also. We carefully plan the budget designed for the income for a retired person. By pooling resources, we spread the fixed expenses so that our vacation gives us the most bang for the buck. I do not waste time in restaurants, bars or dance halls. I try to devote all of the time away not spent resting to exploration, education, admiration of nature. Beside the cruises and resorts, I love to visit the national parks, museums, zoos, points of interests and when weather permits to camp on the way in the nudist parks. I am always willing to join your trip. I am very tolerant and flexible.

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