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Should the USA try to keep Muslims out of their country?

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Grecio 7 Nov 24

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Seems to me that there isn’t much difference in the behaviors of all organized religions. Most are intent on foisting their beliefs on others, as if to absolve them of having to hold themselves accountable. To my view.

@JohnnyQB Iraq wasn't that way until we invaded and give power back to the religious.

@JohnnyQB Iran wasn't that way until we over threw the secular socialist government in 1953 which led to an Islamic reaction that took effect in 1979.

@JohnnyQB Saudi Arabia is the way it is because we support those Islamic fanatics in order to have control of the oil.

@JohnnyQB Syria's igovernment under Assad is a secular government where women have rights. We are supporting the Islamic fanatics trying to overthrow it.

@JohnnyQB The general point is this . Yes Islamic fanaticism is a problem. But it became a major problem because the West uses it in order to maintain imperialist control in Muslim countries. So if, like me, you don't like Islamic fanaticism, you have to oppose the Western imperialism that causes it to grow

@JohnnyQB You haven't refuted anything I said with historical facts. Instead you're ignoring Western abuses in order to condemn those of another culture. You're proving yourself to be a racist by being culturally prejudiced by asserting some sort of Western moral superiority.

@JohnnyQB If you were to try reading what I actually said. I also condemn Islamic fanaticism. However , it is racist to do that while ignoring the Western abuses that promotes Islamic fanaticism in order to exploit people in Muslim countries. Your denial of Western imperialism is what proves you to be a racist.

@JohnnyQB Sorry but the only difference is by degrees.

@Krish55 history is hard for xenophobic nationalists like him.... he laughs off the facts of Iraq and Iran historically not being such oppressive Islamic nations, because it gets in the way of his alt-right agenda and thinking is hard... we should pity him and try to ignore his ilk.

@JohnnyQB So discussing the history of a nation, before it was engrossed by religious nutfuckery, is akin to defending a religious ideology? Well then, we can never discuss American history then! heh

@JohnnyQB reading comprehension your shitty public education did not teach you that.... so again So discussing the history of a nation, before it was engrossed by religious nutfuckery, is akin to defending a religious ideology?

@JohnnyQB you keep talking but you look like this to anyone that follows this thread...

@JohnnyQB Please just stop, this is an atheist and agnostic site, no one is defending religion, they are defending historical facts.
You are making yourself look a right tit, I'm sure you do not actually want to do that, unless of course you are a right tit and think it makes you king of the tits?


Why should we let those Islamic idiots in? They will never assimilate and will try to impose Sharia law if they are ever given the opportunity.

Unlike the biblical laws that our government are passing in each state and federal statutes. πŸ€”πŸ€”

Been watching too much Fox news have we?

You have not learned anything.

Trajan61 The Liberal atheists on this site with their ridiculous bleeding heart views on immigration are far more dangerous to this country than religious conservatives who I believe have more common sense on this matter

@tiredofthis1 That is exactly correct. People like AOC are in particularly very dangerous.

@tiredofthis1 I concur.


The danger here is their ideology ,In that they want to spread It to the U.S.They do not wish to assimilate but want to indoctrinate the weak minded outcasts and increase the followers of Islam.They set a bad example for our youth in their sexist treatment of woman .From Saudi Arabia to Egypt to Lebanon ,vicious anti Semitic and anti American propaganda is spewing forth from the preachers of hate : Muslim clerics,Muslim newspapers even government officials and this hatred has spread to the US.

Excellent comment


Don't be prejudice, ALL religions are fucked up.

1of5 Level 8 Nov 24, 2019

πŸ‘πŸ‘You said it.

I agree with you totally. However, three billion people on earth are religious. That is over half of the world's population.

@Grecio world's population is 7B+ and I'd be flat stunned if non believers totaled a billion


Most definitely YES The extremists are a fast growing disease and a threat to the U.S. .I want less religious fanaticism in this country .

I want less Xian interference on government & my life! They are on a "roll" right now......

I second that Rich.


Why would we let someone like our congresswoman Omar come to the US. She’s intent on changing this country and I guarantee it won’t be for the better.

How do you know?

What exactly has Omar done that offends you? She has never lied, she wasn't being anti-Semitic with her remarks, she was candid about her statements involving super pacs, so what is bothering you the most about Omar?

We let Fred Trump in didn't we? Doesn't get much worse than that.

I agree with you Trajan61. She spews hatred for the Jews and Sharia Law. She is a traitor.

Where did the mean Omar lady hurt your manhood? Did you start the get a tingle when you saw a guy with his shirt off??

@aintmisbehaven If you like muslims so much why don’t you move to a Muslim country so you can have the full benefit from those looney idiots.

$10 million a day is what Israel gets in aid from the US. More than all other aid combined. They don't need it. They have free University, free healthcare (includes free abortions), and actual retirement. We find defense so they don't have to. Must be nice to get our tax dollars while we hope that we don't go bankrupt from and illness or injury and plan on working until we are dead because college and other opportunities were out of our reach.

@Trajan61 These atheists non believers or whatever they claim they are, that voted no are idiots .Why would people that are supposed to be against indoctrination,religion etc be In favor of having more of these Muslim loons who may be extremists or Intend to be in this regard be allowed in this Country .it is sort of a contradiction .But these people with their pathetic liberal reasoning really don’t surprise me .

@godlessguy No they don’t really surprise me either as a lot of them are quite looney. Thankfully they are not running the country. Not yet anyway. If people like Talibe, Omar and AOC ever start running this country we will have a civil war before long.

@godlessguy Well said.

@godlessguy, @Trajan61 Well said.

@Trajan61 All these NaΓ―ve Imbeciles who want more of this scum to pollute this country ,they do not have the common sense to realize that no matter how friendly they may appear that any body that is not of their religion are just Infidels to them .

@godlessguy @Trajan61 People are so naive. Of course there had to be a few knuckleheads putting their two cents in. I agree with you Trajan. No sense in talking to folks like that.


Yes .Keep these archaic KORAN TRASH reading woman abusing religious Imbeciles,who look Disparagingly at us and claim we are nothing but infidels out of my country

Could not agree more .They do not respect any ideology but their own .

@richieg. Instead of how open-minded You are???!


I voted yes because I don’t think we need radical Islamic idiots like Omar and Rashida Talibe in the US Congress.

@Trajan61 What is ironic is that these mostly liberal minded atheists are more in favor of an influx of radical deluded Islamic fools in this country than conservative religious people who mostly think otherwise .This proves what Dr Michael Savage and others state that liberalism is a mental disorder.

@HarrySlick I read that book he wrote .And I agree with him

@HarrySlick Couldn't agree with you more on that.


Voted YES..As a non believer I would like to see a decline in religion and indoctrination in the U.S.not an Increase.Muslims are less tolerant to other religious groups and nonbelievers than other religions are .I look negatively on all religions and do not favor one over the other .They are all archaic and close minded and detrimental to society some more than others as is the case with the beliefs of Islam.

I'm with you on that.


Yes .The beliefs of Islam is a disease that must be eradicated.They have the intentions to indoctrinate weak minded citizens of this country like they have done many times in the past

Just like... every religion.

@bingst Yes just like all religions.They are all detrimental to mankind.The only difference is some are more sexist, homophobic,barbaric and controlling than others, but maybe you are an individual that embraces religion

@godlessguy Hah! Weak.

Ha You do not like the truth ha,

@bingst hah,weak stupid reply


Yes ,I despise all religious cults ,fanatics etc especially the ones with the potential of violence .As non believers the last thing we need is more religion in our lives, and this is the fastest growing religious following on the earth

granny Level 6 Nov 29, 2019

Well said, my friend.

Very well said.


Yes . As an atheist I desire freedom from religion so why would I vote to have an influx of religious fanatics invade my country especially ones that wish to spread their sexist evil ideology to every weak minded individual that they can .

Just like Evangelical Christians do? Maybe we should start getting rid of those? Oh, and keep them from sending missions to do likewise in other countries; if it's bad for foreigners to do it here, then it must be bad for Americans to do it in foreign countries?

@bingst Why do you people keep mentioning Christians and their ideology as being just as bad or worse as if one moronic religion legitimizes the other .I am against spreading all religions.


WTF? Why are you even asking the question?
What we really need is separation of church and state. Every religion has some radical wack job fanatics, that will try to impose their version of religion on the rest of us.

CS60 Level 7 Nov 24, 2019

Well put my friend. I have found recently, many Christians in this country do not believe in separation of church and state.

@Grecio People who are afraid reach for religion to validate their need for anger against "the other". You're demonstrating it in spades with the OP, and in your comments. OK Boomer....


only if we keep christians out too.

there are more radical christian sharia lovers here than their muslim equivalents. the latter tend to stay in sharia-ruled countries and eschew the west. be any of that as it may, the constitution clearly forbids such a religious test.


I don't see anything wrong with keeping anybody out that doesn't believe in the separation of church and state. However, I guess Americans are free to not believe in the separation of church and state. So, I guess one day the constitution could be changed to remove the SOCS clause.


The USA should like all other countries try and keep out criminals and fanatics, after all they have more than enough of there own.
If those evil bastards are Islamic, Buddhist, catholic, taoist or any thing else is completely irrelevant to the question.

"The USA should like all other countries try and keep out criminals and fanatics"
Yeah, that's pretty much the way it's always worked.

@phoenixlives or not worked considering all the hate groups, gun violence and trump supporters


Ask the people of our First Nations.

Once Christians got a foothold, look at what happened to their country. The important thing to remember is that all of us are immigrants from somewhere at some time. Unless you were born in and are living in the cradle of human origins (somewhere in Africa), your family at some point moved to wherever you currently are. Perhaps it would be better to ask yourself if you should be kept out of wherever you are by someone who was there before you arrived.

As many have said, the American Indian had a poor immigration policy.

Following this thought to its natural extreme, one could ask, should those Nations move back across the Bering Straits to Asia? And everyone in Eurasia and the Americas go back where they came from?

Africa's going to be very crowded, if the Nativists get their way, since no group is "native" to where they are.

@Paul4747 -- That was the point behind the comment, my friend. No one on this planet except for those whose families can be traced all the way back the the human origin have any legitimate claim. The Earth is not to be owned, it is to be cared for, and oh my have we ever done a piss poor job of that.


The USA is meaningless if we keep people out due to religious affiliation. Obviously no known criminals or terrorists. Most of the "mass" shootings in the USA are done by disaffected white Christians / white supremacists. Fundamentalists of any religion are dangerous.


I am suspicious of the reasons for posting such a question... seems to be a bit WTF.... maybe perhaps because I am Canadian...

blzjz Level 7 Nov 24, 2019

Canada has the same problem.

@Grecio only in that it is a matter of degree....Canada is kilometers ahead of the US in this matter...


Do you realize that Sharia law is simply another term for Abrahanic law. So by your question we should keep out all Jews and Christians as well. Is that what you want?

Jews and Christians don't cut people's heads off.

@Grecio read a history book, or the bibly. Same people - same bullshit.

Let's talk Inquisition...

@phoenixlives hell there are modern day christian terrorists in the world... not sure if they are specifically cutting off heads but they are terrorists nonetheless. For example the Lord's Resistance Army is one in Africa. []


Unbelievable,Open your eyes people .They are being instructed in the Mosque not to assimilate .They are forcing Americans out of their businesses by buying strip malls and raising the rent dramatically so they can let their people in.No American flags anywhere

Excellent video to prove your point .

"Beirut by Night" is a Nightclub, you fools...muslims do not drink, so I doubt they are big customers.....


Of course, all Muslims are not bad people. However, if one reads the Koran and other Islamic literature, there seems to be a lot of "kill apostates". etc.. In addition, Muslims that immigrate to the USA don't seem to assimilate. They take over neighborhoods and towns. Look what is going on in Europe. The EU has allowed too much immigration and is beginning to send them back.
Given, the Christian Bible has horrible things in it, but modern Christians have abandoned most of those customs and beliefs. It seems that Islam hasn't moved into the future.


The stronger influence will be the vast majority of people are not Muslims. That will convert them by good sense or to Christains or non believers more than anything.

You mean like the N.Y. Jewish community, or Chinatown in various cities, or the Amish, or or or do?

Integration is a two way street, BT fucking W.

I don't feel Youtube is citable as a reliable source. That's one step away from

Firstly, it is bad form to answer your own post with a 1stcomment.
Secondly, the comment makes an assumption that in my experience is false. I cannot speak for all of Europe, only where I live, Yes we have a large Muslim community. Can they be rather exclusive? somewhat. But they do mingle just not in the usual way like bars etc. I have quite a few Muslim customers and many of them volunteer for things like the local cricket club and such. Then we have food shops. There have been posts about food poverty here. Places where you cannot buy fresh veg for miles around. Not so in my yard, I will post a video of one of the local shops that would not exist if not for the Muslims
Next (and again I can only speak for Liverpool) we had huge riots in the 80s. After that, the police stayed away from certain areas. Drug dealers moved in and they became "No-go areas" for the cops. Then the Muslims did something about it. Mostly Samarlli but also from Pakistan and Afganistan. They cleared the place of street dealers and prostitutes. (Not always by legal means) I am not saying that its crime-free but you can bring your kids up there now and people are buying new houses.
Last night I fancied a drink so I went across the street to the convenience store. Allan is in charge and although a Kurd and Muslim he is not strict in his worship. We shoot the breeze and swop jokes and then I barter for the best deal he can give me on some booze. Eventually settling for brandy at Β£14 a bottle. No big news, just local people getting on with the business of life.

anyone can post anything on youtube, excluding copyright violations (and those have to be caught). i can post something on youtube "proving" leprechauns exist, or that soupy sales was a vampire, or whatever.


Many so called modern Christians are hell bent on going back. Back to no education, no women’s rights, and creating fear and hate.

@genessa Soupy Sales was a vampire? The next thing you're going to tell me is Gilligan smokes pot!πŸ˜‹

Ooohhh, just like the babble, gawd wants "his people" to prevail. Yuck!

@273kelvin I disagree about the bad form. I answer 1st to try and help explain the question. What difference does it make as to the order that I give my answer? Why should I ask a question and then not give my opinion? I don't see the problem, personally.

@273kelvin Ask your friend if he believes in Sharia law. Ask him if he believes in the separation of church and state. Also, ask him if he believes terrorism is appropriate under certain conditions. Ask him if he thinks apostates should be killed. Thanks... ps. All that food looks really good.

@273kelvin, @Castlepaloma I think if you look around the world, that isn't happening. Muslims reproduce much quicker than native populations. Muslims have a huge religious drive to convert people to Islam. It's kinda like a jihad.

@AnneWimsey pot didn't grow well on the island. Poppies they had.


@Grecio I don't really have to ask him those things. Like most Muslims in my country, they traveled here to get away from that kind of shite. Plus I know that he enjoys the occasional glass of white wine.
We do not have a separation of church and state in the UK. The queen is secular head of the church of England and bishops, chief rabi and some Muslim leaders are cross-bench members of the house of lords. (the upper house similar to your senate). We take the view that it is better to have them inside the tent... The only western country heading towards a fundamentalist religious church-state is yours I am afraid

@oldFloyd Remember that before Gilligan, Denver played a 'beatnik' on Dobie Gillis. It would be reasonable to infer that the Maynard character was a pot-smoking forerunner of 'hippie.'

@273kelvin Everything I see looks like England has the same problem with Muslim immigrants as the USA. England is starting to deport them and passing laws to limit the building of mosques.

@Grecio Where the fuck do you get your sources? Faux news or the KKK gazette?


Muslims in America believe it is OK to kill people that Insult Allah.


Well by that logic, Hitler was a white Catholic so because of what he said ALL White male catholics should be BANNED FROM THE COUNTRY, Mussolini was a nasty Italian so they all have to too, Mao ce tung had some really unpleasant ideas so close down all the Chinese restaurants and chuck them out.
OH YES and Benedict Arnold that is the end of all the Americans then, Ned Kelly gets shot of the Aussies, and of course Emperor Hirohito so deport the Japanese.
Keep going until there is just the Queen left, Oh NO German, well that's it the country is empty.


Nobody in the USA that speaks against Christianity gets declared an apostate and has his/her head chopped of or gets stoned to death. Do you see the point. Islam is still in the dark ages.

Not all Moslems are literal extremists, just like Christians...thank god.πŸ˜‰

@Reignmond I agree. I am just saying, let's not add to the problem of religion by letting in a really bad ideology like Islam.

That difference exists because Christian countries don't get invaded and their societies is destroyed by the US and by Europeans.
In the post Yugoslavia wars, christians committed barbarities against each other and against muslims.
Furthermore, Christians in the American army commit barbarities in Afghanistan and Iraq…

Those atrocities didn't occur before Western countries invaded those lands. Your
selective use of facts prove you to be a racist. You're selective Cherry picking from history proves you to be a racist.

@Krish55 If thousands of immigrants are climbing over fences and breaking into a country unlawfully, is that an invasion? Take a look at Europe. They have let in 2,000,000-4,000,000 immigrants during the past few years. Most of these are immigrants from Islamic countries. Most of these immigrants speak only Arabic so they can't really work. They are building Mosques with money sent from Saudi Arabia. These mosques teach hate for the infidel. Europe is waking up now and has started deporting.

@Grecio pooh, look how we went quickly from "muslims" to "climbing over fences" Xenophobic.much?

@AnneWimsey Of course, you make a good point. There are Muslims in the USA military fighting for our country. All Muslims aren't bad. We just need a lot of the world to try and modernize Islam. You know one thing that would help is these religious folks to just not take their religion so seriously. They are so 110% sure about something for which there is very little evidence (Richard Dawkins)


America should not let ANY fundamentalist religious nutjobs into their country!

Now if only those natives had thought about this when the Mayflower landed?

Happy thanksgiving

Enjoy your turkey you smart agnostic.

@Grecio We don't thanksgiving in the UK. I had a curry and gave a little thank you that I did not hear Trump that day.


WTH kind of a question is that, in this day & age?!?! Is there something... scratch that, What is wrong with you?

This is the website where people ask questions and give opinions, right? If someone has a question, then they should ask it. I don't think anybody today would disagree that there is a problem with Muslim Sharia Law, and fear of it in this country. I am not saying to keep all Muslims out. I am just asking the question. There are millions in this country who would like to keep them out. Lots of people in this country don't want any foreigners because they don't look like white Americans. They don't look like us and , have different customs and beliefs. Quite simply, they aren't us.

@Grecio Are trying to say being a different skin tone, talking a different language and cooking different food makes them "OTHER" does that mean not human? Not People?
What are you saying? What reaction are you trying to provoke?

@Grecio uuummmm, you do know there us no such thing as "white", right? And my very real worry is the kind of laws that Evangelicals want to impose on us.

There are tools all over the internet, asking "questions" about things they know will stimulate conflict - asking questions whose answers are abundantly well known. Their goal is to create a safe place for HATE to flourish. That's what I think @Grecio is here for.

@BitFlipper sadly totally agree with you. Keeping an eye on him!

@LenHazell53 I am just saying that we like people that are like us. We can be friends with anybody, however so long as they don't want to cut our heads off, kill apostates, and murder their children for leaving Islam or for getting raped. Islam is a bad ideology. Islam needs to modernize.

@LenHazell53, @BitFlipper I disagree with you. I am seeking an answer to the poll question. I don't want any HATE. I believe that by discussing rationally, a solution might be found. I don't hate anyone, but I don't want to see this country fail due to bad immigration policies.

@LenHazell53, @BitFlipper, @AnneWimsey Hey, lighten up. I am not promoting HATE. I am seeking a solution to the problem. There is a solution to radical Muslim immigration. We just don't know what the solution is.

@LenHazell53, @BitFlipper, @AnneWimsey Well put. I guess we need an end to radicals of all kinds, maybe even radical atheists. Now agnostics are not radical, we are considered more like "on the fence", without courage or character". Our favorite quote is "If I don't know, then I say I don't know".

@Grecio you are implying concentration camps at best, and to say you are not promoting hate is BULLSHIT!

@Grecio "Now agnostics are not radical,"
Know them all do you?

My personal opinion of the claimant to agnosticism is akin to the purveyor of Pascal's Wager among believers.
A fence sitting, bet hedging, indecisive, part time when expedient Atheist/believer.

@LenHazell53 babble, much?

@LenHazell53, @Grecio your ASSumption of a "problem" is racist. Period!


So, what are we going to do, set up a registry requiring every Muslim to register? What about American born Muslims; will they be required to register also?

Speaking about radical religious nuts, should radical Christians be required to register on said registry? After all, studies have shown that it's the religious right that is causing the majority of the hate crimes.

Our country was built on diversity. Part of this diversity is the many religions. To restrict a religion based on fear is not only unwise, but will do nothing to quell the hate crimes we are experiencing. Besides, after deporting all the Muslims, what are you going to do when you realize that wasn't the cause?


@RobertMartin is that supposed to be a reply? There's no context.

@RobertMartin Here's a couple of links for your viewing pleasure.... []



@RobertMartin Oh, and "9-11" doesn't even answer the questions I asked. It just propagates the false notion that ALL Muslims are dangerous.

@phoenixlives how soon people forget.

@RobertMartin I think you forgot about the constitution. Our leaders are sworn to defend the constitution not any people. All discrimination is an attack on the Constitution.

@Casey07 and yet all kinds of discrimination has been occurring throughout the history of the United States.

You make good points.I don't think we would want Devil worshipers that do human sacrifices living in the USA. I say Islam ranks right up there with them. However, I guess there are some nice people that are members of Devil cults. I dunno.

@Casey07 When we were attacked by the Japanese in WWII we didn't say "Don't fight them because that would be discrimination by race or creed". Islam is invading this country by immigration.

@K9Kohle789 I look at it this way, Christians and Jews are not tolerated nor generally welcomed in most Muslim majority countries. Why it it ok for them to be religiously intolerant but not ok for everyone else?

@Grecio Good point

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