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My religious wife watches Christian movies and I hate it. Does this happen to anyone else, and what do you do about it?

SalC 6 May 5

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It is really not a problem unless she expects you to watch with her.

Those things are really awful.

I can handle well done movies and tales with a veiled message like the Narnia Chronicles and....well if anyone can think of another one? Chime in.

But things like "Left Behind" and "God is Not Dead" are full body shudder, cringe-gag awful.


Alternate - make her watch Life of Brian and so many others.


Go in another room and ignore it .My wife views plenty of tv shows that I do not like .This is the reason I have a tv in the den ,living room and bedroom .We only watch tv shows together that we both agree on .Very few married people like all the same tv programs .People should not be married if they cannot except a spouses different interests .


My ex loved military movies. My second husband loved wrestling. Both times I did something else while they watched them.

I don't insist that my loved ones watch the movies I like. I expect the same from others.


It never happens to me! I've been divorced about 10 years and live alone. And you have just pointed out the upside of living alone.


Yeah, my wife is always going to church and watching those Left Behind movies. It can be kind of annnoying and at times... Oh.. you know what? Scratch that. I just remembered that I didn’t marry a religious person, or anybody for that matter.

My bad.


So long as your wife doesn't insist you watch them with her all the time, I don't see a practical problem.

My wife and I are both atheists but she has the guilty pleasure of watching a couple of reality TV shows. The ones with women shrieking at each other like schoolgirls about who said what to whom. I just surf the Internet or read a book. Even so, I know more about the women on those programs than is strictly good for my mental health.

Anyone's life partner has habits you can choose to be annoyed by or accept as part of their ... charm.


I would join her, of course! What fun!

Get really involved, too! Make some popcorn, and ask a lot of questions. Like, a LOT of questions. "Why would God do THAT?" "Wait, didn't God give that guy cancer in the first place? So why is he praying for remission?" "Ooh! Did you see how that lady totally talked with Jesus? Why doesn't that ever happen to us?"

Laugh at inappropriate times. Cheer when any character dies, because "Now they're in heaven." Try to appear honestly puzzled by any plot holes.

Or, you know, just do some yard work and save yourself some trouble.


Watch George Carlin Videos.


It’s normal for couples to have their separate space.

True, although my space is in another state 😂😂


Play "The Atheist Experience" 24/7, then make a deal;

No more Christian movies and no more "The Atheist Experience"

BD66 Level 8 May 5, 2020

I was actually thinking of doing this.🤣


I have no wife. If religious, I'd be thanking a god for this status.


more sex. she usually turns them off while I am plowing her.

Lucky guy.


I would leave until the movie is over.

That's what I did when my (now ex) husband watched Sunday football games. Can't stand the sound of football on TV.

It triggers negative feelings because my critical alcoholic father withdrew from the family watching football games.

Since I don't watch TV, the sound distracts me.

Another option is to ask her to wear headphones and turn off the TV volume.


Get a new wife.


Either go in another room or area of the place with another tv or share watching things or only watch stuff together that you both like

The temporary spouse (Petunia, the Christian fundamentalist) gives me a running commentary on everything on TV.

I return the favor with televangelists. Gives her an excuse to change the channel. 😈👹

Her father, who is also a Southern Baptist (no drinking, no card playing, no dancing), has forbidden her to bring me over on Sunday morning. They both do the running commentary stuff. He has figured out what will happen if she brings me over on a Sunday morning when he "worships" watching church services on TV.

Otherwise, Roy (her father) enjoys my company unless the topic is religion.


Depends, in a binary world, either you learn to be able to stomach the movies or you do not share time with her watching them. I would ask if there is something going on. Does she watch what you like that she does not like? Is she telling you to move on? We can go on but I will stop here.

This is a good point! There could be a subtler message here.

To be fair, that message could be a simple and non-threatening one, too. It could just be "I need a little ME time right now."


There are Xstian Movies? Like other than The Ten Commandments and stuff like that, is this a genre?
Ask if she has seen this one, change things up a little.


Why do folks get married to religious people then ask us to solve the problems in inevitably causes? I see questions like this all the time. ... Were they religious before you married them? Was it a problem before? Did you get married in a church? ... It just doesn't make sense to me why so many agnostics and atheists are married to people who are so religious that it's a problem in the marriage.

Because it isn't an issue until one of them starts handling the money.

It's why one encounters couples that go through three cycles of divorce and remarriage until they announce "Screw it. We'll just live together."

Betcha didn't see that coming.

Two of my best friends got married for the worst of reasons: so he could get on her state health insurance plan. It worked out for years, although both of them were bitter about their previous marriages. The wife confided to me "I didn't want to get married because of the children." She was referring to her two ADULT children from a previous marriage.

Life doesn't make sense.

"Life? What do YOU know of it? Here I am with a brain the size of three planets and I can't make heads or tails out of it." -- Marvin the robot, *Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."

@WonderWartHog99 I don't see what money has to do with it.


You hate her watching these movies and most probably hate the movies and the religion.. But you do not hate your wife. Well, so far so good.


Get rid of the TV all together.😊😊


@SalC What is so funny????


I had a gf who did that. I got uninvited because I would nitpick over the movies. It's a lot like @AmyTheBruce suggested. They hate when you find the holes, suddenly, it is less fun. Tell them that is how you enjoy the movie, and you too will soon be uninvited from watching the movie. (If they can be passive aggressive, so can you.)


There is a wonderful machine called a vacuum cleaner (It may take you a little while to find it). This device has many uses and attributes. It can be used simply as a cleaning machine but also to register strong disapproval of a partners viewing habits. The great virtue of hoovering around a TV watcher is that unlike any other argument, it cannot be countered. Who could possibly call you out for simply doing the housework? Added annoyance can also be created by dusting the TV, coffee table, etc. or if that fails, deciding it is time to launder the sofa covers.


My husband is a football fan. I am not. It does piss me off at times that he's glued to the TV all day, every Sunday, but most of the time I'm content doing my own thing. He's got his thing and I've got mine and we both have things we like to do together. 🤷♀️

@motrubl4u eh. I find them similar, actually.

@motrubl4u Watching a bunch of sweaty guys working toward a goal that doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things while a few extremely rich guys control everything. Sounds pretty similar to me.

@Kynlei good answer

@motrubl4u Oh brother. Is it really that big of a deal?


For me it's my dad's lady friend and the Hallmark channel Christmas movies year round. I start out fairly mellow, but after 5 or 6, I start making predictions based upon popular cliches. Cause you know all those ungodly, career women just need a man, baby or puppy to teach them the miracle of Christmas and God's love.

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