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Those mocking and celebrating the deaths of the un-vaxxed. What you going to do about this guy?

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puff 7 Jan 26

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I think your choices are bullshit and the premise of your question insultingly trollish.

redbai Level 8 Jan 26, 2022

Well, there’s that…

Inane indeed.


He waited too long to get vaccinated, and wasn't protected against serious illness before contracting covid.
I am neither "dancing on his grave", nor mourning him.
His skepticism cost him his life.
And so it goes.


The choices you give for your survey are a bit dramatic.

While I agree that there is no good reason not to get vaccinated, I see no reason to celebrate anyone's death.

Neither do I. Just having a dig at those who take glee in it in their black and white vax Vs antivax worlds. This story is grey.


I do not wish suffering on anyone, even if it is a product of their own willful ignorance. Neither will I waste my valuable energy pitying them, although my sympathies are with their loved ones.

Deb57 Level 8 Jan 26, 2022

You can read my comment to this thread.

@rogerbenham yes, I did. My experience is very different from yours. My son had a stroke right before Christmas. He was in an ICU unit in a large hospital in a city about an hour from where I live. His ICU room was at the end of a long, long hallway. I passed room after room after room of patients being treated for Covid on my walk to get to him. They were easy to spot in their glass walled rooms, lying on their stomachs alone with ventilators jammed into their faces, uncovered butts bared to the world. Every room was full. as soon as a room became vacant for whatever reason, another Covid patient was immediately put in. It affected everything, including the level of care my non-Covid suffering son was getting, to a very disturbing degree. There were times when I would not see his nurse for more than an hour and a half.... in ICU. I was being his nurse in as many ways as possible. My son improved for a few days and then they rushed a phase of his care to hurry him out of the ICU ward and he experienced a sudden decline. My son didn't survive. The myriad of ways that this "nasty flu," as you put it, negatively affected the operation of the hospital will be something I will never forget.

@Deb57 Well the real problem is that the governments suppressed all early treatments, dismissing proven cures as useless. The fact is that early treatments had been done before with great results on SARS Cov 2. Governments lied and said that there was no cure and offered Remdesivir, which destroys your kidneys. Governments, doctors made no attempt to suggest preventative protocols. The easiest of all was to tell people to take loads of vitamin D3. Another was Zinc. There are lots more. There was as usual no attempt to tell people to stop eating junk and do everything to improve their immune systems. I believe that doctors for a very long time have become slaves of the big pharmas. Pushing drugs, not good advice. The fact is that I now have immunity for life, unlike what the vaccines give. Patients who lived through Swine flu (pretty similar) in 2002 have still got immunity to Covid which is 29% different.
The truth is all going to come out very soon as people realise that the more shots you have , so the morelikely you are t get sick. It is now coming out that the vaccines are causing a huge increase in cancers.

@rogerbenham the FACT is that the vaccines make a difference right here and right now. The vaccinated and boosted are not the people glutting up ICUs all over the country. It is the unvaccinated doing that. If I have to choose between possibly dealing with cancer down the road or dying alone with my naked butt in the air and a tube shoved down my throat now, I'm going to chose the former, not the latter.

@Deb57 Last night I went to a lecture opposed to vaccines. The hall (actually a church) was 90% packed. We'll see if we get a huge outbreak of Covid. The Swine Flu of 2002 was 10 times worse than Covid. Singapore doctors last year searched out survivors of it. All these years later they still had antibodies totally effective to CV19 despite 20% differences. It is believed that I am now totally immune to Covid for life. The vaccines do not give you immunity. The death rates from Covid before vaccines were equal to death rates from flu.Less than 1%. That is why I took my chances and for me it really paid off. I look back on Mau and Asian flu's as being far worse than Omicron.


@Deb57 It is all so odd when doctors, of course now out of work, claim to have been using it for many years. It is of course out of patent so whilst big pharma can sell this experimental drug for $20.00 a shot, they can only sell Ivermectin for 12 cents a shot. So the latest fraud by big pharma is claiming that Ivermectin was only invented in 2015 or 2018. In which case it would very much be in patent. The 1950's more likely. Sorry, but I am pretty convinced that there is something else going on. My original reason for resisting the "vaccine" was it was clearly far from being tested (and recent whistle blower testimony says most usual steps were missed out) and I chose not to be a guinea pig. Since then doctor friends of mine have given me very different stories to the highly controlled media.


I think the deaths that are mocked are those of the arrogant, rabid antivaxxers who make a point of spreading dangerous misinformation, perhaps influencing others to make poor choices. Those people are indirectly killing people, so yeah, I'm glad if they are gone.

I don't know anything about the poor guy in your article, but perhaps he is one of those who fell for the misinformation.

(Also personally, I'm not into worshiping sports figures.)

He posted anti-vax stuff on social media I believe.

@JeffMurray But he did start the vaccines though it was too late. I'm not familiar with him, other than what I read in the article.

@itsmedammit So he was an anti-vaxxer for an entire year and still wasn't fully vaccinated? That death is on him...


Not care in the slightest he made his choice and had to live with the consequences or not live as the case may be.

Given my friend's elderly parents managed to survive covid (fully vaccinated) and they have multiple other conditions, are unfit, and one is obese. This is the result of not vaccinating.


We are sorry for the loss. Maybe something good will come of it and his fans will get vaccinated?

Like the way you think😉


Well, my way of thinking is that he made his bed, so to speak, HE chose to lie on it and it severs him right.
The biggest pity and shame is the bed and machinery he was attached to could most likely save at been used to SAVE the lives at few others who WERE NOT Anti-vaxxer numb skulls and deserved to be give the assistance of vital medical equipment that wasted trying to keep him alive.

Someone sceptical of the vaccines, has one and 2 weeks later in ICU. Now dead.
He did not choose, he was coerced.

@puff Bullshit, what did they, do, subject him to U.S. Gittmo Water-boarding or something perhaps?
He WAS an Olympic Champion btw.

@Triphid Once you are an Olympic champion, no-one can take that off you. No "WAS" about it.

@puff All his training and Sporting Awards ain't gunna get him now he's dead, he'll just be dinner for worms and they won't give a monkey's fart about what he was will they?

@Triphid Coercion []

@puff So let me get this straight here, in your opinion, it IS coercion to want to TRY to maintain your healthy and safety along WITH that of EVERY other person, man, woman or child within and without of your community by merely being VACCINATED in an EFFORT to TRY to stem the advance of the Covid Virus as it seeks to decimate Human kind?
Then, Sir, IF that be your philosophy regarding this Pandemic then PLEASE feel free to Emigrate to ANOTHER planet, I hear the weather on Pluto is quite conducive at this time of the century.


9 I'm just posting this so I get extra points.

Get some points up ya!

So he has written so shall it be for him.,

Ya, me too!!!


I would say that there are consequences for every action. I would not dance on his grave, but I will shrug and say, "Oh, well." I had no clue he even existed, so I certainly won't mourn.

In other news, my son, DIL, and eight year old grandson have Covid. The adults were vaccinated and wore masks, but the people with whom my DIL works would not. She was exposed twice in less than two weeks. The irony is that she gave her two weeks notice on Friday and has a new job, but it came too late.

They are sick because other people refused to get vaccinated and to wear masks--just like this athlete.

By the way, they are not deathly ill, but they are still sick and confined to home. The grandson just started showing symptoms; hopefully, it will be light case for him and that my four year old granddaughter will not get it.

On the other hand, there might be a few graves I would dance on.


You can clearly see by his comments that he was misinformed and misled, which actually led to his death. If he had gotten the virus from an anti-vaxxer or anti-masker, it would have been better if they had died before infecting him. He is another victim of the anti-vaxxer lies which he believed.

I would rejoice in the fact that an anti-vaxxer or anti-masker died before infecting others, instead of causing them to suffer and die, just as I would rejoice at a shooter being killed before they could kill others.


It just goes to show that no matter how strong you think you are, nothing prevents the ravages of COVID. At least he won't infect anyone else now.


I don't find reason to celebrate anyone's death. I may have a different mix of feelings depending on the circumstances of their life and cause of death. Those who have been COVID deniers and anti-vaxxers who die of COVID do get a certain degree of distain for their choices and ignorance as well as the misinformation they spread to others.

Nothing changes someone's accomplishment of their life, just as nothing erases their mistakes and misjudgments. The two things are not dependent on each other and they exist side by side each as an independent aspect of the individual. How an individual reacts to the loss of someone like this with notable acheivements alongside a notable error in judgment will likely depend on the importance that individual places on either the achievement and/or the error. If they are a sports fanatic, they are more likely to mourn the loss of a champion. If they are more interested in public health or something and not care much about this sport, then they are more likely to react to circumstance of his death from COVID and his status as an anti-vaxxer.


I am not clicking on that link.
That is ADVERTISER revenue for that Russian propaganda site that feeds off of toxic influencers.

In the grand scheme of things, no one will remember those celebrities who died from this pandemic.
There will be several more pandemics beyond this one.

History students do not care about the fatalities of the 1920's pandemic for the same reason.


Doesn't change my view of the vaccine at all. I know there are risks associated with getting the vaccine. I also know there are risks with not getting the vaccine. I weigh the risks appropriately and I get vaccinated.

And mate that is all I care about, that people retain consent.

We would still have polio if people like you, faux news and facebook had existed in the 50s.

@AtheistInNC I am really tiring of people comparing these covid medicines to the polio vaccine. Not in the same class at all.
I put it to you polio would still be kicking around if that vaccine needed a booster every few months and failed to stop transmission. The Polio vaccine is not mandated either, though I agree if you wish to mandate any medical treatment, Polio would be top pick, a brilliant vaccine!


No, you have it wrong. It is a perfect comparison.
ALMOST EVERYONE lined up for the polio vaccine. There were a few malcontents like yourself who wanted to "wait and see", but having seen others contract polio and die, or have to be in an iron lung for the rest of their lives made all parents get a vaccine and get one for their children.

Because almost everyone got the vaccine at once, the polio virus stopped being spread, and finally was put to rest forever. You just don't like hearing that you are wrong over and over again.

And let's be clear: you are on the wrong side of history. Twenty years from now, you'll be telling everyone that you were first in line for the vaccine because in 20 years anyone who says they "wanted to wait" will be laughed at.

@AtheistInNC Oooooh I would put my left nut on that bet, but both of us are probably dead in 20 years.
Polio rollout was quicker than the covid one in Australia was it? 80-90% in months?
The thing with polio, education was used, not mandates. It was applied to people to protect them and as an effective vaccine, a herd immunity was the outcome. Mandating covid jabs is about attaining a herd immunity rather than personal protection is it not? If it isn't, really don't know why people get so upset at those who freely choose not to take it. Plus polio went through at least 5 years testing before being released on the public. Plus after 3 months (new advice) boosters not required with polio.
Can't compare with the only similarity is they are both called vaccines.

I am enough to remember polio and the vaccine. I had a neighbour friend who contracted polio, before the vaccine was available. Spent her life in leg braces. But, as to the idea of mandate v. education: no amount of "education" is sufficient when such a huge portion of the population is Willfully Ignorant and following "Health Expert president" who tells people they can just drink bleach.


I have not celebrated their deaths, but I have had great enjoyment at reading their obituaries. There was very little in this article except praise for his athletic accomplishments (accolades he deserves). While he had a long and illustrious career, his obit show few other accomplishments.


My vote: 🤷♀️


Declaration: I am unvaxed. I never feared Covid. My doctor warned me it would kill me because I've had a cardiac arrest. But when one has died, one usually no longer fears death. I don't.
My reason against the vax was that I did not want to be a guinea pig for a trial. I decided that I'd wait about 3 years to see what happened. By VAERS reporting I made a sensible choice.
I had a very clever doctor friend who advised me about alternative treatments should I get Covid. In the past year I have lost 30 lbs and have been doing all I can to improve my immune system. I went onto advised supplements.
In mid December last I twice got a rash when I'd spent some time with vaccinated people. So I increased my supplements. I had Christmas with both vaxed and unvaxed. One of the party soon afterwards likely picked up Covid. She went to a New Years Eve party, 15 people all got Omicron at that party. I visited her several times inside both our homes. Not outside as the temp fell to -36C and froze drains and pipes. By the 4th January she came down with Covid and spent about 10 days in bed having a nasty session. On the 8th I immediately contacted my doctor when I realised I was getting sick and I was advised to do 3 days of Ivermectin (I only had the horse stuff in my possession). That stuff is incredible. Basically as long as taken right at the beginning it works like a dream. I also went onto 8 supplements twice a day and today was my last day of them. Sure, Covid was not fun I spent about 10 days feeing faint at times, unsteady, headache and just not well. Apparently I got deathly pale but I never got lung issues. My friend got hospital confirmation that she had it so I know I did.
The thing is governments and doctors have been failing to tell people how to prepare and help themselves. Saying Ivermectic was bad for one was just a ploy by Big Pharma to sell vaccines. It had cured SARS-2 . It had received a nobel prize as a human medical drug. I don't like all the lies told about Covid and Vaccines. CDC has published that my immunity is now equal to a fully vaxed person. But vaccines wear off, my immunity will last far longer.
Covid never was more than a very nasty flu. People died of flu. 1% of unvaxed people could easily have died of Covid but I suspect that over 1% of vaxed will still die of Covid or the vaccine.
No doubt all of you believe the story given by government about 9/11. I used to build high office towers. I doubt planes ever hit them as the films showing planes came out a day later. There is no way an aircraft could cause so much damage. The wings in all cases would have never entered the buildings including the pentagon. Those three buildings had loads of incredibly strong columns. You have all seen them collapsing. The only way buildings like that collapse like that is by controlled demolition. Those 3 buildings came down by very carefully synchronised explosives. Any high rise architect or engineer will confirm that. But really, Building #7 was never "hit" yet also came down by controlled demolition. Someone murdered 3000 people in order to attack Afghanistan. The USA Government told absolute lies about 9/11. Do you really believe that they are telling you the truth about Covid? Governments love lying.

eyewitness testimony is the weakest of evidence. I"ll need to see more than one example to be convinced of something.

The fact that you claim being near vaccinated people "gave you a rash"is Plenty for me to stop reading your nuttiness immediately.

@AnneWimsey You will find out that I'm correct within this year, certainly before the end of next.

I totally agree with you about 9-11 and I only trust our government as far as I can throw it, but in the case of Covid, since it doesn't discriminate against the rich and powerful, I do think the fed government is telling the truth about the dangers of it and the need for vaccination. It does the ruling class no good if this turns into The Black Plague again and kills off lots of them.

So you were never confirmed to have had covid?

@TomMcGiverin But it never was naturally a killer worse than flu.

@itsmedammit Oh indeed I was. I could only have caught it from one person and she was confirmed. My doctor asked me for symptoms and confirmed that in all likelihood I had it. Our community took an enormous hit of Omicron around New Year. Many people were told they probably had it as the hospital ran out of tests.

@AnneWimsey no use arguing with some people. "Controlled blasts" is enough to walk away from crazy. I fo agree, and expect you may as well, that the government lies - I still want to know why 250 Saudis got to leave the country immediately afterward 911, however that is a fact easily confirmed.
I was surprised he didn't have the Moon landing was faked.

Wikipedia:- "Subsequent research failed to confirm the utility of ivermectin for COVID-19,and in 2021 it emerged that many of the studies demonstrating benefit were faulty, misleading, or fraudulent. Nevertheless, misinformation about ivermectin continued to be propagated on social media and the drug remained a cause célèbre for anti-vaccinationists and conspiracy theorists" Spot on.

@Gareth Well, it worked wonderfully for me. You're saying that getting a noble prize for its use with humans was an incredible error?

@rogerbenham You can't possibly know, any more than if I pray for rain and it rains I 'know' that my prayer was effective. "Nobel prize", not "noble" and it was awarded in 2015, well before Covid19 even existed, and don't put words into people's mouths.

@Gareth So are you saying that because I used Ivermectin and I got no serious symptoms, I cannot ascribe Ivermectin as the reason. I do know noble rather than noble but I make many typing mistakes. I grew up with fountain pens. I also find keyboards unreliable (So often miss out letters and spaces).

@rogerbenham Correct. One anecdotal data point is not compelling evidence.

@Gareth But we can choose the advice of a doctor one has known for half one's life over an unreliable media and a government which one knows happily lies.

@rogerbenham Your body, your choice but I know better than trying to reason with cranks.

@Gareth You actually there are being typical. Your side abuses my side. I have not called you names or insulted you as also with others above. So you have entered the divisive tactics used before. Humans rarely remember history.

@rogerbenham If you can bear to listen, Emma at 14.07 to 15.00 in this clip, nails it better than I could :-

@Gareth Well I do not watch TV. I don't know what Spotify is but I've heard that musicians make very little money from it.
I guess that I belong to a resistance which is steadily growing around the wealthy countries. I mean, just how many people dying from or disabled from the vaccines is acceptable bearing in mind that hospitals are trying to suppress all adverse reporting?


I give my dogs Ivermectin for heart and lung worms. That is what it is for. It is a Wormer. A poison. So, you could be worm-free, but that won't keep you from contracting or dying from Covid. Take enough of it, and it won't keep you from dying of a WORMER, either! So, let me get this straight: some people would rather spin the wheel on bleach or worm poison, but think taking a covid shot is just too risky? Makes a LOT of sense!


It really bugs me when people entertain a source that has little credibility in the world of reliable news sources. So easy to ignore where the info came from. Murdock began with the Enquire. Now see where he is when sources do not matter. Pox Spews as a source? Pahleeeeze.


He was an attractive young man all those years ago, and obviously a great athlete.

It is kind of one of those things that male gymnasts to not usually get nearly the fame that the women do.

I really had not heard of him.

If he thought being fit decades ago would protect him it didn't.

Having a honey decades younger didn't help him either.


I did not vote and I supposed his god was not with him. Maybe his god needed another angel. Believe it or not the book of Revelation has a section where John is told not to bow down before a being because he "was once a man like you." It made no sense really, and yes, I am being sarcastic.


As an Independent (leaning Democrat), at first I could not believe that yet another issue (Covid-Masks-Vax) had been carved into two camps: The semi-sane v. the totally whacked. But, as I realized that this was hitting the "red" counties harder because of the stupidity factor, AND that those who got vaccinated were mainly in the blue counties, I thought: why are we trying to coerce these nitwits to get the shot? Let them test their belief system and die. Thereby reducing both the viral AND the stupidity levels . . . Simultaneously.

Unfortunately they take innocents with them.


What's different about this guy than any of the other anti-vaxxers?

He was finally convinced to get inoculated by using his job as the coercion to gain compliance. 2 weeks later he's in ICU, soon after dead.
It is a very sad story and an autopsy should be done to determine cause of death. a sad final chapter in his life.
The inoculation may well have had nothing to do with his demise. But if it did, as an emergency approved medicine, no liability will fall on the manufacturer.
Can we agree that mandated medical treatments should have attained full approval with accompanying liability if things go South? Until then, a tad dodgy mandating.

@puff Oh, that's where you were going? You were thinking the shot may have caused his death? Jesus.

@JeffMurray The Australian version of VAERS is up over 730 reported deaths.
Yes, the shot may have caused death, don't know but neither do you. Think an autopsy is justified to settle things would you not agree? If there is a problem is it not better to investigate than "stay the course"? Perhaps we could look at trial data for 75 years.
Where I was going was all those who take glee in the unvaxxed passing, wondered what they thought about this guy. No vaccine is 100%/ perfect is a favourite catch phrase after all so denying the possibility the jab contributed is totally hypocritical.
Need an autopsy.

@puff 730 reports, likely most of which are completely unrelated given the recent study showing 2/3 of all reactions were placebo related, divided by the 93% of your 25.69 million is three thousandths of one percent, even if they were all real. So yeah, pretty unlikely, especially weeks after the vaccination.

@JeffMurray yes agree very rare but still there (poet and didn't know it 😉 ).
Why no medicine should be administered without first obtaining freely given and informed consent without coercion. This reminds me of a classic catch 22.
People need the jab for work, the only reason they get it. They need work to live. This is coercion. But when you get the jab you need to sign a consent form. If you say "I don't consent but need for my job, so won't be signing the form" they will refuse to give the jab to you. So to keep the job, you sign the form under duress which legally, makes the consent form null and void.
It's a crazy world

@puff We've had this argument too many times. We fundamentally disagree. No point talking about it again.


Big mistake

bobwjr Level 10 Jan 26, 2022

Let me ask you this: If your ideology ended up killing your wife, children, and others, would you hope to die from your beliefs before that would happen?

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