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I hate it when I'm just introducing myself to someone and I mention how I am an atheist. Only to get a lecture on how I'm going to hell for it. To clarify I live in Alabama which is extremely religious and often I get asked what church I go to.

Brandon9390 4 Apr 26

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You mention that when introducing yourself?

Only if the conversation goes in that direction


I'm a little old school when it comes to introductions. No politics or religion. I won't bring it up. And if my counterpart were to insist then I would mark them for their poor form and find other indulgences.


Oddly enough, I generally introduce myself by name and not by the things I don't believe.

But I'm in the UK and religion is rarely a topic for discussion here as no-one gives a damn.

You are quite fortunate in terms of people being not hyper-focused on religion.


Isn't that fun! I love it when people tell me I'm going to places I don't believe exist.

My answer is always "Yea I'll be the one selling water. Find me when you get there." Then I remind them that judging me is a sin. At least according to their religion.

Oh yes it does and we have at least one member who lives there

@273kelvin Michigan is lovely this time of year.


Wow. So rarely does my religion come up, and even more rarely do I bring it up. It’s just not very relevant to most discussions.


I generally don't bring it up unless someone specifically asks. Then I get the usual, "really? you seem so nice." I am sure you have all heard that one.


I grew up in a typical little southern town. There are 22 churches in a 5 mile square....I was almost always asked which church I attended..."none, I don't believe in that." The common response was, "I'll pray for you" which is basically you're going to hell. I have always responded "thanks, I'll toss a penny in a wishing well for you." Where do you worship is a common question in the south.
My son (who studied Anthropology and Theology) once responded to a very shocked man "Thanks for your prayer, I'll sacrifice a lamb to Mars in your name." That turned a few heads.

4time Level 4 Apr 26, 2018

"I'll pray for you" which is basically you're going to hell." -- Thank you ..still laughing 😀

I once got tired of a pair of young Jehovah's witness gents persistently knocking on my door every weekend and refusing, somehow, to be discouraged by repeated and consistent no-thank you's. Finally, after about the 4th visit, I ran to the door looking quite harried, and told them I was RIGHT in the middle of sacrificing a chicken, but if they could just hold on for about 10 more minutes, I'd be right with them. Strangely, they never returned to my door again. Ever.😂😂


I'm so sorry! Have you tried smiling sweetly and saying "Sorry, I just never discuss religion. So very personal?"


Ahhh... what passes for "polite" in religious society! JUST introduced, no one should be lecturing anyone, in my opinion.

Zster Level 8 Apr 26, 2018

why would you tell someone you are just meeting what your religious/spiritual beliefs are?

Because as he said they asked what church he goes to. It's either lie or tell the truth.

I didn’t interpret his introduction instantly to be that he’s Atheist, I assumed he was just ‘getting to the point,’ as they often do. I stopped to meet a fellow growing trees I’d admired last summer, sure enough ..several sentences into our intros and he’s describing his religious affiliations… Though I ‘stuck to the subject,’ trees.. He continued to use his religion - and my lack of responding positively as a ..test of my character? They can really be bold, and in Alabama … I can’t imagine 😕


Tell them that is where all the fun people are.


Best get it out of the way, though… saves all kinds of time 😉 But on the rare occasion you hear, ‘So am I!’ -- Golden ~

Varn Level 8 Apr 26, 2018

After reading the comments I am amazed at how rude these christians are, just horrible people to say such things. I am openly Atheist and make no bones about it, I try to be kind towards religious people the way I would be with any village idiot but with people like you are describing I would tell them I'd be happy to go to hell except it is already full of people just like them.


I am 71 years old, but I don't believed that I have ever introduced my self, and followed it up with " I am atheist". I have never had anyone ever introduce themselves to me and announce their religion or atheism. Of course,if someone asks me what church I go to, I tell them that I do not go to church. If they press the issue, I explained that I spent several years examining what I do and do not believe, so I could never go back to Christianity for any reason.


I don't offer the info unless asked specifically. I think a lot of people have misconceptions about atheism, and sometimes clarifying what being atheist, or agnostic, or secular, etc., means/means to you helps.


From Arkansas...yeah they ask as if it is just a given that you go to some church.


Oh boy, I just say, "Not a problem, I can live with that." I get that reaction too. Especially from family who are terrified because it's their job to recruit me.


I never mention it when I'm just meeting people; it's a subject that is never broached.


I just explain that I don't believe in Hell either.


You live in the bible belt. Think about that. Slavery was coast to coast before the civil war, but it was rampant in the south (the bible belt). After the civil war we had "reconstruction". Translated that means lynchings. Again it was across the country, but mainly in the bible belt. The KKK is infamously responsible for these lynchings. Not so! There would be announcements in the paper of when and where they would take place. People would show up in their Sunday best. I do not know the typical turnout for these lynchings, but I know one in particular had 15,000 people show up, men, women and children. This was a social event. Today bigotry is rampant across the country. Again it is more so in the south. People look down on us, but we have nothing to be ashamed of.

That's awful, I'm so upset about that there are tears in my eyes. What an awful part of history..and I hope it's there and stays there.


I'm right down 278 from you, I understand.


My advice is don't mention that you are atheist unless the subject comes up. It happens to me too though. My boyhood religious friend says that "someday you will wake up in a place you don't want to be." This seems so stupid it is laughable.
The truth is most believers think atheism is the belief of all the world's rulers and dictators, and of course, communists. Their own bible tells them that everyone believes in god, so if you are atheist then "something must have happened." Tell them something did happen. You grew up.

Well on the political scale I lean to the left on most issues

@Brandon9390 I'm a political activist and these days I'm closer to being a Democratic Socialist than anything else. I live conservatively and use money that same way but I'm more of a bleeding heart liberal in politics.


The good thing about this site is you don’t have to worry about it.


I get that a lot. I just say "yup and I'm drivin' the party bus, wanna go?"


meh, whatever. they are the ones who hafta run their own path, not me. let them make it hard. I prefer the easier route.

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