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What’s the worst or most boring job you’ve ever had?

Lol I won’t deny that when I worked briefly as a greeter was probably one of my most boring.

EmeraldJewel 7 July 1

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The job was very cool one of the task really sucked. I had worked at Stroh's brewery one of the tasks was called pinsetter. You would stand in the same spot for 8 hours less breaks. Setting up fallen bottles and removing broken glass on a conveyor belt. They usually assigned this task to someone less competent of running machines. Sometimes the regular person would be on vaccination. If you had low seniority you would get put on this task for a week. Staying awake was tough. Luckily I was able to run just about every machine and rarely got this job.


Being a gigolo for the Kardashian women. I wanted to quit immediately but they wouldn't let me up to leave.

@RobLawrence I am a survivor, although a very depleted, exhausted and drained survivor. Was good money though.

@RobLawrence I can't incriminate anyone. I may have to go back to that "job" again.

@RobLawrence Your #1 on my list.


I drove a taxi in a small town for a year and a half. When I drove I was the only taxi. There weren't any other companies and we only had one car on the street at a time. It never ceased to amaze me at just how many guys couldn't behave their stupid ass for 15 fucking minutes to get across town.

By the time I quit driving the taxi I hated everybody, young, old, black, white, brown, ,don't give a shit, hated them all.

I can't even begin to tell you all the crazy ass shit that happened when I drove the taxi.



Worked at a dog show dealing with wealthy, entitled jerks that had epic tantrums whenever they messed around and missed the show entry deadline. Really, you haven't lived until you've listened to grown people cry, curse, bribe and threaten because their puppy is going to miss a dog show. I wanted so bad to tell them they needed real problems in their life instead of wasting thousands of dollars dragging overbred animals all over the country and taking out ads bragging about their championships. Yes, this is what the 1% have emotions about instead of other people - whether their precious dog gets entered in a dog show that they're going to pay someone else to attend with their dog. They are paying handlers to fly all over the country with their damn dogs and run around in a circle with them in a show ring, so they can brag about it later. Remember when you win the lotto this is what you are supposed to with surplus cash - waste it paying strangers to show your dog to other strangers.

Lol wtf! People are crazy!

@EmeraldJewel Believe it or not its very lucrative to run a dog show. The owner of the show collected corvettes as a hobby. He had about a dozen.


I collected hand hygiene data at the VA hospital. Yes, I stood around and watched for staff to sanitize their hands between patients. They called me the Hallway Nazi.

A few years ago I went to a clinical trial conducted on the top floor of a VA hospital next door to the university I was attending. I almost stepped on a turd on my way onto the elevator. A guy on the elevator warned me that almost everyday some very mentally ill veterans will use the elevators as toilets. After helping out at the clinical trial ( it was some kind of therapy game for brain injury rehabilitation) I asked if I could use the emergency stairwell to get back to the lobby as the elevator was dirty. A guy in the office told me the stairwells weren't safe either but told me an alternative way to another elevator. Turns out that one was out of order! As I have relatives who are veterans I felt sad for the veterans who had to deal with the dirty environment so I talked to an administrator to suggest having someone clean up the elevator. A lady said they were short staffed due to budget cuts but they would find the janitor so they could clean the mess up.


At age 19, my father helped me get a summer job, filing in a large insurance company. My dad owned an independent insurance company.

Filing all day, I was bored out of my mind. The only fun I had was laughing at names:

Harry Knuckle (Poor kid!)

King Thomason, IV

Charlie Legg

Myrtle Tree (the name of a real tree)


I worked one day at a dry cleaners. The hottest most physically draining job I’ve ever had. I grew up in the family restaurant business where I started in the kitchen pealing jumbo onions for the age of 9!!! The dry cleaners was worse than pealing onions!


Germinating sorghum seed for a major ag seed company.


Anything to due with being on the assembly line, standing for 8 hours just doing the same mundane job drove me crazy, why i never lasted that long working doing those jobs but one had to do things to make a living. Why I'm a cabinet maker, least now i can use my mind and hands to do different tasks.

That is my working life because we need the dough. Made easier by a great team, supervisors that listen and the opportunity to train in different areas.


My current job. Don't buy from Footlocker.


Well the Most Boring job I Wish I had, would be working for Elon Musk's The Boring Company, tunneling 30 feet below.


That would be picking cotton.


When i was a telemarketer. It was so boring,i hated it. I prefer to be active,so sitting for a long period of time didnt work well for me.

@RobLawrence yes,i I also took calls for ppl that were calling to order stuff too. That wasnt so bad.


Picking olives. Trust me boyfriends and girlfriends, you don't want to go there. 🙂

Thats insane!!!

@EmeraldJewel I was young and needed the money!

@David1955 hey, I could understand that. I needed the money when I worked as a damn greeter ugh!


Working customer service for was horrible.


Worst - I did collections for a company that did mortgages on trailer houses

GwenC Level 7 July 1, 2018

I took a semester off of college to see what I wanted to do for a career. I went to the Georgia Labor Department in my hometown, talked to someone there, and she recommended I work for and job shadow the veterinarian for 3 months based on our talk. She said I would be watching animal surgeries and basically learning the ins and outs of becoming a veterinarian.

Well, that didn't happen! The veterinarian did agree that I could work for him for 3 months; however, my job responsibility was being the custodian. I cleaned up dog shit and piss off the floor every morning, cleaned and bleached the lobby floors and parking lot if a puppy with parvo (contagious virus that can kill dogs) ever came in, which they did. I was once asked to paint a door...yeah, learning a lot about being a veterinarian from that. I also fed the dogs and cats, gave dogs a bath with scented shampoo to fool owners that their pet got pampered/spa treatment kind of shit, and once had to collect fresh dog piss for the doctor. I was kept so busy that I wasn't able to job shadow the nurses or doctor for the entire 3 months. I did not become a veterinarian, fyi.


Everyone should have at least one terrible job in their life. It builds character. Mine was working at a dry cleaner. It doesn’t sound that bad but you handle other people’s dirty clothes all day, it is hotter than satan’s butthole in the summer, the boss was a supreme douche, and snotty rich people treat you like trash because your job is to clean their clothes.


This first timer who thought it was okay to use her teeth...


Honestly my current job is a bit on the boring side...However it pays really well so I stick with it.


Filing medical records. I remember one of the other guys would often come in stoned, and I always thought that was crazy. Who would want to make the hours on that job go by more slowly.


Yes, but you were more than a greeter. You were there to make people feel good while also making sure they do not steal anything. 🙂 I've felt best about my job as an in home appliance repairman, but I did a lot of driving. My part-time job today delivers parts to people and doing that takes driving. That makes me at least half happy.


The worst job I ever had led me to the best! I was a full-commission Series 3 commodities broker at the Chicago Board of Trade. As a new broker, I was required to do cold calls. I was extremely good at it but I HATED it and I knew it was completely inefficient. I got the idea to start a grains trading information website. I learned how to write html code and built it myself. Before the 2008 crash, I could come in and find I had 10 new accounts overnight! I learned email marketing and grew the site into a paid subscription service that ended up generating enough revenue to support the firm after the crash. I sold the site in 2010 and moved into developing Internet businesses.


I’m high school, I worked at a dry cleaner. It kinda creeped all the patrons out that I had everyone’s names, numbers, and how they liked thier stuff all memorized.


During the Recession of 81' I got a summer job working at a precast concrete plant as a spot welder making the wire hoops that gave strength to precast concrete manhole risers that are needed to adjust the height of the manholes to the road height. I sang every song I could think of to keep from losing my mind from the boredom but jobs were scarce and this one paid good money, then I found out the rest of the shift had a pool going on how long I would last, the record was 6 weeks and most of the bets were for only a week or two. Every Friday the spot welder had to climb the tower where the precast cement was mixed in a giant mixer that fed the concrete down gravity fed tubes to the assembly line, there were 3 lockout switches that I had to lock out before I climbed into the room sized mixer with an air chisel and a dust mask to chip out all the hardened cement that had accumulated over the course of the week. It was 140 degree inside that mixer and if the machine should somehow be turned on in spite of the 3 lockouts I would be scrambled into a human paste.
I lasted 10 weeks and won the pool because I bet against myself at 10 weeks. A really tough job and monotony doesn't begin to describe it.

You rock! Well done.


Cracker Barrel. McDonalds is a distant second.

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