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Sex. And, then what?

Older movies always had people lighting up cigarettes after sex. Cigs are no longer the "cool" thing to do. What should the after sex activity be instead?

Help me make a new cliche. 😉

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silvereyes 8 Jan 28

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69 then describe the shared taste in both deep french kisses


Deflate the doll...

You do realize that you can order dolls with "real feel" cyberskin that are life like in All areas and anatomically correct? Best part,no pump needed!
Though a seperate closet might be called for..

@Charlene - lol - yes I'm aware of them. Both my budget and wife would have something to say about owning one. 😉

@Hominid you mean she's unaware of the blow up?

@Hominid you mean she's unaware of the blow up?

@Charlene Shhhhh.....

@Hominid 20 bucks?

The doll has a lot of holes on it as there were times I staggered home and hit the mop then the doll.
I remember in my younger years, after sex we would wait a few minutes and have more sex, Now being mature , I do it right the first time and catch a nap

ROFLMAO!! Please, I just ate! OW!


I usually just pay her the agreed-upon fee, and include a tip if she did that thing I really like, and then head home.


Lol... Like I say, you don't pay a hooker for sex, you pay her to go home. 😉

@Hominid gaffawsnortsnortgaffaw


Surely it's undoing the handcuffs ...

Well, let's not be hasty. The night's not over.

Yep. Sleeping in handcuffs is not fun.

@kiramea sometimes it is ...

@evergreen, not for me. I like them tight and I can't move them around (which is the reason they are tight). @MrLizard, Sorry, I don't kiss and tell 🙂

@evergreen I can't stand handcuffs..satin ties all around are Luxurious!


Dinner, duh.

Everyone with a stomach knows you boink first, then eat.




There was no option for "get the fuck out".



ask them if they have heard about the mating rituals of the preying mantis. then see how quickly they vacate your bed. 😉 hee hee

@witchymom Probably why I'm still single. LOL

@Duke Take a number. 😉

@Duke Don't worry. Nobody loves me. Your number would be 1. LOL


Cuddle while engaging in conversation.

Gohan Level 7 Jan 28, 2018


😀 @MrLink



I would love to have a cupcake after sex..... Hell I would love to have a cupcake.....or sex.

Y'all are cracking me up!!!!!


I use to saute up some button mushrooms in a garlic, white wine and butter sauce...mmm


We have the term fore-play but how about after-play?

Afterplay. Would that be where the woman is intent on snuggling, while all the man can think about is how much he needs to go pee?
(Damn! How do I turn off auto-correct? Just noticed my comment got changed from "snuggling" to "struggling," two VERY different connotations!!!)

@MikeInBatonRouge Not in my play plan.

@MikeInBatonRouge Struggling? Or snuggling? Cause the first is a bit creepy.

@MrLizard Hate to tell you, I am older and don't have that problem!

Peeing, NOT due to weak bladder, but to male physiology--the body wants to clear out the plumbing, so to speak, after sex, so there is a built in reflex urge a short while after sex. I promise I did not make this up. lol How have you not noticed this?

Back to the original question what to call the after play, I used to think of it as afterglow. Waiting for the heart rate to drop back to where it belongs and the breathing to return to normal. At least I think that is what I remember.

@HippieChick58 I call it being conscious of your partner and take a little time to look at each other, maybe share some words of appreciation. My late partner liked to have her back rubbed afterward. Basically, not letting the basic drive to roll over and sleep take over.

@HippieChick58 i love you!

@mangro Awww, thank you!!


I find it a compliment when my partner falls asleep after sex. It means we squeezed as much out of that moment as we possibly could and left nothing on the table, or bed, or carpet, or wherever we are.

Lucky you ... My partner normally falls asleep during .


more sex? food then more sex?

This guy gets it...

Use the fridge next to the bed for expediency.


Grabbing one's smartphone and zoning out with that. It seems to be the only thing as broadly addictive as smoking.😉


What, people don't cuddle anymore? Seriously, you should go out to eat and treat yourselves for a job well done. 😉


Is it too pragmatic to say water or juice? Replenish all those fluids....


Order a pizza

good plan. Although in my case, its cornflakes since I am allergic to tomato sauce. haha! I like to watch Star Trek Next Gen and kill a bowl of cornflakes, but yeah, general plan is the same.

@Sadoi that's why you substitute hot sauce in for the pizza sauce. Also did you know patrick stewart got knighted?!

@ChrisCamper well im allergic to tomatoes, onions and garlic soo... that still may be an issue! haha and yes! i looove patrick and know just about everything about him! lol

I always said my ideal man would be a blend of Picard, Data and Worf! haha

@Sadoi when you have some downtime you should listen to the episode of Ask Me Another that he is a guest in. I guarantee you will love it


Also I love the wet spot..


I'm with you Silver... I'm going to be worn out so a bottle of wine will be excellent. Then a dip in the pool. Maybe another bottle wine... just a tad more... not the whole bottle.


My honest take... the experience will determine next action. So if I liked the action... I am by nature not unwinded yet... so I will be looking for seconds. Maybe my wife became my wife because as BF/GF we used to go for records like how often in 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours. Then I told people of the accomplishments and they thought I was telling lies. She would tell me... "don't mind them, my girls think we are two abnormally sick people". She is working on possible husband number 3 so I still joke her... still looking for me ain't you? he, he, ha, he.


I'm for get your clothes and get out.

HAHAHA!! i love it!

@Duke yeah I been treated like that too.


I like to shower with her afterwards and touch her all over, this interlude helps me to recover and stimulate my imagination (amongst other things) so that the second and third sessions are just as satisfying as the first.


I said eating cupcakes because if you aren't hungry after, it wasn't that good.

And also because I consider cuddling part of sex not just something to do "after." If you don't cuddle, you did not finish.

I replaced the cupcake with cornflakes since im not that into sweets and desserts. cornflakes are more bland and boring. haha


Shower... wine/whiskey ... pizza/food.. wine/whiskey ... sleep... sex... water... sleep? something like that, mix it up a bit

Sacha Level 7 Jan 28, 2018

Run for the door with a promise to be in touch "soon".


How about do it again! 😉


I wash myself lol I need the scent of vagina off of me.

LMAO!! good plan!

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