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Why would a man write to me for another guy? A scam?

This is the second time this happened. Pimping for another guy, a man from Minnesota wrote:

Hello how are you doing? What is it about your profile pic and your smile though?…lol. I was sharing my story with a friend of mine and showing him my profile when yours popped up and he’s been all over me about getting in touch with you. He isn’t on the dating site because he is a military man and he can’t be on a dating site/social media at the moment, so am reaching out to you on his behalf cause my story has been a success on here, i have found my partner and am getting off the site soon. He’s a lovely man, he’s good looking and gentle.

Do drop him a line at (email) and he will write back with more info about himself and he will send you pictures too via email. I’m 100% that you would be thrilled by him and he will be more than happy to read from you except you don’t like or appreciate Military men and i will understand. Wishing you guys all the best. I strongly believe you will thank me later ! My job is done here, lol !

My reply:

You are the second man who tried hooking me up with another man. Lame. Not interested.

There are dating websites for people in the military. I have seen career military men on OKCupid and Plenty of Fish. Tell him to try this dating website: I found it with a quick Google search.

We have different lifestyles and values. I am a peace activist, Democrat, environmentalist and volunteer to stop gun violence in America.

This Sunday, I will meet the author of "Trekking Washington," a fit, passionate hiker like me. Mike, 63, and I have been laughing and talking on the phone. He climbed Mt. McKinley twice. We have a lot in common.

Tell your friend I'm not interested.


Your thoughts?

LiterateHiker 9 July 5

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That may have worked for Cyrano de Bergerac, scammers need to return to the idea board in scammer central.


Hilarious! Love that you mentioned Cyrano de Bergerac. Perfect.


this is not worthy of an honest reply .
This is a Dragon category reply :

" I am flattered and excited to get in touch w your friend! Unfortunately I will not be able to communicate w him via email . The captain of our spaceship is very strict about communication rules w the Earth occupants . For now , only telepathy is permitted . I hope he is ok w that ?
I am excited ! Thank u !
One more question : what size head u think your friend has ? Big , small , large ?? I am particularly interested on scalp structure and durability .
Send me his name , and no worries. I WILL FIND U ALL.
Hugs ,

@pralina you are a mess lol


Love your sense of humor!

Thanks for your witty comment.

I’m stealing this!



Yep, that’s a scam. I’ve received almost identical messages from a couple different guys on other sites. You actually responded with a lot more explanation than was warranted, imo.


Methinks definitely a scam and also that you dedicated too much time and effort with a reply that should have been short and to the point, like: F*CK OFF @SSHOLE!!!


Antenna alert is my immediate feeling. This screams scam to me, so I think you did the right thing....albeit in much more detail than I would have deemed necessary.


the man has no friend. he would be writing on his own behalf; the idea is to lure you offsite so he can scam you without being censured by the site. you did the right thing, gave the right answer.



Maybe the man doing the writing is secretly and madly in love with you, but afraid to declare himself because he has a really big nose. This makes him horribly self-conscious, despite being an accomplished playwrite and perhaps the best swordsman in all France ...

@The-Krzyz That's a much more romantic option that scammer.

Rostand should have talked to you first.

@KKGator Came across this when wandering around Paris a few years back.

@The-Krzyz Thank goodness it wasn't hidden behind a bush!


I am surprised you spent that much effort to respond. Definitely a scammer.


My thoughts: Why would you bother responding or give it a second thought?


I don't have much to add except as a vet, these stolen Valor people will stoop to any level to scam and try to separate you from your money. you did good.


I would be wary, but I have written one lady on a dating site on behalf of a friend. He could not contact her directly because he was two years over the age limit she set.

All i did was send her a brief note explaining the situation and asking her to please check his profile (link provided, of course).

She ended up contacting him and they became friends.

On the other hand, if he doesn't have a profile, I'd probably recommend exactly what you did.


Total scam.
WAY too easy to check out his claims.
Active military are not prohibited from using dating sites.

They count on women being so desperate and so needy, that they'll jump at
any guy who expresses interest.
That is so obviously NOT you.
You were also much nicer in your reply than I would have been, if I even
replied at all.

If it happened on this site, you might want to let everyone know who it was
who contacted you with this bullshit.
At least forward the person's name to Admin for investigation.
Everyone should know who this is, if they're on this site.


Always a scam when there's lots of words but no real content. Just report, block, and move on. Not even fun to mess with them anymore.


This morning, I reported and blocked him.


You put far too much effort into that reply. Next time, a simple "piss off" will do or just delete it. Better still, copy/paste Pralina's response and send that. 👍


A scam. I have also had the same message from females allegedly for their male friends.


My thoughts are you gave out way too much info!!! No need for any detail about you or even a reply actually. This isn't Cyrano de Bergerac, it's just a scam as you saw.


Yes, almost certainly a scam. You are too polite, I would not have wasted any time on him. Just block and go.


If it's real, his friend's reasoning is pretty sad. I've never had someone ask for me, even as a "military man." I would just recommend you don't judge us all by the profession. Most active military and veterans are anti-war.

Marz Level 7 July 5, 2019

If you felt like having fun, you could set up a new, free e-mail account on hotmail for example. Then send him the e-mail address and see what happens. I bet it wouldn't be long before the scam developed into asking for your bank details or spinning a bad-luck tale, etc. That's when you play along until you get tired of it all and send a "Dear John" message, then close the account!


And another chapter is added to "Tales of the Litterate Hiker".... 😉


Scam. No doubt about it.


This morning I reported and blocked him.

To quote the scammer, my job is done.

Simple and logical solution to any unwanted attention or solicitation on the internet.


He is nuts! He thinks that women or (you) are desperate to have a date and he mentioned he wrote it in ' his behalf' gosh! Shame on that guy though. Plus military men have access on the internet on any page like civilian people but maybe it's quite limited but still, they have.🙂 You did good and still cool to replied that kind of crap.


"Just askin for a friend". Where have I heard or seen that before?


probably scam.


It's a scam. In the last 3 years I have seen this multiple times. There are people from third world countries who get paid to gather data. This is probably what is happening.
Another note. One of their favorite covers is to pretend to be military. Americans are presumed to be very supportive of those in the service.

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