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Gwen Shocks a Christian

I was in Walmart today and, as is my wont, struck up a conversation with young woman in the soft drink aisle. We exchanged pleasantries (I can be very pleasant when I choose to be) for about five minutes and then, wished each other to have a good day.

However, she added, "You are such a nice woman; you are so godly--it just shows."

I laughed, leaned forward, and said, "Oh, honey, that's funny because I am an atheist."

Her eyes grew huge and I bet her mouth dropped behind her mask.

She said, "No way!" But I nodded in the affirmative. She still looked surprised and added, "I'm going to pray for you and you are godly in some way."

I didn't say, "That's because I am a goddess."

Atheists are supposed to be dour, unhappy people--not happy, pleasant people who are funny and genial.

And all of you atheists who are getting dumped on, maybe it's your personalities. (Evil grin.)

Gwendolyn2018 8 Apr 13

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One of the benefits of being a Unitarian Universalist is that no one knows what the fuck that means. Sometimes even the u.u"s don't even agree.i love the deer in the headlights look too.

Long ago, I gave a lecture about goddesses at a UU church. I knew a couple of pagans who attended services there.


Well you are a goddess

Methinks that you are a bit biased--on the good side!


I joke 24/7, even my cardiologist who sees a lot of people remembered me from my heart attack because he says I’m the only person he has ever seen that was cracking one joke after another while experiencing a heart attack.
I really have a great attitude and I face the hard to face facts frankly enough that when posting here I’m sure people think I’m quite grim due to the subject matter.
Like millions died in WW2 but I still find Mel Brooks Hitler in Springtime humorous.

I don't think you're grim at all.

If we lose our humor, time to hang it up. I am reclusive and like to keep to myself--shopping is my social time. I talk to a few strangers and go home.

And decades ago, I made an appointment with my friend's gynecologist for a second opinion about an issue and to have a pap smear. My friends warned me that he was VERY serious and didn't smile often. As he was preparing to take the smear, he said it might uncomfortable: I responded that I had had dozens of paper smears. He said, "I understand, but I'm not sure if it ever gets better."

I responded, "I bet it never gets better on your end either."

He laughed out loud. My friend was shocked when I told her.

@Gwendolyn2018 I had a friend in college who’s father was a gynecologist and he was moving his office. I committed to help before the finals schedule came out and I ended up studying all night for my test, then taking my finals and then helping a medical office move for twelve hours.
The old couch wouldn’t have fit by size or decor so it stayed, so I lay down and took a nap 12 hours in on the exam table with my feet in the stirrups.
I’m so glad it was before smart phones and the World Wide Web, there would have been pranks and memes, so all I got was pranks.
No one had a camera, now everyone does as corrupt law enforcement is learning. How many more innocent people are going to get hassled? Less then 1984, that’s for sure.

My dad, because of where he lived was forced to be on the Hitler side of things.When he saw The Producers and the scene you mentioned he laughed so hard I thought he would hurt himself.

@Willow_Wisp Ha! I s'pose you could recreate the scene!

When I was in total heart block and spent a couple days in the hospital to get my first pacemaker, the one nurse in the special care unit told me as I was getting ready to leave that I was the healthiest sick person she had ever had! I was constantly joking around and kidding with the nurses and doctors when they would come in. Why be a sour puss!

@Barnie2years Ever seen an old Christian woman with her mouth pursed in disapproval? It always seems to be women who look like this--might be sexist to say it, but it is has been my experience.

@Gwendolyn2018 that wasn’t directed at you dear. I just meant even under bad circumstances there is no need not to keep your sense of humor. Being an Atheist I think actually helps with that.

@Barnie2years I didn't think it was directed at me!


Better goodly than godly.



That's cute. I remember telling a JW at the door that I was an atheist, and he told me he was sorry to hear it, which made me laugh. He came back the next day to apologize to me, which impressed me. Then I asked him if he wanted to help me sacrifice the goat in the back yard. And they say we have no sense of humor. LOL

I had the music director from the church a couple of houses down invite me to egg hunt on Easter. I told him I was an atheist and he said I could still come to the egg hunt. He was was nice kid, but I didn't go!

@Gwendolyn2018 Because a rabbit hiding eggs on the Sunday after the first full moon following the spring equinox isn't suspiciously pagan. Nope, not at all. 😉 Though honestly, atheism would be better with chocolate rabbits once a year. LOL


Being a goddess is good.
I have been asked after talking to people "What church do you go to"?
I just reply that I do not attend church and leave it at that. because of my volunteering and stuff I have to work with the people here in town Don't want to frighten them.

When I first moved into my house--which is on a corner in a semi-rural area--people would stop their cars in the road when I was working in my yard, asking if I "had" a church yet. I told them that I wasn't religious and not looking for a church. Most of them let it go, but one guy tried everything he could think of to get me to come to his church. He explained that there was a potluck on Tuesday (or Wednesday) nights and I could come to eat but wouldn't have to bring anything. No, thanks. I've been here for almost 12 years, so they don't stop any longer (except to compliment on my yard).


No more my personality than yours . It's what they've been taught to think of non believers , a bit like all witches wear tall pointy hats and ride broom sticks .

Very much so.


My favorite response is, "...but, you're so nice!"


Mine, too! After all, everyone knows that atheists are NOT nice.


Always thought, atheists are not bad, but damn, we need to hire a better PR group.

For a nominal fee, I will head a committee.


Better than my dad's reaction. When I told him I'm agnostic, all he could say was, "I don't believe in hate." Wouldn't elaborate.

I wonder if his perception is that agnostics hate Christians and hate god?


Lol! Good times rock,, I was told I was a good Christian too,, told them not to worry,,,I won’t nail you to a cross,,, jaw dropped,,shock! You could see the horror in the face!

Other people have expressed their surprise when I told them I was atheist and one even apologized for saying "have a blessed day." I told her that did not offend me. My reply to this latest woman, though, shook her badly because it meant that her "Christian radar" had failed her. Hence, her last comment that I was "godly" without knowing it.


I love shocking well meaning people that way - often they don't think they've ever met an atheist and they have a preconceived notion that I love dispelling! What? Atheists are sweet normal people? Yep, we are! 🙂

Well, some of us are! But the dour atheist are dour by nature, not because of their lack of belief.

@Gwendolyn2018 Same with dour christians, it's their nature, or maybe "resting dour face syndrome" haha.

@Julie808 My sister says I look too friendly. I have tried resting dour face, doesn't work.


I get remarked on how happy and smiley I always am 😂

Mvtt Level 6 Apr 13, 2021

You are not a good atheist! Try to be more dour.


We Atheists are just supposed to be grumpy. No life, no fun, no nothing 🙄🙄🙄😂😂😂😂😂 Gwen don't you know these are the rules of our Atheist Overlords?!?

Dammit. Once again, no one gave me a rulebook. I also don't know how to act according to my great age of 68--no manual.


All believers know that the atheist is a bad person or just misinformed. Remember that in the film "God is Dead" the atheist was just pissed off coz god killed his father. In the end, the atheist got saved too. I think the Pope must have saw that film. LOL

I didn't see the picture, but maybe the Pope did see it!


Wonder if you had said "I believe in Biden" if she'd've hissed like a cat and spat some holy water at you....

This woman was definitely not Catholic! She would have just said she would pray for me harder.


The most rewarding to me is the aghast expressions people exhibit upon meeting an actual atheist. My caretakers aunt, Mexican Catholic, crossed herself repeatedly & recoiled as if I was, well, infected. More afraid of my godlessness than the TRUMP virus. She still can't believe that good deeds reside within an atheists actions. So funny.

I'm jealous! No one ever crossed him/herself in fear of me.


Great story


That’s typical. I used to think same way when I was Christian. You are taught goodness comes from god and those who don’t know god can’t be good. The truth is some of the worst people sit on the front pew at church

I was not a "good" Christian--I didn't try to evangelize people and never considered atheists to be "bad." This might have been due to my own struggles with believing prior to "accepting" Jesus. The acceptance was based on fear, but I got over that.

@Gwendolyn2018 I never did like evangelizing and thought it rude.

@abyers1970 Same here--I also knew that efforts to evangelize me were worthless. I ostensibly became a Christian base don my needs and not by the blandishments of others.

@Gwendolyn2018 I was a kid and I didn’t want to go to hell. I didn’t really believe the Bible story but the preacher scared the crap out of me with hell

@abyers1970 Exactly! And everything I seemed to think or want to do seemed to be a sin.


God! .....I've met many a asshole religious person. Jesus! about dour people. Good Lord!..... I'm not just talking about the old and cranky either.

twill Level 7 Apr 14, 2021

Oh, so have I! I have a couple of encounters with strangers who told me that I was going to hell. They were mean and nasty, and they hid behind a façade of self-righteousness.


A few times I've helped old women just because it's the human thing to do. Usually with bags onto/off of buses or with shopping items that are heavy or out of reach. Several times I've been told 'how Christian of you'. If I'm feeling they were just trying say a super thank you, then I'll reply, no it's very human. If they are somewhat of a pin head, then perhaps I'll deny that I persecute people because they think slightly differently to me and so on....

Some people (all Christian) cannot seem to grasp that people do not need religion as a moral compass. Empathy is what drives people to be kind; atheists/agnostics are kind despite no promise of "reward" for being so.

@Gwendolyn2018 sometimes I enjoy reminding Christians about the Spanish Inquisition. How very Christian to burn the heretic!

@Sofabeast I don't talk to many Christians (except my sister, and she doesn't count) but in the past, I have reminded them about things ranging from bashing babies' heads against rocks to the Crusades and burning witches. They always have answers, i.e. the babies would just grow up to be enemies of Israel and the Crusaders weren't REAL Xtians. I once gave a lecture on the history of Xtianity to some JWs and they left looking dazed. I know more about the history and the Bible than do the vast majority of Xtians.


I have met some dour atheists. But most in my company, including myself, are quite filthy minded and jovial.😉
Whenever someone asks me if I'm a believer I always laugh and say "why"? Throws them every time.

Ohhh I like that! I’m going to start replying that way as well

I have had quite a few Christians say to me, "I have a serious question; why are you an atheist?" It is useless to explain why as they think that they successfully counter every argument. I used to try to explain, but now, I say, "Because I don't believe in a god." End of story.


Congratulations, when that happens it does kind of knock christians off center doesn't it. 🤣

A man once asked me if I have long hair for religious reasons. I told him that I am an atheist and wear my hair long because I like it long. After he got over the shock, he said, "Well, there is a god." I replied, "So I've been told." He could think of nothing else to say.


When I have told people they are usually shocked, an ordinary looking granny is an atheist! 😀

Leelu Level 7 Apr 13, 2021

I have been told that I always look pissed off. If that keeps people away, then I am singing and dancing inside, filled with joy and bliss.

I LIKE to talk to people, but on my terms--and then, I go home.

Same here. I tend to be a very pleasant person. After ten minutes, they can piss off.


@Holysocks Exactly! I don't want to exchange phone numbers, make a lunch date, etc.

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