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Was chatting with a gentleman , who chose to brag about the size of his package . He commented , that a lady he had been with claimed he was so big , that it hurt her , and she cried when they had sex . Is this common ? Have others had size differences that caused problems in a relationship ?

Cast1es 9 Aug 6
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Bragging about size is common for men, but it's for something he didn't earn, it's genetics, so totally without merit.

This fellow seems to show a deep shallowness by his claim, since he seems to offer no concern for the lady he hurt. A gentleman would have stopped at first whimper and taken steps to ease her discomfort or come up with a solution that would be pleasureable and pain-free for both.

An unusually large (or small) package may take some time to adapt too, but usually a female can accommodate and adjust comfortably to over time. There are things like ovarian cysts and such which can make a woman hurt no matter the size of the package she's receiving.

I had a short lived relationship with an extremely well endowed fellow. He knew he was larger than most, so he was experienced in ways to make it more comfortable. His size wouldn't have been a long lasting problem over time, had we been a better match personality-wise.

Julie808 Level 8 Aug 10, 2020

it is very real and goes way back in time. There is even writings about it in the Kamasutra. My guess would be this woman has a very small vagina and never had children, or he may of been bragging to impress you.

The vagina is designed to stretch. Unless someone has surgery that reduces its size, penetration can happen.

@UUNJ Penetration can happen but it can be uncomfortable or worse.

@RonWilliam53 Trust me on this. There’s always a reason for discomfort, and it’s usually not the size of the vagina.

@UUNJ ummm...i disagree. When the penis hits the cervix repeatedly, some women experience pain. There are different size (as in length) of vaginas.

Unless the person has vaginismus or dyspareunia that is. There are valid medical conditions that make all sex uncomfortable for a small segment of women.

@demifeministgal I allowed for medical conditions.

@demifeministgal, @Cabsmom That’s usually a tipped uterus issue and falls under technique—the couple can try different positions. In the rare instance the penis is “too big”, wearing soft silicone rings at the base can remind him not to go all the way in It boils down to the guy caring, and that guy clearly doesn’t.


From counseling more couples than I can remember, I think any guy who brags about his penis is a loser.

mischl Level 8 Aug 6, 2020

TA! If you have impressed the guys in the locker room all your life I guarantee you never bothered to learn anything that would please a partner.


Tell this man ''It's not how deep you plow It's how long you stay in the field".

freeofgod Level 8 Aug 6, 2020

And, for nearly 75% of women, whether he can find her clitoris. “Staying in the field” may feel good but it alone doesn’t lead to orgasm for most wome.


What I heard is she cried and he continued. This is not someone I want in my life.


This guy didn't care he hurt her what a douche bag

bobwjr Level 10 Aug 6, 2020

That man is insensitive.. I wouldn't speak to him or respond to him...


Can women please stop talking about men's sizes and keep it to themselves? I avoid women talking about hookups, wanting gifts, money and women who are scammers. Both sexes have awful experiences because there are lousy men and lousy women.

Is this a boys or girls' locker room?

St-Sinner Level 9 Aug 6, 2020

HE was the one talking about his size . I've never even met him in person .


My wife used to complain early on, before she lost all interest in sex.

Perhaps that's WHY she lost interest in sex ?

@Cast1es She's the only one who ever complained, but she lost interest in sex when she started taking Prozac for wild mood swings.


Can men please stop talking about their sexual prowess even before a first date? It screams of insecurity. I don’t need to know immediately whether someone takes Viagra or not. Show me that you are kind and fun and smart and compassionate. The rest will work itself out.
As for this jerk? Clueless and selfish. Good sex doesn’t hurt unless both people are into intentional pain. Otherwise, there may be a medical issue, an arousal issue, a timing issue, a lubrication issue, or a technique issue. I’m guessing this guy ploughs in and gets off harming his partners.
The vagina is a muscle that can stretch to deliver a baby. Barring medical conditions or structural changes like scar tissue or surgery, nearly all vaginas can accommodate any size penis or toy with sufficient time, attention and lubricant.

UUNJ Level 8 Aug 6, 2020

Exactly. Time, loving care, and lube.

While I agree with nearly everything you say , here in the US , they typically slice you open for baby delivery , and stitch you up afterwards .

@Cast1es That doesn’t impact anything.


I know for a fact that size doesn't's how we use what we have that matters...


Maybe she had a condition? Like vaginusmus or dyspareunia? And had nothing to do with his size.
OR he was larger than avg and she was smaller than avg and it did indeed hurt. I have experienced that in the past it requires alot of foreplay and lubrication ahem. Did it cause problems? No because we established and cultivated other types of sex, and did not prioritize or rely on penile penetration sex.

this explains


Bragging about causing pain? I think he might be looking for shock effect.

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