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Do you "dress your age"? Exactly what does that actually mean anyway? What does that mean to you? Do people tell you you should be dressing more your age? (This topic probably has been discussed here before; if so, my apologies)

At 47, I dress mostly in jeans or leggings (or yoga pants), t-shirts or tank tops, hoodies, and sneakers. Sometimes I might wear short dresses, short shorts, or short skirts. Heck, I've been known to wear a tutu. I don't own blouses (anything with buttons) or slacks or power suits or blazers. Dog forbid, I should wear pantyhose or nylons (ugh). Sometimes, I might wear my hair in pig tails or braids.

Do we actually need to dress our age? I get that you have to respect dress codes and such and not be inappropriately dressed in certain situations (weddings, funerals, etc.). But what does age have to do with your clothing choices?

graceylou 8 Aug 23

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I don't think I dress my age. I dress rather conservatively and covered up. So very rarely can you see skin or even curves if I am wearing loose jeans or dress pants. So because I do not dress like a scantily clad sex worker and do not "flaunt it" people assume I dress older or younger than I actually am. But why the fck must I dress like a sex kitten and flaunt it? Maybe I do not want to flaunt anything because that garners more attention from perverts and creepers. Let the others flaunt it and deal with the unwanted attention! NO THANK YOU!

You dress however you like, but just because others want to show skin doesn't mean they are dressing like sex workers and want attention from perverts and creepers. The word "conservative" isn't even in my vocabulary.

@graceylou There are some that do dress like sex workers. And you misunderstand me. My criticism is mainly geared at the socialization and the marketing that teaches women, particularily young women, that their worth lies in their looks and they must dress a given way for the male gaze. And then with all the women/girl that internalize that BS narrative/message and try to encourage others to follow suit.

I dress, frankly, sexy, and find No "unwanted attention" because my behavior is pretty conservative....i worked in a shipyard with about 6 women and over 20,000 men for 13 years, I know how to project my intentions, or lack of them, with no problem

@AnneWimsey well yeaa but older women apparently become "invisible" or so I have heard/read. So it's way easier at your age. Unwanted attention has nothing to do with mannerisms btw (I am pretty shy myself) and has everything to do with if you are read as being female. Guys that engage in street harassment are not doing it with any dating intentions but to show off to their neanderthal buddies or to assert their masculinity/dominance.

@demifeministgal not invisible at all, in fact loud & proud and just rejected a 52-year old (I am 70 ).
And street whistles are aimed at anything remotely female, why would you take a knee-jerk reaction personally?

@AnneWimsey Alright then, perhaps less visible than one was in their youth? Perhaps you are the outlier to the data and the anecdotes? IDK... though I was looking forward to becoming invisible and now you have burst my bubble! 😟 :/

Because it is disrespectful and anxiety inducing, personally. I just wish I could be left alone 100% of the time by men. And even if I were to don a burqa or niqab the fckers still would not leave me alone. :/

@demifeministgal i enjoy the company of men, after 13 years in a shipyard am much more at ease with them than with women, generally speaking. Most are pretty harmless, altho maybe an alligator mouth un-backed-up by a hummingbird ass, lol! Don't take it so personally, i assure you they aren't......


I just had a breast reduction, and am enjoying backless, strapless, etc for the first time in my 70 years! My "age" is feeling FREE,

Go you!!!!!!

@PalacinkyPDX Such a cliche to say i should have done it 20 years ago....i should have done it 50 years ago, LOL!

more folks should be aware of the insurrection


I wear what I want.


In the summer, I flit around in short, little skirts and dresses. Great legs from hiking and running. Why not show off my best asset?

At 65, I'm still going strong.

Also, I finally learned slender people look best in clothes that follow the lines of our bodies. Instead of wearing a tent. Photos:

  1. September 2018. A summer dress I made.
  2. August 2015
  3. December 2015, ready for New Year's Eve!

You look impossibly good for 65, improbably good for 55, and unlikely good for 45! Apart from the hiking, how are you doing it? Or what are you taking? We should be told! ?.


Aww..gee..shucks.. (sound of scraping boot.) Thank you so much!

Since age 21, I have been regularly weightlifting, hiking, backpacking, running, swimming, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and stretching. Endorphins are addictive.

In 2017, I set a personal record by hiking 326 miles with 64,200 feet of elevation gain. Spectacular mountain vistas, high alpine lakes, white glaciers and jagged mountain peaks. Love it.

My Mom was considered an exercise fanatic and a health nut. She fed us low-fat, healthy food. I took it to a new level. Thanks, Mom!

At age 22, my youngest sister got skin cancer. I was 27. That was my wakeup call, and the last year I had a tan. Since then, I have worn sunscreen every day, year-round, on my face and neck, and a wide-brimmed hat while hiking and gardening. That's why my skin looks good.

So, I have never smoked, avoid alcohol and never drink soda pop. Also, don't eat deep fried food, fast food, hamburgers, donuts or pizza: all the high fat, processed, sugary junk foods that Americans love.

My dad died of cancer at age 51. I was 24. Immediately I eliminated from my diet preserved meats with cancer-causing nitrites and nitrates. Bacon, ham, pepperoni, salami, etc.

Instead of buying processed food, I cook from scratch at home. I eat 4-5 small meals per day.

Once a year, I enjoy a rib-eye steak when finding morel mushrooms in May. SautΓ© the morels with olive oil, butter and garlic: WOW!

Bottom line: a healthy lifestyle gets results. Exercise and enjoy eating healthy, whole foods. Protect your skin from the sun. Drink lots of water. Be optimistic and upbeat. Have fun! It shows.

You remind me of Sally Fields!


Other people have said I look like Sally Fields. Also, Jackie Onassis.

Thank you!


When I pulled into my brothers funeral couple months ago- I found our recent house fire left my rarely used hippie blazer & black silk shirt way too too smokey! So I showed up in my bob Marley t shirt. I couple distant relatives came up & started very interesting conversations about their secret SDS & protest days!! Fascinating! I love them all the more now!
Be your self!!


After turning 75 I've reverted to the simplified version of dress up. Blue jeans and t-shirts. Unless it's snowing.


I was raised with the saying "dressing well is a sign of good manners". And when I go out in public I'm not fancy but decently attired. As an artist and seamstress, I wear styles and colors I feel benefit me, regardless of any "age appropriate" issue. What is that anyway? A well cut article of clothing can do wonders for your form, as will picking the correct weight of fabric. Too thin of fabric results in every bump and bulge showing. A bit heavier fabric will magically camouflage them! Age be damned! But it seems the older I get, the more I wear skirts and dresses. They're pretty and fun.


I still wear cargo shorts.

Nothing wrong with that!


I wear what makes me feel good and what fits right. And pig tails are great. I may do that tommorrow.


Yep, absolutely! At my age, I should dress comfy and I know that cuz I say it's true

As ken Kesey said at the end of his testimony for Timothy Leary: β€œ that’s the truth, even if it never happened! β€œ


Blue jeans, and a white Oxford shirt, and my Sketchers.
That's pretty much what I've been wearing for decades.


I was a suit for years, went back to being a hippie, the universe seems ok with it?


Where do I find out how my age is supposed to dress? By my "age", my Italian grandmother was round and wearing long black dresses every day.



I'm 59. I like wearing cute clothes, shoes make up. Almost always. I rock a cute haircut. I think that's appropriate for me. I like nice things, and think I look great and in shape for my age. β™₯ I'm tallish, so my everyday outfit consists of skinny jeans, a nice feminine top or blouse, and super cute usually animal print flats or other great flats. Bright pink lips, blush, and lots of mascara. I'll wear a flannel and/or and men's style plaid shirts to work and converse, or cute sneakers. When I work. I do work in construction with almost entirely all men, so it it is a little challenging to pull off cute all the time, but I think I have nailed it.

I would agree.


I have no idea what that phrase means. If we attend to "dress our age", we are allowing others to dictate our behavior.


I've worn Levis 501s and a Tommy Bahama raw silk shirt for the last 20 years, this was my standard work attire when I was building hotels in the Caribbean. The raw silk wears like iron and the blue jeans plus Blundstones or similar with a green patch are mandatory. I've been retired for 9 years now but I still wear the same outfit most days, it's a lot easier than wearing tailor made suits like I did in my 20's and 30's.


perhaps it is more important to dress one's size rather than age ...

Sometimes I can’t find my size and have to go with bigger.

@graceylou my poor daughter (2πŸ€“ still has to buy kids clothes ... she blames me for having transmitted the dwarf gene ... age 28.not 2 πŸ€“

@PontifexMarximus I’m not tiny. I wear a regular size small or around size 5/6. But people have complained that stores don’t stock realistic sizes so now they rarely stock my size because apparently I’m not a realistic size because I’m not size 14 or larger.

@graceylou my daughter has the same problem ... often people tell her that she is too slim as if she was anorexic ... she's just small but well proportioned, but is clasdified as "abnormal"

@PontifexMarximus So she knows exactly how I feel. My friend who is larger says that size 14-16 is the average size and therefore normal. I’m not a normal size. They don’t need to stock a lot for us not normal humans.

@graceylou yes ... she does ... there is always some passive aggression ... one of her colkeagues, age 22, weighing in at more than 2.5 times her wieght, frequently mocks her

@PontifexMarximus Where I used to work they worry I might not be able to lift a heavier dog into the tub to get cleaned, because I’m much smaller than my coworkers. They really had no idea how much I can lift. I’m small but I’m strong.

@graceylou they don't realise that you have lug much less body mass

@PontifexMarximus Still I’m not considered within current average range by far so I must not be served the same as average women when it comes to clothing. I tend to be seen as having something wrong with me. And I’m not tiny. I’m over 5’3 and 115 lbs. A friend of mine is 4’11 and 88 lbs. she’s more of an outlier than I am for sure.

@graceylou Try Talbots....things fit in the shoulder & crotch for smaller people, so you don't look like you borrowed your dad's clothes...they are not cheap but have Unbelievable sales! My tiny girlfriend, and others of her stature, swear by Talbots!

@AnneWimsey I would probably not find anything to wear there. Cardigans, blazers, blouses, slacks, dress jeans. I don't wear any of those.

This is more my style and like in the picture (This is my favourite brand):



I dress kinda twenties style.

Coldo Level 8 Aug 24, 2018

That is cool. I have a flapper dress.

@graceylou Excellent. I attend a Twenties dance regularly The Gatsby,strict dress code.Great night.


I don't think that should even be a thing. I say dress how you feel like dressing, to express yourself, a d to be comfortable. No other reason matters (although if you do corporate work you might need a couple of suites, which I personally utterly despise and forever happy that I don't have to.)

Nada Level 3 Aug 24, 2018

I am technically the CEO of my corporation (on paper anyway). LOL. My corporate work includes playing with dogs and getting grubby. Jeans and t-shirt are standard office wear.

@graceylou your corporation sounds lovely!


Dress the way that makes you feel good, don't worry about what others think. Of course I am going to deviate on one fashion trend "Thongs". YIKES!!!, some people definitely should not wear them. Actually I am just going to say that most people shouldn't wear them, but hey that's just my opinion...... what do I know?

There is a time and place for thongs. They are super uncomfortable. I might wear thong undies when I wear tight body-fitting dresses and don't want panty lines showing through. Or if I wear a skirt for dance with slits way up my thighs.

@graceylou while I was partially joking, what I had in mind was the thongs people wear to the beach with nothing else. Perfectly happy to find a pair of thongs on my girlfriend, if she's cool with it. Please please just don't ask me to wear one........ha ha

@marksam8484 I don't know. I think you would look hot parading in nothing but a hot pink thong.


An interesting question. I think it's fine to have one's own style, which may or may not fit other's perception of age-appropriate. Be reasonable: If you don't like suits but it's a formal affair, go with the flow.

Where I see this being charged revolves around the objectification of women when they've internalized it. I cringe. Examples include say a 60-something woman trying to look like a 25-year-old, or a 12-year-old girl tarted up like a little prostitute. It's not OK.

Yes, dressing the way you want is usually fine except in the cases that you mentioned. I can easily pull off a Hello Kitty top and short frilly skirt because I don't look like I'm in my 40s. On the other hand, I can hardly pull off a blouse and a blazer without someone asking me if I'm going to a special event.

@Liberty I agree. I am talking about more-extreme cases. Yes, mature sexuality


I'm 55, Gracey, you wear whatever the hell you want. Screw the prudes.


Oh good grief no. I actively avoid trying to dress my age. How boring. πŸ˜€

Right. Me too.

@graceylou Great minds think alike. πŸ˜€


I pretty much wear what i like but, if I think the outfit is borderline, I ask my 33 yr old, brutally honest son, "does this outfit make me look 50 trying to be 15?" He has solid fashion sense. Feck me if i know where he got it.


I just wear what's most comfortable for me..always.
I design/make most of my own clothes, so now lean toward Thai designs and wear stretch cotton T-shirts.

Pic taken this Christmas at a local store.

Looks very comfortable.


I never got that memo either. I dress for comfort. In Florida it means t-shirt and cargo pants.

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