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So, an acquaintance that you run into every week posts THIS; "Muslims HATE pork, beer, bikinis, JESUS, dogs... So, why are they coming into this country?!" You, 1. Ignore, keep scrolling, 2. Comment that, actually, the ones disseminating the post are the haters, 3. Ponder the use of the word hate in order to beget hatred, and the susceptibility of brainwashed idiots to this type of propaganda., or 4. Choose to not create waves, thereby rendering yourself culpable by silently condoning it?

friendlycatlady 5 May 5

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Block the bigot ....shame the fool by private msg


You could just reply with this...

Remi Level 7 May 6, 2019

I could make that work for me....far too rational though....they would probably think you were agreeing with them

Wise, Yoda is.


Because in America, we don't have to all like the same things...


It is hard not to react when you feel you might have a chance to educate, but it usually turns out to be a waste of time I'm afraid.

YES! an OVERT Waste of time!


I would comment: "Perhaps they hate poverty, discrimination and being shot at, more."

Should my government start dropping bombs on me, it'd put it on the top of the reasons to run away. Maybe to Canada. Sweden would do. Like, dude, you ever seen a war zone? Why would you want to live there?


For starts, Muslims don't HATE pork, beer, bikinis, JESUS, dogs.

But, even if they did, the ones I know love mom, apple pie, and tolerance, which makes them more American that somebody spewing that nonsense.

Hey, did I put Muslims into the equation? No belief system was mentioned. Neither Christians, Jews, Muslims or any other belief system. They're all OK as long as they don't encourage violence. The christians did violence thingo during the crusades, I guess they're getting back at us.

@jules4169, I was responding to the original post, which quite clearly mentions Muslims.


Hmmm, maybe say something like "I didn't know it was mandatory to wear bikinis, drink beer, eat pork, and own dogs in this country." Hopefully that's not too subtle?

Exactly, it's like the post is saying that they hate everything that's American. It's a total denial that this country embraces other cultures and diversity, and an assertion that everyone who is not a hillbilly redneck is un-American.

@friendlycatlady those are sad, sad people, and they're obviously scared of multiculturalism. Which I wish had been a thing 20 years earlier!


It would depend on how I am feeling and who the person is, but I have become more inclined to think that silence implies agreement. I have had many lengthy conversations with people who are expressing homophobic comments, in order to make it clear that I am an LGBT ally. I have had fellow workers, old friends, acquaintances and even (adoptive)relatives I have known my entire life express racist comments about Muslims. I tell them that I would not exist, if it were not for an earlier migration of Muslims from one of them was my great-grandfather. I don’t like conflict, so I always aim to be diplomatic and reasonable, while letting them know I am in no way agreeing with them.

LB67 Level 7 May 6, 2019

I don't think you gain inherited culpability simply by not addressing every statement you run across that you don't agree with. So whether or not you respond, is up to you. You're under no obligation. If it were me though I would point out that Christians hate freedom of speech, freedom of religion, separation of church and state, and the recently legalized gay marriage but they're still here.


I know Muslims do not "hate Jesus". They consider him a great and very important prophet(but not god).


I tend to unfollow the religious nutters on my fbook feed otherwise I suspect I'd have fewer fbook friends and be in never ending debates/arguments with fragile christians. I say fragile because curse words, unlike bigotry against other humans, gravely offends them. Yet homophobia and other types of bigotry is A-okay. heh


This meme kinda sums up my issue with the mentality of a lot of Muslims who immigrate to the U.S. It is far more common an attitude than those who are seeking freedom from religious persecution.

I have nothing against people wanting to come live here, but I do have an issue with them expecting us to change our laws and traditions to better suit their religious beliefs - especially when they violate the natural rights and freedoms that our constitution protects.

One wonders if the country they are fleeing from is so great why then do they want to bring the same oppressive constrains and discrimination along with them to clone a horrid existence here!

That is why evangelist are nothing more but cult members, just sheep being lead to slaughter!

I can assure you that the greater majority that want to change laws in the country they move to are minimal. Media and politicians want us to believe that it is not so. Fanatics are in every religion and country, just look at the religious nutters in the US who are not Muslims. If you look at how many people die in terrorist attacs in the US you will see that most of those are perpetrated by white right wing young men.

@Jolanta Not even close. 9/11 killed almost 3,000 people. White right wing young men have a lot of catching up to do. I really question who is misled here.

@Piratefish @Jolanta Anyone who believe that any other religion is as evil as Islam is in deliberate denial of current world events.

@PBuck0145 You need to read the Quran, which I have and also red the Bible and I can tell you that the Bible is way more violent than any other so called holy text I have red.

@PBuck0145, @Piratefish So do you think that Christians who kill people are true to their religion?

@Jolanta You need to stop your diversion attempts, and acknowledge the relevance of actions, vs the content of ancient texts. Can you supply evidence of atrocities committed in this century by Christians, where those atrocities are a significant fraction of the those committed by followers of "the prophet"?

@PBuck0145 I shall start with this: President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theatre in Washington D.C. Booth's co-conspirators were to launch simultaneous attacks on Vice President Andrew Johnson and Secretary of State William H. Seward, but Seward's attacker failed to kill him and Johnson's lost his nerve. Booth was killed after a 12-day manhunt, and several of his co-conspirators were later arrested and executed. Terrorism done by good American Christians, and there are many more.

@Jolanta Still way, way, way behind the 3,000 killed on 9/11 alone. Add in all the other people killed by Muslim terrorists, and the white Christians don't even come close. Not even in the same galaxy. Christians are far more of a pain in the ass than killers. The ones who do commit violent acts almost always have mental health issues that are the likely cause. But if you want to believe the real threat comes from young, white, Christian men, be my guest. Nevermind the fact that the data does not support this particular liberal agenda.

@Piratefish The real threat doesn't come from white christian males. Tell it to al the school shootings that happen on a almost weekly basis in the US. How about the recent shooting at the mosque in New Zealand by a Australian Christian male. Where do you get your data from. It is not like it is not the white Christian males that don't do the shootings, they do. Why are you talking about liberal agenda in a derogatory fashion by the way. Do you think that I or people who are liberal should be ashamed of it in any kind of way. You need to look into what it really means for everyone.


I know myself well enough to know that I would feel compelled to jump in an point out the errors and bigotry of the poster, which would undoubtedly turn into some kind of idiotic debate that I would soon tire of. Arguing with cretins is always a futile endeavor, but I do it anyway, because I am an idiot, and I want the assholes to know that at least one person finds their comments to be just so much excrement, as if they cared about my opinion.


Ignorance breeds bigotry, tough to deal with ignorant people especially when confronted with the truth, what s/he writes is absolutely inaccurate, especially the part of hating jesus, in fact all muslims consider jesus as a prophet, the quran name for jesus is ISA, son of Mary or Maryam the Virgin and all muslims are obligated to say "peace be upon him" when mentioning Jesus (ISA), and in fact Maryam has a whole chapter in the Quran and is even mentioned more times in the Quran than in the new testament. So this idea that they hate Jesus is just ignorant..


I'm in for opinion number 2. How do we know what Muslims hate? After 911 some American guys went to a gas station and killed an Indian Sikh. This shows how ignorant hate is.


That is the Problem most do not understand the dangers of these evangelist cults who consider anyone not under their dominance a full scale enemy!


How about this as a reply:

Interesting. This list could also be applied to Hassidic Jews, minus the beer, but plus cheeseburgers. Or some Hindus, minus the pork, plus beef. Or Hare Krishnas, but go totally vegetarian. Or the Amish, minus the Jesus, dogs, beer and pork, but add in all modern technology. Or Athiests, just do everything but the Jesus bit?
Isn't living in a religiously diverse country wonderful?
Why are you so scared of it?


Muslims don't hate Jesus. They see him as a prophet.


Let's see: The Amish don't drink beer, wear bikinis, often mistreat their animals. They do love Jesus, but dress funny and refuse to serve in the military, don't fly flags on their property. Guess we should get rid of all them too. I would also point out that the Puritans were torturing women they thought were witches and killing them, why did we let them stay. All kinds of ways to respond that are simply pointing out the obvious and won't faze anyone who feels like your aquaintance anyway. But it's good to bring things up, unless it's someone you are close too and would rather sneak up on the suject over a longer time period.


I agree that we have a moral obligation to call people out on this type of behavior.


Arguing with bigotry using facts and logic is a losing proposition. I have unfriended people with a similar points of view, on social media and in person. At one point of my life, I'd just ignore and pretend nothing was said, but I find I can't do that anymore.


Islam is an evangelical cult dominated by a very very anti feminist, pedophilic, murderous, genocidal males!

Too which domination and absolute control of all living things is their only mission on this planet!

A-pure insidious plague upon mankind and this planet!

I bet you fold a really mean foil hat.

HUmm....have you visited a full frontal jesus cult? like the Amish? Do you know any Hasidic jews?

They all oppress from the same few lines of random bullshit.

Your reality is not in reality!
Living among Jews and other sects of so called Christians you start to realize that they actually want to be left alone and not interfere with!

If a total Jewish present of just under 18 million Jews on the entire planet is threatened to 1.75 billion Islamic followers, one wonders why your head is stuck we’re the sun does not shine!

Maybe you and your whole clan should move to one of the 52 Sharia governed countries to exercise your right to have BS so you can see what real oppression truly is!

@of-the-mountain What...? Slut...?

If Christians could stone you at the gate they would.

Muslims are mostly just enforcing old testament law..


You are so out of touch!

If you only knew one tenth of what you thought you knew you would not be so dangerous!

These are male driven anti feminist, pedophilic, murderous genocidal cults!

They referenced the dogma to dominate the likes of you who believe their leaders are actually following the dogma they preach!

@of-the-mountain You're wasting your time on this site. There are far too many blind liberals who long ago started thinking in "black and white". From their point of view, just about everything and anything is bigotry or racism, and there is no reasoning with them at all.

It's truly ironic that they are just as close-minded as the conservatives they hate so much. For both groups, blind allegiance to their parties is all that matters. Many haven't stopped to use logic or reason in quite some time: as I said, for them, everything is in black and white. You cannot point out inconsistencies to them; they are incapable of seeing them or understanding them.

You're better off just keeping some thoughts to yourself here. Otherwise, the political fanatics come out of the woodwork on you. It's just as bad as the religious zealots in many ways.


You can take a horse to water, you sure as hell can not make him/her to take a bath!

Just like the Facebook trolls!

When you can not state facts or support them attack!

Both sides of the fence want what is on the other side!

This has become the evangelist approach of trump and his republican Fascists using religious dogma as their rallying cry!

The reality is they are all being Pimped by the wealthy and their corporations!


Republicans are red
Democrats are blue
And neither one of them
Gives a fuck about you


Took you long enough no one gives a fuck about anyone!

@of-the-mountain I think it's more accurate to say that no political party gives a fuck about anyone but the very wealthy.


trump and his republican fascists cohorts are pimped by the wealthy and their corporations, most of if not all the democrat's are lying in the same garden of eden they think they are creating!


Hillary is just as beholden to banks and the ultra wealthy. She routinely collects $225,000 a pop to speak at their functions, and had over $15 million donated from Wall Street to her presidential campaign. Anyone who thinks she cares about the poor or minorities is a fool. She might do a little more for them than Trump is, but that's like saying she's better because she would toss them a few more stale breadcrumbs than the Orange Asshole is. No, she serves the super wealthy, too. Most of everything else are lies or lip service.


Well, kiddo, they definitely got it wrong re beer and bikinis. I luuuuv the 2 b's.


Ha, all the Muslims I've ever met don't even dislike pork they just abstain from it, they like beer and bikinis and believe in the same god as the christians, Jews don't like Jesus either, neither do the rest of sane people.


I don't eat pork ( no gall bladder ). I don't like beer ( beer is for people who like to pee ). I don't wear a bikini ( my bikini days ended in my 30's ). I have never met Jesus ( I'm sure he was a fine fellow, though his father is a dick ). I do love dogs, but according to this, I should be deported for not being American enough. Who knew?


Lots of PC responses to this PC post.
In reality, the immigrants are either intentionally or unwittingly facilitating the Islam imperialistic agenda.

They have a long way to catch up to we Anglos


All I know is that I like pork, beer, bikinis (Not in that order though). What was the question again?

If they're eating pork and washing it down with beer, you don't want to see them in bikinis.

@WonderWartHog99 Hats off, you found the one way to ruin it for me LOL

@IamNobody It's an observation from a series of affairs with hot babes: they're two points shy of starving themselves to death. It's why when food or beer commercials come on with hot shapely women, I know they wouldn't eat and drink like that. They stay nearly starving all the time so they can look like that. There's a lot of them that almost live at the gym burning off what food they do eat.

It's why they look so good in a bikini.

@WonderWartHog99 Truth! All of the girls I watched on TV sitcoms, like Susan Day, and Dana Plato, were impossibly thin. Also that gorgeous girl, Misha Barton from the OC. TV normalizes being skinny so that men expect their GFs to look like that, and the girls feel pressured to starve themselves. All of those girls, it turns out suffered from eating disorders.

@friendlycatlady normalizes being skinny so that men expect their GFs to look like that,

I am happier with an intelligent woman I can hook up to a plow and doesn't spend our restaurant dates staring at the food she ordered but isn't going to eat.

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