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Name Something Christians say when they know they are losing an argument with an atheist.

UrsiMajor 8 June 25

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Arn't you worried about your soul, as if the argument beyond that gets very far. They can't get their brainwashed minds around the idea that in our minds such a thing is a pointless worry.

azzow2 Level 9 June 25, 2019

I would say - sold the ol' soul to Satan for a night of pleasure with the hottest babe in the world. Yea Satan! All hail the king!

@UrsiMajor That would not work for me either mostly because I could not bend my mind around any mythology what so ever.


"You just want to keep on sinning."

That's one thing I love about the term secular humanist

Oh yeah! Bring on more sinning. It’s such fun!

Winning an argument with an intelegent person is difficult,...winning an argument against someone stupid,or in a ''faith''is impossible


Geez Louise, have you got at least 2 life times for me to list their inane responses?

  1. The Bible is the word of God, EVERYTHING it states is 100% true,
  2. You are a Heathen/Pagan, you will be going to Hell for not believing in God/Jesus,
  3. Their best of ALL, "You are taking it all out of context,
  4. "Let Jesus into your heart and then you will know the truth."
  5. Quoting biblical verse after biblical verse just like they had a computerized program running in their head,
  6. "Have you ever read the Bible?
    I could go on and on for page after page but I don't want to bore anyone so I'll leave it at just those 6 if no-one minds.
Triphid Level 8 June 25, 2019

@kodimerlyn LOL, you should see their shocked faces when I tell them that, a) I have read it cover to cover, page by page, word by word, and,
b) that I HAD to read it as part of my studies to gain a ThD ( Doctorate in Theology and Comparative Modern Religions) whilst being a DELCARED atheist and still remaining an Atheist to this day.

@kodimerlyn As my Dad taught me, "If you ever get into a debate/discussion, etc, it is always better to know more about the subject than the person with whom you are debating."
And, trust me, it works wonders against the Faithfools, I often get invited to debate with all kinds of Preachers, etc, and, not boasting in any way, shape nor form, I've only ever been in what you could call a Stalemate situation once in over 50+ debates and that was because the Mediator decided to call 'time.'
I'm pretty certain that on a number of occasions I've actually manage to make more than a few Faithfools start to actually think deeply and questioningly about their beliefs.


"I'm sorry you're an atheist," they say as if I have a terminal disease.

"I chose rational thought over magical beliefs," I reply firmly.

Silence. They don't know what to say. Perfect.

Stole it!!! Using it!! Thank you.


You're welcome, darling.


god loves you even if you don't believe in him.

god believes in your even if you don't believe in him.

i'm not a violent person but those two things definitely make me want to punch someone in the (smug) face.



Have they ever won an argument with an atheist?

1of5 Level 8 June 25, 2019

"How can you not believe? Just look at a tree. Look at the clouds."
Yeah, You got me.

That reminds me of the Chewbacca defense from South Park.



Christian: I'll pray on your behalf.
Atheist: And I will use my brain to think on your behalf.


we don't use that part of the Bible

m16566 Level 7 June 25, 2019

That's funny, I use the whole thing as a door stop.


There were actually two instances on "The Atheist Experience" where two different callers lost to Matt Dillahunty (it was clear as they stopped talking and had no response), and suddenly said they were going to come down there and "punch his fat head in for Jesus."

I think someone made a song out of it at one point, but I can't find it.

Here they are. I didn't remember they were on the same episode:

@greyeyed123 there’s something so refreshingly wrong with America it never ceases to amaze some of us non-Americans... “how about I just come down there and punch your fat head for Jesus”

That really is not a sentence that could ever be said in’s scary and simultaneously hilarious

@OwlInASack They've gotten a few weird calls (although not threatening that I can remember) from England, New Zealand, Australia, and an African nation (I can't remember which), among many others. I've probably spent a few thousand hours watching the show since clips first started showing up on youtube, then live on u-stream, now live on youtube, etc.

But America is weird. I honestly can't say I fully understand it right now. Maybe I never did.

@greyeyed123 Oh yeah - don’t misunderstand: we have our fair share of crazies too but that concept, that the answer is to punch someone’s fat head in for Jesus, is massively incongruous here. It’s coming - particularly through the African shouty-preacher evangelical and Pentecostal churches, but they're inspired straight out of the US anyway.

Most of our Christianity is superficially very anti-violence so expressions like that just wouldn’t wash. Like wise guns and Jesus are just not a thing here. I had to laugh though. It was truly funny at a slight strange level


Well I think it takes MORE FAITH to believe that the universe came from nothing than to believe in God.......


So you think that you should be able to just go round killing and raping and doing whatever you please.

Yes, I've come across christians who think they have a monopoly on ethics. How stupid can they get?!


You're over-thinking it. Don't be so intellectual. Stop demanding evidence. Just accept it on faith.


The lord moves in mysterious ways.

To that I would reply...So do my bowels, but it's all shit. 😅

@Donotbelieve oh, there's nothing mysterious about the way my bowels move. My ex would say the mysterious bit is how I can spend 45 minutes doing it. Apparently "I'm hiding from you" is not the correct answer.

@MrBeelzeebubbles Bahaha!
The truth is that I am hiding, as well. 😅


"Did someone in the church hurt you to make you hate god?"

that's the worst passive-aggressive one!


Isn't it better to believe, just in case?


You've got to have faith.

That just makes me think of poor George Michael.🥺


I'll pray for you.


My husband's grandma asked me "Then how do you think you got here?" I said "An egg and sperm."


I'll pray for you.


Oh my I will pray for you.i want you to have the relationship with god that I have.


So how do Satan's balls taste, sinner?

My brother said satan will fuck me in the ass! He a homophobic douche.


If you don't believe in God, that means you think you're God. What an ego you have.


It's in the Bible!


Well I got into a debate with a Christian last weekend. When ahe had no rebuttal, she said that I will see how wrong I was when I died.

Which makes no sense since neither one of you will know....😀

They use this one often. Believers use my age to try and convince me I had better start believing soon now. Oh, don't we love those Christians.

Hit her with these if you like, No Son of Man may die for another's sins, No one has ever gone up to heaven, There is only One Immortal. yw🙂You and your sons will be here with me

I tell believers that if they die before I do and find out that they have ceased to exist in any form, the least they can do is return to tell me I was right and to apologize. They readily agree ... until they think about it ...


"I'll pray for you"...ugh.

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