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Okay, I was talking with a friend yesterday. Subject was Aliens as GODS....basically from what he has seen on documentaries is that the ancients' "Gods" seemed to consistently come out of the sky (space) . With all of the pyramids & ancient landing strips there is evidence out there.

This is about as close to a legitimate existence of gods as I can get. Space Aliens. (Jesus walking in from the desert amongst a crowd of other "prophets" just does not impress me. As it did not impress the Romans).

Anyway, if anyone else is into this theory, evidence, what not, ..... do you have any sources you'd recommend for me? Videos, books, Docs
Thanks in advance

twill 7 Mar 10

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I would start with Grimms' Fairy Tales.


I'm not anti-ancient alien but I'm anti-bullshit and anti-faith-in-things-without-evidence.


If one is well versed in how things work in the universe, one knows that WE are "aliens." We began life here on earth, but everything we are made of was once a star and came from elsewhere. ("We are stardust.." We are!) In Season 2 of How the Universe Works, planetary scientists, astronomers and astrophysicists explain the "Asteroid Theory" and how asteroids are likely to have brought water, elements, minerals and simple life forms (microbes)to earth. This is NOT ancient aliens but actual science and scientific theory.

I am going to watch that show

@twill Asteroid Theory is episode 7.


I am very skeptical about all of this.
So if aliens landed in S. America and gave them such advance technology, how come they did not know about wheels?
I also heard the one about Stonehenge being impossible to build. Considering the distance the stones had to travel. Then they asked a company of British army engineers to have a go. Using only the tools available at the time,, they shifted the thing 7 miles in one day.


My advice would be to beware of the like of known frauds who have made themselves rich peddling this stuff, ESPECIALLY avoid Erich von Däniken, the "father" of ancient astronauts theories and proven con man.
Instead look in biological studies comparing our DNA to our nearest relatives the bonobo chimpanzee which pretty much undermines the idea ancient spacemen messed with our evolution, and secondly study the various species of hominid that existed before we did, and how they maybe be the source of myths of gods, giants and little people is a more like explanation than aliens.


Ohferpetessake! Every other word in these sleazy "documentaries" is "might" "could it be", "is it possible" aaannnd etc.

Yes quite unlike the absolute truths of religion.

I haven't really watched any of these in a while

Anne, that sound like Trump talk.

Youtube is where I learned about UFO tunnels under Arizona, Alien-Human Hibrids, and Hillary's child molestation camps on Mars.


The human imagination has no bounds...ancient or modern makes no difference, the sky (the heavens), and space has fed our fertile imagination since the beginning of time. Without a shred of evidence space aliens or mystical gods will remain a constant source of material for humans to speculate and spin fantasies around.


I thought the flying spaghetti monster came from outer space. Here's your proof.


"Documentaries" on ancient gods? On the History channel? Consider the source. And landing strips? So interstellar space travel requires a runway? "There is evidence out there?" Really? Of just what, exactly?


It's likely that there are other life forms out there, mathematically speaking. "Superior" / advanced? Remains to be seen by us.
Many people are saying, "there is no scientific evidence." I agree. However our understanding of science and the cosmos are slight, at best. I don't fall into the egocentric realm that religious people are in.
I don't know, but I hope, there are other intelligent beings out there and we've yet to make contact. As for Superior, just because a species is more advanced than another, does not make them superior.
Oh and as for these alien theorists, they do make some good arguments for evidence, but nothing concrete, as far as I have seen. 😁
Some of you need to stop being so cynical! It's just a conversation. Would you give these eye roll remarks if we were all in person?


I absolutely think there is other intelligent life in the universe. There is absolutely no evidence that we have ever been visited by any of them.

Ancient people thought stars and planets were gods. Asteroids hitting the earth were fallen/falling gods.

There are no ancient landing strips.
Humans built the pyramids.


Thanks for that video !

I did watch it. It cleared up quite a lot for me. Thanks again

@twill I am glad I could be of help 🙂.


The theory was most famously put forth by Erich von Däniken. Most of his examples were shown to be misrepresentations or outright frauds. There is no credible evidence that extraterrestrials have ever visited earth.

You're wrong.
There's plenty of very convincing circumstantial evidence which would at the very least give one pause to think seriously about the possibility.


It amazes me that people will buy into ancient astronauts while totally refusing to believe in a deity. There is no more proof that aliens visited earth than there is that gods exist. It is trading one delusion for another.

By the way, the first deities in creation myths came from a primal abyss, not the sky--there was no sky. Those deities created the universe. The sky become the focal point because that's where the sun was, and the ancients knew no sun = no life. Cultures had nature/earth deities, as well, and deities of the underworld.

Dinosaurs ate the Aliens. Pass it along!

There was no sky?

@PondartIncbendog Sound feasible!

@twill No--just darkness and the abyss, and maybe some water. It is a bit hazy.


@Gwendolyn2018 Or feastable?

@Wildgreens Don't laugh. I'm just trying to help.....

@PondartIncbendog Good dog!

@PondartIncbendog Don't you mean just passing through, the dinosaur.

@dalefvictor Are you saying that the aliens gave the dinos diarrhea?


Gods do not come out of the sky. They come out of human imagination, or human unimaginative following of someone else's imagination.


And some people pull them out of their butt.

@PondartIncbendog I wasn't going to say that but now that you mention it....


@genessa That's why I'm here. To point out the obvious.

@PondartIncbendog Where I used to work, the engineers had an acronym for WAGs (wild-ass guesses) that were given in response to management's questions, without any supporting data. They called such an answer a PIDOOMA (pulled it directly out of my ass).

@PondartIncbendog haha as i said, i did think of it (otherwise i could not have formed the intention of refraining from saying it). but yes, pointing is sometimes necessary.



To me it all boils down just theory, and speculation, no evidence, no other worldly artifacts or machinary.


In what way do pyramids support the "ancient astronauts" theory? Secondly, where are these landing strips?

There's a ton of material on this subject out there; simply Google "ancient astronauts" and you'll find it. If you want to read actual books, Erich von Däniken's various works, which popularised the theory in the 1960s and 70s, are as good a place to start as any (they're full of errors but hey - this is pseudoscience, so who cares about accuracy?). I also recommend The New Apocrypha by John Sladek, who entirely demolishes the theory and von Däniken in three sentences.

Jnei Level 8 Mar 10, 2020

We noted Chariots of the Gods.
Not sure about the pyramids, my friend suggested them as a power source. My thoughts are not the pyramids, as much as the layout and positioning of them.
Thank you

@twill The pyramids are not a "power source", but then the pyramids are aligned with the "true" directions of North, East, South, West with no good explanation of how the builders could have known (true directions should have been beyond their technology at that time), what those directions were.


When you take a hard look at human history, it makes you question why a supreme being or even a superior alien species would want to have anything to do with us. Maybe there is a god and maybe there are advanced life forms in the galaxy but they just don't want to hang out with pond scum like us?


I stick with science. Currently there is no evidence of aliens. There is a higher percentage probability of some sort of life in the universe besides the Earth. So, yes, it is possible, however unlikely. I would certainly find the existence of a superior being more likely than a god, especially the bullshit Abrahanic one. That said, until proof comes along, I just keep pounding along.


There are a great many anomalies in ancient history, things we simply do not understand. The problem is these notions are all subjective, that is we try to make sense of them from OUR world view, which includes space aliens and lost civilizations. The ancients themselves knew their import, we do not.

So it is very much what the viewer brings to the art rather than what the art reveals.

Secondarily to that we uniformly underestimate what these ancients did, we downplay it or see it as impossible when the base reality is standing there in stone, and unexplained in may ways, like tool marks, weight ect.
That makes something an unkmnown, and interesting, but an unknown.

Believers in lost civs and ancient aliens make the very same leap of faith religionists do, that is we are faced with a large unexplained anomaly.
Rather than admit we do not know how it all began, religionists postulate and then believe in a religion.
Rather than admit we do not know how it all began, ancient alien and lost civ proponents postulate and then believe in a ancient aliens and lost civs.

They would rather BELIEVE something than accept we don't know.

HERE is a 3 hour interview with Graham Hancock, a lost civs proponent and author.

Of course to differentiate between religion and lost civilizations, one of the two DID leave behind physical evidence.

Just because we (very limited) human beings hypothesize an explanation doesn't mean we BELIEVE it; just that it's plausible.
What I take exception to is the knee-jerk dismissal of even the possibility.
If someone has a counter-hypothesis, or simply says, 'I don't know and don't care,' fine.
But to equate belief in a 'god' for which there is no evidence, with the stark reality of these ancient structures and cave drawings, etc., innumerable eye witness testimonials, the unexplained sonar and radar detections, and other phenomena, and just dismiss it all out of hand as nonsense, exposes the dismisser as a close-minded person, period.
I, though, do not confuse obstinance with intelligence.
According to Einsteinian quantum physics it is possible to imagine inter- and/or intra-dimensional travel, or through 'wormholes, or by some other means about which we don't yet know.
A highly advanced civilization WOULD know more about these things, common sense tells me.
We are discovering planets with the theoretical existence of intelligent life; many people already think it's absurd to think such planets do not exist.
How far-fetched IS it, then, to postulate we are being visited by extraterrestials who for whatever reason, wish not to reveal themselves at this time.
As with everything else, I'm agnostic. I'm not necessarily convinced, but I'm not prepared to say, 'No way, no how.'
That these people are flippantly scornful of the very thought tells me much more about them than the subject at hand.

@Storm1752 "and just dismiss it all out of hand as nonsense, exposes the dismisser as a close-minded person"
AND I did not do that. What I did do was say "There are a great many anomalies in ancient history, things we simply do not understand. The problem is these notions are all subjective, that is we try to make sense of them from OUR world view, which includes space aliens and lost civilizations. The ancients themselves knew their import, we do not."

Asserting "it's ancient aliens!" or "its a long lost high tech civilization!"
To attempt explanation of what we do not know is not just postulating it is a PLAUSIBLE, but a likely explanation, for which we do not have the evidence.
It's interpretive, how a subjective individual interprets the evidence from said anomalies.

I am not dismissive out of hand, the anomalies exist, but most of these ancient aliens and lost civ proponents also seem to lack a real understanding of the archeology as well. Instead they seem to focus a lot on the anomalies and ignore the things we do know which oft fly in the face of their theories.

I find all those mysteries interesting, and unknowns. To me they indicate our ignorance, not some long lost tech or civ or aliens, just how little we actually understand.


Visiting aliens? Just possibly. Gods? I don't think so.


It's a possibility.


I think Erich Von Daniken and others started writing about this in the 60s or 70s. I remember reading Chariots of the Gods from my dad books when I was a child. That should be a starting point. I was impressed when I saw ancient maya or aztec pyramid drawings of people using a form of helmet in an apparent spaceship ready to take off. That is a pre columbine culture. Pretty impressive.


Uh.... Stargate??


" Videos, books, Docs" Sorry, but these are all proven sources of human capacity for delusion, fantasy and fake news. Hardly, sometimes, worthy of a title "theory". They are however great sources of entertainment. Please occasionally find and live with reality. I agree with some of the word analysis below. they unfortunately can be misinterpreted and that leads to fantasy etc. But they form a great chunk of effective communication too.

Sorry to hear that about the books. I'll soon be returning my library card

@twill sad


These lines of thought have always seemed, while fun, conspiratorial. It's the same way in which people look for bigfoot or loch ness.

Even the Coronavirus. I've talked with more than one person who thinks it was intentionally injected into bats by the Chinese government in order to infect the population.
I said, "Why would they want to infect their own people, wouldn't that be a national suicide?"
Answer; A shrug

If it's on Youtube it has to be true..😃

@ronnie40356 right!?

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