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FrayedBear must be a member of the Russian Imperial Movement (RIM). If you have never heard of the movement, you need to learn about. It is a Russian Christian nationalist movement aimed at total violence. It is trying to spread its malignant ideology around the world, including the usA, by control through i violence. American national security agencies have named it a terrorist organization.

wordywalt 9 July 23

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Just put him in your block list. You won't miss anything worthwhile.

zeuser Level 9 July 23, 2022

I have gone 15 rounds with that nut job, metaphorically knocking his sorry dick in the dirt time and time again. I will give him this: he keeps on picking himself up and trying again. It got me thinking, why would anyone put their self through such a humiliating exercise? I conclude that he must be getting paid to do it. He must be in the employ of some Russian propaganda organ, sent here to foment discord among Americans. I am happy to say that here on he broke his pick. Free thinkers see right through his schtick. That's why I am proud to be part of this community. You guys rock.

LMAO. Your conclusion is born from the ignorant indoctrination that you have had shoveled (to maintain your labouring analogy of the " pick" ) into your stupid¹ brain all your life by those controlling you & your thoughts.

These are Cipolla's five fundamental laws of stupidity:

1. Always and inevitably everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation.
2. The probability that a certain person (will) be stupid is independent of any other characteristic of that person.
3. A stupid person is a person who causes losses to another person or to a group of persons while himself deriving no gain and even possibly incurring losses.
4. Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals. In particular non-stupid people constantly forget that at all times and places and under any circumstances to deal and/or associate with stupid people always turns out to be a costly mistake.
5. A stupid person is the most dangerous type of person.

Corollary: a stupid person is more dangerous than a pillager.

@FrayedBear blah, blah, blah...

@FrayedBear Independent of everything else here, you should stop quoting Cipolla's laws of stupidity. Laws 3 & 5 are fundamentally untrue.
3. Causing losses to an individual or group whose ideology or goals run counter to yours, even while incurring what you deem acceptable loses for the amount of damage you've done them, is the exact opposite of stupid.
5. An extremely intelligent person who desires to cause harm is FAR more dangerous than a stupid person.

@ChestRockfield interesting opinions. I will reflect.
However straight off the cuff isn't "An extremely intelligent person who desires to cause harm" a logical impossibility.
How can any loss be an acceptable expense particularly if it is resulting in wanton destruction?

Why would you think that's a logical impossibility? You apparently have preconceived notions about what one must value in this world (or what constitutes intelligence) that are causing you to make conclusions that do not necessarily follow from the premises.

There are plenty of things that are losses that are considered acceptable in pursuit of harming one's opposition or enemies. I could probably start typing examples of scenarios where it actually happens or could happen and not stop coming up with examples for hours. In my personal life, I routinely accept proselytizing materials from religious or conservative groups so that I can throw them directly into the trash. It is a cost of a little bit of my time to waste their money. Political parties and campaigns have been known to produce items and robocalls that deliberately mislead the other camp's voters in various ways. They are spending money and time to destroy the other side's chances of winning. And the amount of loss that would be acceptable scales to how much of the thing you are losing you have to spare (and also how highly you value what you could possibly gain from it). I hate the board members of my condo association so much it's hard to put into words. If I won the Powerball, and had hundreds of millions of dollars, I would spend millions of dollars to cost them hundreds of thousands and ruin their lives. Which also brings us back to the first point. Don't you see that a more intelligent person would be able to devise more and better ways to harm those individuals than a stupid person?

@ChestRockfield why make an enemy when you can make synergy with a friend?

LOL. You sound like the man who cut off his nose to spite his face & prevent it growing to prove him a liar.
But that of course has been American policy for many generations.

Again, another assumption. Why would it have to be me that is making the enemy?
Again, there may be a cost, but the potential for overall gain, so not necessarily cutting off one's nose, and especially not preventing it from growing. Check your assumptions.

Also, nothing you said here contradicts or invalidates my claims. Thinking you could make a friend or would be cutting off your nose doesn't in any way change the fact that his laws of stupidity 3 & 5 are false.


I have had Frayed Bear blocked for over a year, likely longer. He is an abscess desperately in need of lancing. Blocking has prevented me from being exposed to most his ignorance and vitriol. Life is too short to deal with him, and this is why I will never, ever unblock someone again. Once they're blocked it is forever.


Same here.

I haven't blocked anyone yet, but I definitely ignore anything he posts.


He’s wrapped up in some weird ideas. I haven’t blocked him yet; in spite of being called a racist at least twice just because I’m an American that points out RT is a Russian propaganda machine. He cited an astrologer once to support his political ideas and I busted his chops over it; I’ve been a racist, imperialist, murderous bastard ever since. 🥴

Garban Level 8 July 23, 2022

LMAO. Which astrologer was that?

Garban you say it about yourself - " I’ve been a racist, imperialist, murderous bastard" - well done you are starting to overcome your psychosis & recognise yourself for what you are: a citizen of the USA whose government & military have been pursuing racist, imperialist, murderous illegitimacy around the world to harm citizens of other countries to simply benefit USA & yourself.


For those of you that miss out it the bear’s enlightened discourse below is his reply as a reminder of why you blocked him.🤣

“LMAO. Which astrologer was that?

Garban you say it about yourself - " I’ve been a racist, imperialist, murderous bastard" - well done you are starting to overcome your psychosis & recognise yourself for what you are: a citizen of the USA whose government & military have been pursuing racist, imperialist, murderous illegitimacy around the world to harm citizens of other countries to simply benefit USA & yourself.”

Caitlin Johnstone. Remember now? I think you identified as the “larger than life Leo”?
The Complete Book of Astrology
“ Whether you’re a charming Libran, a practical Taurean or a larger-than-life Leo, insights into your life, love, career and more will be revealed. Travel on a journey through the zodiac – from Aries to Pisces – exploring all twelve signs in detail.”

@Garban thank you for refreshing my memory. Why do you think that the very apt phrase "never judge a book by its cover" came into being?

@Garban oh & please do read the comments of Silver1wun below.

@FrayedBear “never judge a book by it’s cover”; “even a broken clock is right twice a day” ,among your favorite analogies you pointlessly spew when your confirmation bias sources get blown out from under you. You broken clock is right twice a day, but it’s wrong 86,398 times a day, like RT and your astrologer/ political pundits that you merit so highly.

@Garban as always I reach a point when I cease to enjoin others in their psychosis. This does not mean that you have proven that you are correct.

@FrayedBear I imagine being so hateful can be exhausting. Good night sweetheart.

@Garban identifying your stupidity¹ - its Sunday morning, 24th July 2022 11:22 am here.
And you continue your delusion if you imagine that I am or ever would be your "sweetheart".

@FrayedBear isn’t 11:30am nap time in the asylum, cupcake?

@FrayedBear Silver1wun? That is one of the few assholes who I have blocked. Happily I can't see what that motherfucker had to say.

@barjoe your stupidty¹ Joe. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. How will you ever learn about yourself unless you let others state their beliefs about you?

@barjoe the 2 of them are singing each other love songs in a thread below. It may be true love.

@FrayedBear Not my enemy, just an annoying troll that's all.

@barjoe he has never trolled me. We've had disagreements.
@Garban you are revealing your jealousy. . . and stupidity - jealousy is a useless dangerous emotion. Try amending yourself so that you also gain genuine respect.


I blocked Frayed Bear some time ago. Life is too short to put up with people like him.

@MaryChristmas I don't remember why I blocked him, but I sure the hell don't miss him (or even remember him).

@MaryChristmas I believe you!


Sucks to be him.

it really must.


He frayed my tolerance several months ago. In other words it is so frayed I am letting him unravel.

tattered teddy.


NOt sure about all that. I know he's a raging asshole.


I make it a point to lash out at him every chance I get. It's fun. Profanity laden Ad hominem attacks are perfectly valid arguments.

barjoe Level 9 July 23, 2022

I love how you profane yourself Joe each time that you "lash out".
Keep making my day.
One day you will hopefully recover from your psychosis. I hope so & that I will not, as happened with my brother, have you die on me before it happens.
Metaphorically love you Joe.

People who endorse or parrot fascist bigotry can't be reasoned with, so in the absence of moral integrity, denunciation is entirely appropriate. We readily identify (and may block) the trolls that lack honor.

@FrayedBear I'm sorry for your loss

@barjoe Thank you. Although largely disassociated from my big brother his early death 20+ years ago by another's stupidity grieved me far more than the deaths of those I was more associated with. But that was my selfishness & ambition for future brotherhood.


His profile says he's from Belarus I think, I've had him blocked so long I forgot he existed.

Same here--had to check my list.

Ignorance & rabid desire to believe your indoctrination will enable your memory to remember what ever you wish. You are lying as you have just unblocked me in order to go & read my profile. I never had you blocked & until your admission did not know that you had blocked me. That I am able to respond to you in General & Hellos identifies that you have now unblocked me.

On just checking my profile I see that you have just visited it so I do recommend that you either see a doctor about your short term memory loss or if you are simply a lying troll who has stolen someone else's photo go & join Zelenski's fascist brigades so that you can be shot or preferably captured & tried for crimes against humanity. Either way come back, correct your statement & apologise for your defamation. My profile does not & never has stated where I was born.

I am grateful for you mentioning his origin. It is bizarre to me that those who are ethnic Russians or Russophiles would still blindly support Putin's genocide. SMH

@racocn8 He relishes the return of the Russian empire.

@Garban smh…I blocked him long ago.


I find that blocking the offending person is more effective than starting a thread about them. This has happened before with bad results. Just block him and delete the thread. That is just my opinion on the matter.

Interesting advice TVC15. I see that you have not blocked me & been a member of one of my groups for quite a while now - even contributing to a post last September.
As you suggest that Walt delete his thread you obviously recognise that he is making a defamatory post. I will not be asking for Walt's ridiculous post to be removed because it identifies his indoctrination & stupidity.

@FrayedBear Walt prodded you to comment and I see you obliged him.

@FrayedBear I do not doubt that our paths have crossed and if I felt I had enough of a conflict with you I would have blocked you. Apparently that has not happened as of yet thus I have not blocked you. The fact that I have not should not make you think that I do not empathize with those who have. I like this site, I do not like unnecessary bickering. And honestly I really do not pay attention to who started which groups so there is that as well.

@MyTVC15 I take it that you prefer a life of "see no evil, hear no evil & speak no evil"?

@barjoe yes Joe, I've asked him to produce his evidence to obviate the obvious "defamation. It's trolling. It identifies the stupidity¹ arising from your lifetime of indoctrination regarding the imagined greatness of your stupid¹ country."

Do you have a problem with that? Do you understand that?

By the way did you do as someone else suggested and check that you washed the cowshit off your hoof before you put it in your boot (you have progressed from bare feet haven't you?)? 🤣

Metaphorically love ya Joe. 😂

@FrayedBear Face it. You stands alone with Russia. At least the Soviets were an atheist state. Russian Federation walks hand in hand with the Orthodoxy. No amount of evidence would sway you from your support for Moskal Cossack storm troopers.

@barjoe looks like Frayed has checked in--luckily, I can't see what he is writing.

@Gwendolyn2018 Oh. He's all over this thread.

@barjoe Sad that USA machination resulting in the collapse of the USSR has resulted in a return to religious practice. Equally sad was the fact that Stalinism was as much a religion as Russian Orthodox Christianity.

@barjoe please remind Gwendolyn that she is the one who blocked me not the other way round. Now that's what I think is stupid¹.

@barjoe Damn, almost makes me want to unblock him just so I can see.

@FrayedBear There is plenty of evil everywhere. You are right. I don't like indulging in it when I am relaxing. This site it a pastime for me, not my life.


I haven't blocked anybody but Trump's Q Conservatives sure block me.


No kidding

bobwjr Level 10 July 23, 2022

I love your sarcasm Bob. Thanks.


Just do everyone a favor and block him.


It is all in the name. After all he is not frayed for nothing, he knows but pretends otherwise.

Ah Jolanta tut, tut, tut. You will have to do better than that if if you want understanding by me: "he knows but pretends otherwise* - I pretend what? I know what?
In Pauline's frequent cry "please explain!"


Frayed Bear suffers from dementia & Faux News....go pickn on somebody else

He does not suffer from dementia.

@barjoe he suffers from bitter hatefulness.


He has issues.

Who hasn't? Particularly those supporting USA led indoctrination.


I'm not certain what's happened as I miss most everything juicy here (and in the offline world.) 😜😞

If this is about what media someone is obsessed with, unless it's independent digital media, it's all pretty much crap/propaganda (including USA MSM.) (Although to the shegrin of many, I do lean to Al Jezzerra for their globally awarded documentaries. They've got awesome docs that no one else CARES cover/investigate.)

I've gone against my anti-block policies here in the past month. I think I've managed to block nearly every rightwinger that trolls me with reckless abandon. It's made the experience here so much less ignorant to reality. 👍👍👍

I once suggested to a professional performing story teller & poet that he write a poem including the word "chagrin". He did. It was awful. It was contrived.

I had to check that you don't have different spelling over there. Seemingly you don't so well done for inventing a new spelling. []

I can say the same thing plus more about Walt's post.

You have not missed anything other than that your country seems to be trying to start WWIII & extinction of most of humanity.

The MSM has always been more concerned with profit than informing the public, and that motive drives which stories are covered, editorial content, etc. That said, I think we can agree some MSM is more ethical than others. I do like Vice News for alternative news.

@FrayedBear 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I TOTALLY get this original post now.

I was actually attempting to stick up for you. All you are interested in is spell-checking me???? For your information, my phone spelled it that way and I actually have a life not online and didn't have time to fix the error, which is indeed underlined in red. I see it. I saw it earlier. I didn't have time then and could care less now.

BUT! Given you took the time to point it out, and did so with some weird sense of seeing yourself as some type of intellectual, how 'bout this: go fuck yourself. (Spelling is correct on that one.) 😁

I'm gonna give you time to read this and then? You'll be newest member welcome into my select club. It's called "My Ban-paloosa."

Nice job. 👍👍👍👍👍

@SeaGreenEyez your loss. And I was actually complimenting you as well as telling a little true story about something that happened in the past involving the word that you used correctly.


I'm laughing right about now.


Frayed Bear is an Australian bitch who hates the US and constantly trolls anyone who is unlucky enough to get a message from him, I blocked that excrement a long time ago, he should be expectorated from this site.

Liar. You have not blocked me because I am able to read your defamation here in General & Hellos & declaim it by response.

@FrayedBear maybe he blocked you for a time period that expired. I doubt he has a secret motivation to lie about blocking you, but maybe he’s part of the US conspiracy to enslave the world?🥴

@FrayedBear you were temporarily blocked Aussie bitch troll, don't tempt me to permanently block you, your stupid trolling posts are not missed, by the look of the majority of comments, seems like you bitch troll many people.


Who dat?🤣🤣


I have had him blocked for awhile...bloody troll...smfh


With the examples here of how despised he is, I'm inspired to have a closer look. There MUST be something genuinely authentic and accurate about him. Name calling and trashing are always fear based and/or juvenile tactics used when understanding and grasping of content are insufficient. It goes hand in hand with censorship. Shout them down. Shut them up. Defame them. Do whatever it takes to avoid confronting their content. This is what herds of cattle do. Check inside your shoes and make sure that hooves haven't developed.

I hope you enjoy his company.

Funny how some contrarians fill their mouths with holier than thou crap and faux kumbaya message, while hypocritically insulting everyone who posted comments here against that Aussie troll, typical.

@Mofo1953 Funny how children can't escape the temptation to act out in exactly the ways you describe. I don't know much about him. Have had responses from him in the past but no stored impression; which is why the curiosity. If all of you are so triggered by him, he can't be all THAT bad. Individuals are always viewed as contrarians to the indoctrinated. As 'reactionaries' to the herd. Nothing new about 'mavericks as seen by the hooved.

We're in possession of mental faculties by Nature that allow us to examine and question inconsistencies all around us. Sure, there are paranoids... There are also those who spot inconsistencies because, well, THEY ARE INCONSISTENT. (most often, functionally)

I will agree that if a real conspiracy or covert activity is going on, the paranoids will be first to spot it. They have nowhere else to go. But that is good. They are often 'radar' for the rest of us with more balanced analytical abilities.

To denigrate all who suspect, automatically, best exemplifies the indoctrinated, authoritarian mind.

@Mofo1953 To be insulted by someone for whom you bear no respect, causes only an indifferent reaction. Like it or not, such things as actions with often concealed motives DO EXIST. You in the flock constantly accuse others of this with mutual impunity. Only your adversaries are 'crazies'. There's no monopoly on either paranoia or Stockholm Syndrome.

Врач, исцели себя.

Thank you. As always: to the point, on the ball & very humourous. I have much respect.

@Mofo1953 Sad that you are unable to see that when you call me a troll it is your subconscious projection trying to protect your conscious mind & its psychosis.

@Silver1wun "I don't know much about him." You probably know far more than most on this site thanks to your life's many & varied experiences having honed your very perceptive mind.
What you do not know (& I respect that) is a lack of need to know probably due to you being a heterosexual male who is unlikely to ever meet me in person & therefore having no need to know thus not enquiring further.

@FrayedBear bye Aussie bitch troll.

@Silver1wun way too wordy, got bored due to the inane content, even using Cyrillic characters, wow, can you get any more pseudo intellectual bullshit in 2 "comments"?

@FrayedBear I agree on a not needing to know attitude on my part. I neither need nor want to know anyone here. This is a place for opinion sharing and, potentially, learning.

I'm not intolerant of others' opinions but often intolerant of them, if they ridicule me or others out of fear and ignorance, whilst passing themselves off as 'thinkers' just because they've rejected deities.

The name calling and bragging about 'blocking' people is really juvenile and discloses fear of potentially contradictory information. I can't imagine blocking anyone; don't even know how. If they are worthy of addressing, I do it. If not, they're ignored.

What makes them worthy? Certainly not any ambition on my part to change their, usually enslaved, minds. They are worthy due to usefulness as a foil. When they're particularly grotesque in their attitudes and discourtesy to others, they can be a valued asset in the process of modifying opinions of those following and possibly participating in the conversation thread. Therein is where the fun and progress take place.

Instead of being adversaries, they're turned into allies. The more strident they are in their replies, the more valuable.

@Silver1wun Agreed.


I don't visit this site to put up with trolls' bullshit.


Fuck the Russian "empire".

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