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Re-branding Jesus? Hobby Lobby founder David Green is apparently behind the 3 billion dollars worth of ads and commercials, in efforts to "re-brand Jesus" according to this Raw Story article.

"A mysterious commercial called "He Gets Us" that is set to air during the Super Bowl and promotes faith in Christ has been linked to the founder of Hobby Lobby — and a three-year-long campaign he has funded to "rebrand Jesus," according to Christianity Today on Friday."


What does "re-branding Jesus" mean? I haven't seen the commercials or ads, but does it mean images of Jesus packing an AR-15? Updating the quote "I have not come to bring peace, but a sword..." Crossing out sword and replacing it with automatic weapons? I'm not sure what "He gets us" means.

After two thousand years, is it possible to re-brand Jesus, or do you think we should just replace the whole story with reality?

I'd much rather see the true story of humanity as far as we know, with the current consensus of what makes a good person, good values, good neighbor, good member of society, good adversary when attempting to resolve conflicts, etc. Something contemporary that can evolve as we learn more about the world and our place in it.

To me, that is called reality. For me, the best way to live our lives is outlined in the various humanist manifestos, augmented by our personal reflections and decisions based on our reactions to the many forms of art, literature and just human reaction to what we see in our daily lives. I'm not sure that we need anything further to guide us into being good people.

What do you think? Do we need a "re-branding" of an old story... Or a new story to captivate the human mind... Or do you think humanity is ready to just face reality and rely on the myriad pieces of literature that in so many different ways illustrate the ups and downs of humanity and hint toward a better way to solve the problems of the world?

We have civil laws and social ethics and norms to guide as through society. Is that enough?

I began a project decades ago trying to bring forth a newer story to draw the attention of those who are falling away from monotheistic thought and looking for a stepping stone out of monotheism. I keep pondering whether to get back to that project or see how things play out.

I don't have all the answers, but I think we each have a story to tell to add to the changing tides. I don't think I want the new story to be told by billionaire funders of political movements.

What are your thoughts on this 're-branding Jesus" movement?

Julie808 8 Feb 4

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I've seen those commercials, very cheesy and stupid! Religion should just go away!

I wish.


They are trying to make jesus more white and republican.

They have to. The original Jesus is way too liberal, progressive and, (gulp) socialist for them to worship.

@Gwendolyn2018 BINGO !


Servant Foundation EIN 43-1890105 check the IRS 990 filing….public record

Assets from 2020 filing went from $699 million to $974 million. From the 2020 Form 990 filing: “The signatry exists to inspire and facilitate revolutionary, biblical generosity.”

It’s all about the money. Modern Christianity is an entertainment venue. Ask the attendees. They will tell you that attending is inspiring and the pastor” says things that make me feel good and the music is sooo good.

Add the fact that churches are terrific money laundering vehicles and you’ve got an industry that is a perversion of what Christ taught that far exceeds anything practiced in the Old Testament.

Modern Chrtianity is about as real and valuable as TBS’s All Elite Wrestling. I have more respect for prostitutes than I do for modern pastors.

He Gets Us —> Servant Foundation —> Signatry

In case you were wondering…follow the money.


Their "god" needs to be reflective of their desires and their desired actions to achieve such goals. Twist the words and change the narrative.
The original, made up story of Jesus is probably too nice, caring, and socialist for their liking. Since he isn't real, all they need to do is rearrange the current narrative. More bullshit to allow people like the theives that run hobby lobby to allow them to act anyway that helps them achieve their gains.

Constantine first rewrote Jesus and He's been evolving ever since. Yes, he changes to better fit the modern society's need of Deity. As a primate we relate, and follow, one entity while eschewing a collective one. This effort might very well work, as John Paul's charisma brought more kids back to Seminary (rhymes with cematary), in 1980. That helped RR's Xtian offensive as well. If so, Jesus will admire guns and a prophecy for them will be found in The Bible. I consider that a given.

I've offered my solution, however, and am retiring from the question. I actually hope, now, that humans kill ourselves off. Let the nukes fly.

@rainmanjr That's dark, man. I'm glad it's not up to you.


Brands are marketing entities. Every time you hear "brand" or "marketing" or even "re-branding", you should hear the word "money". Markets are places, virtual or physical, where specific goods or services are exchanged for money. Brands are introduced to gain brand loyalty and increase market share, which is the amount of any given market a particular brand captures, maximizing revenue - in other words, money. Religions are declining and that is a risk to the accumulation of money by the purveyors of religion. I'm surprised only that they are finally not pretending that's what they are doing - spending money to make even more money. That's my take, at least.


Why can't we have ads for fresh fruit and vegetables at the Super Bowl instead of Doritoes, beer and pop.
Is there a connection?

We all know that Jesus prefers fossil fuels over EV's.....I assume he's a big fan of processed food conglomerates also. Perhaps he shops at Wal Mart not just Hobby Lobby?
This is where it gets sticky.

So yeah, let's re brand him. Get it out there so everyone who can't figure it out, and can't actually see his consumer preferences. Therefore when we shop, we can shop where he shops, buy what he buys and we can be just like him !

And don't forget kids....Jesus is a Republican !

twill Level 7 Feb 4, 2023

Yeah, whatever happened to the thinking behind Kris Kristofferson's song "Jesus was a Capricorn" he ate organic food, he believed in love and peace and never wore no shoes. Long hair, beard and sandals and a funky bunch of friends, reckon we'd just nail him up if he came down again...

Why not stop the NFL from damaging more people by no longer paying attention to such aggression?

@rainmanjr Americans love violence.


Jesus has been re-branded more than a dozen times already. Even the early Roman and Orthodox churches were very different from the early Nazareth church. Which were different from the Jesus of late Rome, and different from the Jesus of the middle ages etc. etc. One of the things which made Christianity a popular religion, is that the bible, upon which it is based, is so garbled, contradictory and meaning free, that you can interpret it how you like, to suit nearly any situation and marketing ploy you wish to use. A good trick, no wonder it is the worlds largest religion.

But then, reinventing Jesus as a gun swinging red neck, may just be pushing the reinterpretation a bit further than even it will really stand. "Only in America !"


Our small atheist group talked about the ads. We ended up making up snarky memes. I think it was the alcohol talking to us that night


It's the same old story of evolution we've heard in fiction since humans started telling stories around the camp fire. Once upon a time Jesus was Yeshua, a simple first century carpenter Jew that everyone considered enlightened enough to be wise. Then he became the son of God, then he became white, then blond, then blue eyed. Now he's evolved to being Krishna in a more NRA friendly northern European / Nordic supremacist version.
We always knew it was all a lie, but if you can re-brand Jesus then there was nothing to Jesus to begin with. Religion supposedly doesn't evolve, the fact that it did and still does betrays the fact that there's no objective truth in it despite Christian arguments. Just as there's no objective morality, otherwise all cats are murderers. Relativity seems to be the underlying fact of reality, so feel free to do you as you find correct for yourself. Seek personal empowerment even if it screws up your life in some ways, better to be miserable and alone & free to think freely then to live a lie while living in a mansion surrounded by kiss asses.
The one thing that's potentially objective is truth, truth acknowledges relativity.


I have seen those commercials many times and found them to be creepy and manipulative. Now I know who is behind them, I find them even more so, tho the news here is not surprising. Trying to manipulate and control the masses by the rich is nothing new.


So, whoever "Rebrands Jesus" effectively owns Jesus?

twill Level 7 Feb 5, 2023

Anybody with a fan, can generate wind.

Yes, America has turned Jesus into a commodity.


Taking my thoughts on it to the extreme I wonder how long it would take for us to have a completely different Jesus? This is what Green is trying to do. It is no different than having apologists make claims over ideas that we know are not there to begin with. It can be said that David Green is a super religious nut. He had to return some items from his Museum because he did not own them. If you spend 3 billion to re-brand Jesus you must be expecting to get more money in return.

People do and say strange things. One man in our group told me recently that words Jesus supposedly said over 2000 years ago were supporting the separation of church and state. I can see that. 🙂 A religious Jew in ancient Israel is supporting the American Constitution and Bill of Rights. He had no idea our country existed when he supposedly made the remark. If Green has his way maybe Jesus will come back as a Christian Nationalist. Jesus never started Christianity in the first place. He was a Jew trying to become the Messiah. None of this had anything to do with America.

Maybe there was another mistranslation. Maybe when people wrote, "King of the Jews" they should have really translated it as. "Elected President with a democratic mandate from a majority of voters, and the recognition of all legal authorities, commissioned to interpret the written constitution of the Jews." LOL


One of the upsides to having an established religion is strict regulations regarding advertising. Admittedly there is a mandatory hour on Sunday TV dedicated to spiritual topics but that is it.


Those commercials have been on network TV for about a year now...they show stuff like troubled youth or homeless people being helped by REAL (IMO) Xians...kind of refreshing, actually.

Thanks for the details. I haven't seen any of the commercials, so perhaps I shouldn't comment, but couldn't those people be helped by real people with caring attitudes and social organizations, regardless of religion? Why does Jesus need to be tagged? Virtue signalling? A trade for prostelytizing? Nice people can be nice without tagging Jesus as the reason. Just my thoughts, before seeing any of the ads. I don't watch football, so maybe that's why I haven't seen them.

@Julie808 It’s propaganda. So, for their purpose, no it could not be non-believers. I haven’t seen any and hope I don’t have to.

Those REAL Xtians are probably more numerous than the Southern Evangelical ones and were meant to depart from the central Catholic leadership. Jesus makes things personal, an individuals decisions, which appeals to Americans in particular because we have never had faith (trust is too strong a word) in government to not be inhuman. That's because govt launches wars (certainly in the modern era). Adjusting Jesus to correspond with modern thinking is how Jesus stays relevant and it might work. While Green wants more money a real zealot, as Green seems to be, wants mostly to gain converts. Money will follow automatically. I think it's better for a mass belief to go against Xtianity but there's too much opposition for that. Humans aren't terribly imaginative.


He gets us? If Jesus ever existed at all (a proposition that is highly debatable), he has been dead for 2,000 years. He doesn't get us.

Your project sounds like a worthy endeavor. Best of luck! 🙂


Here’s a take: []

Thanks! That answers a lot of my questions. Does make me think that all those people going to the He Gets Us website, might end up on an email or text list for all kinds of disinformation or political propaganda other than just religious beliefs. It's been a long while since I viewed Skep Chick's videos. I finally subscribed. 😉


Your project sounds quite interesting I’d like to hear more about that.


Unless you're homosexual. The he doesn't get ya.


Straight out of the movie,'Dogma'.

Buddy Christ


Perhaps all the preachers and religious types should be put into a large coliseum and allowed to fight to see who has the actual word of god. Then we would know who has the proper knowledge of god, Not!


A lot Jesus’s in Latin America seem too get us too!!!

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