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are you afraid of death?

being atheist or agnostic we know that chriatainality and angels and demons gods and devils and most likely an afterlife are all just wishful thinking. seeing as we know that death is indeed the end for us does that idea frightend you ? what are your thoughts on death ? personaly i gotta admitt it scares me . i know there is nothing i can do to avoid it . im so sad when a relative dies knowing ill never see them again. and this is why i think so many people wanna believe in a god and heaven. we want so badly to believe us and our loved ones will live on that many do so just to comfort themselfs. your thoughts ?

DavidDeLa89 6 Dec 28

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Not at all.


Death is inevitable, why fear it?

I fear my family seeing my Internet history. That has consequences, mainly of them knowing that i spent most of my time online looking at random shit rather than porn.

They'll think i was some kind of weirdo...

Who cares? You are dead now. What can they do but curse about you. You aren't there hear their ugly comments anyhow. It may give them plenty talk about for years come and they will leave some other unfortunate alone.


My lovely, kind, sweet step mother is soon to be 105 years old. She is still in relatively good health, but with the slight inconvenience of being on oxygen 24/7.
She married and brought much happiness to my father for 15 years. She lives in the care of her daughter now, who dotes on her, assures her comfort, and attends to her physical and emotional health.
In spite of that, she says she's ready to die. She doesn't understand why God has let her live so long. She appreciates the caring, closeness of family, and all the love she is given, but she's ready to be done with it all.
I hope to live so long that I desire to be done with it.


I am not sure if I fear death or not. I shall hate to see it all end.

That gud that u don’t want to die . Means ur having a god life 🙂 happy for u


I'll be unconscious and unaware of anything. Prior to being born, I didn't exist. That was OK. At least I have no memory of it. so not afraid.!!



It seems unlikely. If you look at the history of the idea there are all sorts of afterlives, which become progressively more benign, until the new age versions have entire "soul families" floating in an afterlife and doing a dance of incarnation after incarnation. It's a beautiful fantasy but merely the way this has developed makes me suspicious about its truthfulness.

Denker Level 7 June 19, 2018

There is no evidence of an afterlife and no reason to believe it other than wishful thinking.


I'll admit that I'm afraid of death and I don't believe for a second anyone that says that they aren't. It's the finality that scares me - it shouldn't but it does.


I don't fear death ... but the physical dying part of it worries me. I do support the Hemlock Society .. it's the last bit of control one has. Having personal experiences over the years with those who have passed on, has been comforting. My religion teaches reincarnation is a fact.


I am afraid of death in the sense that I do not want to be killed by someone before my time arrives.

But, death itself as a life process does not scare me. Someday we will all die. No one has lived for ever, will live forever. I see death as a part of living. You get conceived, you spend sometime inside you mothers womb, you are born, you grow and grow until you reach old age and you die. We are part of this cycle of life and death. So, why be afraid of the end?

Unfortunately, this process can be curtailed in many ways. Wars will kill many, disease will end lives prematurely, bad people will kill others for pleasure and profit, accidents will kill many.

We all feel sad when someone close to us dies. We grieve for them. But we do not show the same grief when other people die, especially if we are not attached to them somehow. Our bombs will kill thousands somewhere else. We applaud the bombers who drop the bombs. Our soldier will kill people, we will call them heroes.

It appears that we are all involved in the death business one way or another.


Here is my opinion on the matter 🙂


I learned first hand that the thought of being dead does not frighten me. Dying on the other hand can be quite painful.
While installing a new washer I found out the hard way that my water heater was defective and had electrified my plumbing.

"What's happening...
I'm being electrocuted...
If I don't let go soon I'm gonna die...
I'm gonna die...
I hope it doesn't take long."

When I told this story at work a religious coworker said "how could I not believe in god after he saved my life". I said "if he saved my life then why did he put me in that situation in the first place?" He said "to teach me a lesson" what lesson would that be, don't install washing machines?


?⭐?️‍?️i died a long time ago. fear of death is only ego ?


I may be an agnostic atheist, but I still believe in the soul (but not heaven or hell). Even if that doesn't exist, there is really no reason to be afraid of nonexistence. I wouldn't feel pain or loss because I wouldn't be there at all. It's better than having depression and anxiety. If my beliefs about the soul turn out to be correct, then there is still no reason for me to fear death. I won't like the experience of the death itself, but going on afterwards would probably be okay.


I have no fear of my own death but I hate the salt of those close to me dying before me. Life seems short and looking at physics I see that at the end of life I will just join a pool of particles which make up our universe. From Stardust to Stardust cycle completed.


The older I get the less it scares me. I think it's hard when you're younger because, at least in my case, I felt I had too much left to do. I still want to do a lot but my body won't let me.


Alexa Level 5 May 15, 2018

Nice find 😀


If you have undergone a major surgery where you are out for a few hours and being cut open, then you know the feeling of death, Nothing is there, no pain, no conscious , no mind,
Even your deepest sleep would awake to being cut open. But without a conscious present your body can be torn up and you are not home to notice it.

EMC2 Level 8 May 13, 2018

Twice in my life recently I have sat on the side of the bed and have not been able to breath out.Some time passed as I sat there but in reality it was less than a minute. My only thought was "This is it, it's time to go." It was such a calm feeling. No fear. Just peace. Perhaps because I relaxed I breathed again. I think I know what death is like. Remember how it was before you was born? Perhaps it's like that.


Not at all. i don’t know what’s on the other side so i can’t be scared of what i don’t know. i’m more scared of outer space.


No your energy minus what is lost goes back to the universe.

Partially disagree Mike - In physics, the law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system remains constant, it is said to be conserved over time. This law means that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed from one form to another.

@Flettie correct but the earth is not a closed system. But yes essentially. Yet energy cannot be converted with 100% effenciancy.


Not really ... not anymore.
In the end, you're either ash or in the ground.

I used to really be afraid of the thought of being in hell but ehhh


I don't fear death. I have no idea if there is anything beyond; I'm agnostic so I just don't know.

If we just disappear, then so be it. To me, that's okay. If there is something else, then I want to find out. It would answer a lot of questions.


Well I was when I was young and was taught christianity. After becoming an atheist I no long fear death..
Religion work on emotions and brainwashing.
They make you feel worthless and sinful and offer Jesus as the cure.
Problem I have you wasnt sick in the first place.


I have been near death once. I was afraid to let go. I suppose it's why I'm still here.

vita Level 7 May 3, 2018

Near death isnt death. If you listen to what people claim to see it almost alway based on the religion they follow. Fighter pilots experience the same thing taking high G flights.. When near death cases have been tested it fails.

I didn't see anything.

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