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are you afraid of death?

being atheist or agnostic we know that chriatainality and angels and demons gods and devils and most likely an afterlife are all just wishful thinking. seeing as we know that death is indeed the end for us does that idea frightend you ? what are your thoughts on death ? personaly i gotta admitt it scares me . i know there is nothing i can do to avoid it . im so sad when a relative dies knowing ill never see them again. and this is why i think so many people wanna believe in a god and heaven. we want so badly to believe us and our loved ones will live on that many do so just to comfort themselfs. your thoughts ?

DavidDeLa89 6 Dec 28

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Yes, I want to live forever


Of course I am afraid of death! But only because I can’t stand pain! Just give me lots of drugs and donate my body to science!


I have this irrational belief in reincarnation. I am trying to shake that belief. No scientific evidence for it and I respect science. But I have talked to many people who state they remember past lives. They come from all walks of life, all ethnic groups and do not have a history of delusions or mental health issues ... and so, I persist in thinking that the energy produced by my brain and body does not go away but takes on other forms ... and one form is reincarnation. I hope I can shake this weird belief. When I am gone, I hope I am really gone.

SKH78 Level 8 Jan 4, 2019

Nothing wrong with your belief. Why not? People believe in weirder things like it’s okay to support a convicted paedophile cardinal from the Vatican called Pell! ... and science doesn’t tell you everything. It can only tell you what it can tell you at the moment. Imagine us telling our 20 years ago selves we would be communicating around the world at the speed of light. If you want to go with reincarnation then embrace it. It’s no weirder than being an atheist or a Roman Catholic!

@Geoffrey51 True - other people have really weird beliefs. It is amazing how many people believe in reincarnation. I have talked to people who state they remember past lives. They are smart and stable, not neurotic or delusional. Science can't prove it, but who knows, maybe some day ...

@SKH78 exactly


I'm honestly not scared of death for me but I know that it will hurt those I love and that scares me

If you want people that you love not to feel hurt when you die leave them a fortune in your will.




Dear people - "seeing as we know that death is indeed the end for us"
How can you be certain of something you have never experienced?
I have experienced it. Twice. It's not the end of your essence.

Duago Level 2 Sep 12, 2018

No you haven't you're still here and if you experience all those effects that people always talk about yeah that's your brain dying and they've been able to reproduce all of those effects in the laboratory

@Drsmash253 really-2 steps back


Death is just the last part of life. I liken it to going under before an operation....just relaxing and going with the flow. I am living a full life and don't see the need to fret it's end.

Thank you for your post it brought my mind some comfort and peace (exhale)


Hell yes.

Carin Level 8 July 10, 2018

I'm not afraid to die, but like others have said, I don't want to die before my time.

When you die there is no time, so no one can die before their time.


Be happy that you had these wonderful people in your life. I'm not scared of death. Perhaps the dying part might hurt but not actually death.


Not yet but I suppose I will be when I'm look death in the face.


I'd prefer to die peacefully, heck if diagnosed with late stage cancer there's a good chance I'm trying every drug I can get my hands on then go skydiving.


A great philosopher said something great once watch this video. I couldn't answer this question in finer words


I will echo the sentiments of the previous commenters and say that possible pain associated with dying or a prolonged a debilitating illness before it happens scare me more than the idea of not existing. I also don't like the idea of not being around my loved ones. Death is akin to leaving the party that is still very much alive so it makes me sad that at some point I will need to leave and let my family go on without me. But besides that I don't find anything scary about not existing.


DEATH rides a pale horse, and apparently likes cats. I'm not afraid of anyone who likes cats.


No. Just that I'm not in pain when I die. My late friend Chris died 3 times. The last time was final. His pace maker kicked in the first 2 times. He said he didn't remember anything except it felt like he got kicked in the chest by a mule. No perly gates. No pits of hell. I am scared of dying at a young age, and leaving my friends and family behind to suffer the loss.


I don't fear being dead - after all, it will be an absence of existence, the events of life having become as transient and lost as the vivid dream that we've forgotten having by the time we wake. I do fear the process of dying. During a long twilight of the mind, a months-long depressive interlude I couldn't shake, the contemplation of what the psychiatric community rather blithely refer to as "suicidal ideation" (together with that other sunnily evasie term, "anhedonia", which has always sounded to me like the name of a rather pleasant suburb of Narnia) was a constant. The thought of jumping from a fatal height or, as the darkness progressed, a bullet in the head were, funnily enough, too final. Go figure. In the end, inertia won out and I lived on.


I fear the dying process. Getting old, and worn out. Unable to care for myself.

I’m counting on a sudden death from one of our many human conditions to keep me from experiencing this process.

Foggy Level 4 May 13, 2018

It's part of life, the last big adventure. I'm terrified and at peace with it; but in no hurry and don't need pushing!


I used to be scared of death but now I am more comfortable with it. Its the fear of an accelerated and perhaps agonising process rather then the actual death that scares me.

Nardi Level 7 May 10, 2018
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