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LINK Ark Encounter and the Creation Museum Refuse to Close During Coronavirus Scare | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

A pert of me isn't really upset that more of these people will get sick. However, I am really upset that they will continue to become vectors and spread it to us nonbelievers,.

snytiger6 9 Mar 15

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Stupid is as stupid does. If they could keep it amongst themselves it would be better, but... Forking morons.

Love ya HippieChick! Was that a Good Place ripoff? I LOVE that show! Cursing (or cussing as we say in the south) is allowed. I know, ladies don't curse! You're a class act! 😊


There is a bright side, there will less of them.


Ah - the ark, a symbol of their loving God!


More than half the cases in South Korea are from members of one religious cult which told members not to be concerned about infection because their religious belief protected them. Might we see the same phenomenon here in the US among evangelicals? We have already seen Jim Bakker trying to bilk his viewers with unproven cures, and another televangelist faith healing through the TV set. Others like some of Trump's spiritual advisers are saying similar things. Such disregard for practical measures of protection would seem to imply that evangelicals heeding these religious figures will end up at greater risk of exposure and infection. It certainly was the case in South Korea.

Except SK acted after the discovery and are testing up to 20k people a day. And, SK has one of the lowest death rates at less than a percent. Test, Test, Test should be the mantra, but not here.


It would makes sense for the governor to order both venues closed under current circumstances. Schools and universities within the state are closing, the NCAA has
canceled the basketball tournament.

The State should apply for an emergency injunction to have Answers in Genesis close both sites.

@TheMiddleWay In part, I agree. However, gatherings of more than 250 people are basically being prohibited in most places, as a means to cut down on possible spread.
Theme parks are closing. This is not much different.
Although, from the numbers I've seen reported, they don't get that many admissions in a day.
Oh well. Guess they get to spread disease as well as ignorance.


Well, yeah, because God's magic will protect them.

@TheMiddleWay Seriously? I was kidding. There is no god. I thoight that was understood.


It doesn't surprise me, what did surprise me was the quantity of churches, mosques and synagogues around Cleveland that said they are closed today some into next week.


That's sickening


I hope they offer discounts so they can fill up wall to wall!


Great! More power to them, by them I mean all the infected bastards that should go in droves to this place.

Yeah, but then they go back out into their communities and infect others.

@KKGator keep your distance and youll be just fine.


Ken really is a Ham. LOL

And you ain't whistling Dixie with that one my friend.


Hopefully,, the county or state will close it down. Putting money ahead of human life is unconscionable.

thats christianity pass the collection plate god needs more money. all powerful, all knowing but the fucker can't handle money.


Give it a few more days and they will be closed, once the body count starts to rise.

Really LOVE that little cartoon meme, mind if I borrow it?

@Triphid I'm stealing it.


It's all about the money... (not really, but losing more money is what is guiding their decision.)



bobwjr Level 10 Mar 15, 2020

Greedy , self-serving owners.


I'm sure dog will protect and provide for them (snark).


Their "faith" will keep them safe. But i agree with Hemant though, they will infect us.


I thought they closed their doors when they went out of business. Perhaps some one saw a good scam and reopened the place."Vengeance is mine sayeth the lord". Rejoice in god's retribution for electing the most shameful, grotesque, corrupt, dictatorial, dumb phuqueing prick on the planet as President. Reap what you y sow AmeriKa.


We will just have to avoid contact with those people.


Yeah i feel that same ambivalencce.


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